Aly’s Forest Encounter

artwork by
my story below

It’s only been a few hours since Aly and Evie parted after their ‘Single Lodging’ night,
and Aly is already in deep trouble again…will Evie be able to help her this time?

I frantically dashed through the thick woods, trying to put ground between my pursuers and myself–while also trying not to leave an easy trail for them to follow.  As confident as I was in my woodsman skills, I was in an unfamiliar forest–and in their land. It was likely they knew these woods better than me.

I couldn’t believe I had already found myself in a new mess of trouble.  Only this morning Evie and I had parted ways after a blissful night at the rundown inn with the tiny single room.  It wasn’t even lunchtime and I was already running for my life again. “Way to go, Aly,” I scoffed at myself between heavy breaths.

“We’s coming for you, girl,” a deep voice came from behind me in the woods.  It sounded closer than before. And much less winded than I was. The men didn’t seem to be having trouble tracking me or catching up. 

“You owe us, Ranger, an’ we gonna collect!” another yelled out.  They were trying to intimidate me as well as chase me down, keep me distracted and disoriented.  It was working. This voice had come from my left flank, so I began to veer a little more to the right.

Bounding over one mossy log, I was suddenly faced with another partially fallen tree at just above the height of my knees.  And then I made a mistake I hadn’t made since I was a little girl playing in the woods near my home…I jumped up on the downed tree to launch myself forward–and the rotted tree split in two. 

I crashed heavily to the ground, and my chest seized as my breath was forced from my lungs.  I could taste and smell the damp forest soil and musty leaves as I fought to draw a breath. My left arm tingled with pins and needles as I desperately tried to push myself back up.

By the time I got to my knees, I heard movement in the ferns behind me.  I whirled and drew my sword, and got into a crouched defensive position. Two men approached slowly, short blades drawn, and slowly moved apart in an effort to flank me.  They breathed heavily, but their eyes told me they were ready for a fight. “Don’ make us hurt you’s, girl. You’s not worth as much if you’s all marked up.”

My eyes flashed back and forth between the two of them.  “You wankers don’t scare me. I can easily handle both of you, even if you do try to take me from two sides.”  Then I paused. Crud. There had been three of them. 

“Where is your leader?” I asked, trying to sound confident despite a sinking feeling.  “He cowering back at your wagon?”

A crackling leaf behind me answered that question.  As did the voice from behind me. “Oh, you’re sure to be ‘taken’ from more’n one side, Ranger Girlie.”

“Piss-biscuits,” I muttered to myself.  “Sloppy, Aly. Really sloppy.” Evie never would have made a mistake like this, I chided myself.

I shifted slowly from my defensive crouch to stand taller, trying to look defiant and disguise the fear creeping over me.  I kept my eyes on the two henchmen. “Tell you what, boys, I only need to arrest your leader. If you two run, I won’t come after you.”

One of the henchmen lowered his blade, as if he was considering my offer.  The other saw this and swore at him while holding his menacing stance.

The leader’s voice came from behind me again, closer this time.  “Brave talk, girl, but my men want payback as much as me. Took them a week to snare them three girls ya helped escape.  We gonna have to work ya three times’ hard to make up our loss. Not counting, them girls were our entertainment for tonight.”

As he spoke, I heard a whirring sound.  It started low and slow, then grew louder and higher in pitch.  I turned to see what the noise was just in time to see the leader’s arm flung toward me.  I caught a flash of something flying at me, like small rocks. But his aim was poor, and the two rocks flew past my legs on each side. 

I didn’t see the cord that connected the rocks until it hit my knee and began to wrap around both legs. Too late, I realized his aim had been perfect.  The two rocks whipped around my knees and snagged each other. And then a third rock on a longer cord wrapped around my legs several more times, its weight pulling my knees inward.  Just like that, my knees were pinned together.

I was so intrigued by the strange weapon entangling my legs that I hesitated.  By the time I started to react, the leader was right beside me. He gripped my wrist firmly with one oversized hand, and easily plucked away my sword with the other.  He tossed it aside while pulling my wrist closer to him.

“Never seen a bola before, Ranger?  You’re done running now, girl. Let’s have a look at ya.”

“My fists are still free!” I shot back while taking a swing at his smug grin.   Hobbled as I was though, I couldn’t get much leverage and he easily caught my fist in a meaty palm.  He now held both my hands tightly, and he broke out into an even wider smile as he held me close before him.  I did my best to look calm and unintimidated, while feeling quite small and helpless in his grip.

“That was pretty weak, even for a pretty girl,” he chuckled.  His intense gray eyes flickered with amusement as they bore into me.  He suddenly gave me a push away from him. “Oops, careful, girl!”

Instinctively I tried to take a step to balance myself, and began falling backward as my bound knees caught me off balance.  My arms flailed and I began to pivot to break my fall. 

Instead of falling to the ground, I found myself in the arms of one of the henchmen.  He wrapped his arms tightly about me, pinning mine, as he lifted me back up. “Uh-oh, easy now girl.”

He then gave me a shove to the side, and I crashed face-first into the other henchman.  This one wrapped his arms under mine, pulling me close and crushing my breasts against his belly, my face planted into his chest.  Suddenly his face was leaning into the side of mine, his nose nuzzling into my hair. “Mmmm! She sure smells sweet…musta had a bath las’ night!” 

‘A shower,’ I answered him silently.  ‘A rather nice one, in fact…’ I shook my head to clear the thoughts.  ‘Focus, Aly.’

The henchman pushed me back toward the leader again, and as I fell against him backwards, his arms wrapped around me and came to rest directly on my breasts.  He gave them a firm squeeze, then a hard grip. 

“OWWW!” I cried out.  “Ease up, willya? I’m kinda attached to those!”

I tried to raise my arms to push his hands away, but his arms held mine tightly against my sides.  While still gripping my breasts, he pulled me back and upward against him until my feet slid beneath me again.  He let me stand, but held me firmly against him from head to heel…I could feel the shape of his muscular body against me, all his soft and hard–and harder–parts.

“Lucky for you, girl, most of our clients will want ya with them still attached.  Let’s see what else ya have to offer when we get ya to market.”  He slid his hands up to the collar of my jacket and began to pull it back over my shoulders.  The two henchmen stepped forward to hold me upright while he pulled the sleeves off my arms.

“Careful with that!” I cried out.  “I had to earn that Ranger jacket. It’s valuable.” 

“So it looks,” the leader said as he laid my jacket over a tree branch.  Then he snagged my upper arms with his, and pulled my arms behind me, pinning my elbows together by joining his hands in the small of my back.  “But the rest, ya won’t be needin’ where yer going, girl. Go ahead, boys, rip the rest off’n her.”

“No!” I shouted, and tried to wriggle free from the leader’s grasp.  It was pointless, I knew. With my knees wrapped together by the bola, I wouldn’t get anywhere.  I felt I had to try.

The two henchmen wasted no time in forcibly tearing my lavender colored blouse from my body, ripping it to shreds as they did.  They could have just pulled it off me, but they seemed to take satisfaction from destroying it. The same happened to my pink bra; instead of opening the clasp, they simply ripped it apart.

Now that I was bare from the waist up, the henchmen paused to stare at my naked flesh.  With my elbows pinned behind me and the leader’s hands in my back, my shoulders were pulled back and my body arched.  The men stared hungrily at my bare breasts thrust forward toward them. I braced myself, expecting an assault on my vulnerable nipples–which were, to my dismay, beginning to respond at the mere thought of them being pinched and tweaked.

“C’mon, get her boots and bottoms.  There’ll be plenty of time for staring afterward.”  He moved his hands back to my breasts, gripping them tightly again, and keeping my arms pinned at my sides between his own.  He kept my shoulders pressed tightly against his chest. His strength was impressive; it seemed effortless for him to keep me so firmly trapped in his embrace. 

His men stooped and pulled off my boots, tossing them below the branch that held my jacket.  Then they resumed tearing off my less valuable items, ripping my bottoms down to my knees and tearing the waistband of my panties before removing the bola and sliding the remaining fabric from my legs.  Even my socks were torn from my feet. And the whole time, they helped themselves to gratuitous handfuls of my flesh, groping my rear and running their hands over my legs.

I continued wriggling and cursing at them the whole time, determined not to be passive.  Soon I realized, however, I could feel the leader’s growing hardness pressing against me from behind.  He was becoming aroused by my resistance, enjoying my struggles as I wriggled against him. I abruptly became still.

“Wot, girlie, you don’t like a man’s cock pressed again’ ya?  Believe ya me, you’ll have much worse done to ya soon, an’ by much worse wretches than me an’ the boys here.  Next ta them, you’ll be thinkin’ we’re gentlemen.”

“Ha!  Gentlemen!  Ain’t that rich!” the hair-sniffing henchmen said.  He gripped my chin in a dirty palm, and planted a kiss right on my lips.  I retaliated by biting his lip, hard.

“Whoa!  Lots of fire left in ya, girl,” the leader said.  He released my breast and slid his right hand down my body, down between my legs.  Fingers probed against me, then quickly slipped inside me, aided by my own arousal.  I had not realized how strongly I was reacting to being manhandled and pinned until he discovered it for me.  Involuntarily my mouth fell open, and I moaned at the feeling of his thick fingers within me.

The leader chuckled as he realized how aroused I was.  “Ho, boys, we’ve gotta good one here, she’s ready an’ raring to go.  Forget those other girls, we got our evening’s entertainment right here.  What say we have ourselves a little fun right here ‘afore we haul her back to the wagon?”

His men replied with enthusiasm.  Having one feisty ranger in their grasp was much more appealing than having the three sad-eyed captives I had set free.   A henchman retrieved some rope while the other grabbed my legs and helped the leader carry me over to a large tree.

Once there, the leader forced me to my knees.  They positioned me with my back against the trunk, and one ankle on either side.  The henchman with the rope tied an end around one ankle, and pulled the rope around the backside of the tree to attach it to my other.

They pulled my wrists back and behind me to the sides of the tree.  Like my ankles, the were secured with rope around the tree and tightly pulled back.  My entire body was pulled against the tree, my front side defenseless from the men. I was vulnerable and open to anything they wanted to do to me…or wanted me to do for them. 

The leader stood before me, looking down while I glared back up at him.  It was lost on neither of us that the bulge in his trousers was at eye level for me, and he saw me glance at it.  He pressed forward until it brushed against my cheek, and I turned my head away from it. He moved to put it in front of my face again so that it bumped against my nose, and pressed until I turned my head again, his cock pushing my cheek back the other way.

He did this twice more, pushing my face side to side with his cock, toying with me.  It continued growing; I could feel it heavy and thick and twitching against me. Despite my irritation and humiliation, I couldn’t help but wonder just how big it was as he easily pushed my head aside.  Or wonder how much bigger it would get as it strained against his trousers. I bit my lip as I tried to keep my head away, while he kept poking at me with it.

He then squatted down so that he was at eye level with me.  He stared, as if evaluating me. I wondered if he could see the hint of desire on my face mixed in with my frustration and shame.  He reached out and caressed one breast, and gave it a squeeze. My mouth flew open and I gasped at the sensation. He chuckled again.

He then let the same hand wander lower, down between my legs again.  There he moved his fingers in small circles, at first gently and then more firmly.  I bit my lip harder and tried to look him in the eye defiantly, but it was just a matter of time until I felt my hips begin to squirm under his touch, and another moan escaped my lips.

I could see from the look in his eyes that he knew he had me.  Despite any protest or resistance I could give, he recognized my lustful and shameful reactions to being helpless in his hands.  And I could see his determination to use it against me, as he and his men sought to get their revenge upon me.

“Yep girl, I can see that you know what’s next…it’s time for you to entertain me and my men.  Start to make up for what you took from us. You ready for that?”

There was nothing I could do to stop him or his men, whether I was ready or not…I resigned myself to do what I needed to do to endure it and get through it, waiting until I got a realistic opportunity to escape.  Just get it over with, I thought. I looked him in the eye again and nodded slowly. Then I dropped my gaze to the ground at his feet.

He stood again, and positioned himself before my face again.  He widened his stance and leaned one hand on the tree above me to brace himself while he fumbled with the opening of his trousers.

‘Here we go again,’ I told myself.  It was far from the first time I’d had to do something like this to get myself out of trouble, and it was quite likely it would be far from the last.  The truth was, I was pretty good at it, and I didn’t mind the task so much. In the right situation, I rather enjoyed. It. If there was one way I knew I could manipulate these men until I could find a way to escape, this was it.

I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and laid my tongue flat over my teeth, waiting for him to make the first move.  I could smell the musky odor of him before me, could imagine that first sharp taste. I felt something brush against my lips, and I braced myself.

At that moment I heard an odd “fwipp!” sound and then a wet thud.  The leader suddenly howled in pain, and fell forward into me. His cock crushed into my face and I became pinned between him and the tree, his cock resting on the bridge of my nose!

He howled again, and stood up.  He stepped to the side, his hand still on the tree, and stood there before me with his cock still dangling in front of me.  I looked up at the grimace on his face, then followed his line of sight to see his hand pinned to the tree by an arrow stuck through the back of it.  He gripped the wrist of his injured hand with the other.

I looked back in the direction from which the arrow had come, and could see a hooded figure in green standing thirty yards away, bow in hand, with another arrow nocked and ready.  I caught a glimpse of golden hair flowing out of the green hood, and suddenly recognized the archer. It was Evie! 

My jaw dropped open as I stared in awe at my gorgeous friend.  She was like a glowing vision from a fairy tale. She stood in a bold stance atop a fallen tree, staring down at us with her electric blue eyes.  Her forest-green dress clung to her lovely curves, and the short hemline showed off her long legs encased in tall boots. The hood she wore barely contained her lush long hair that glowed in the bright sunlight and framed the soft features of her beautiful face. 

I was mesmerized.  I had never seen her look so bold, so imposing, so dangerous, so gorgeous, so…unbelievably desirable…so…

“Get her!”  The voice of the leader, growling through teeth gritted in pain, startled me out of my dream-like state. 

His henchmen, who had been as mesmerized as I was, snapped awake too.  One began to advance toward Evie, brandishing a mace and a short blade.  The other picked up the bola and began twirling it as he took a few tentative steps, angling to flank Evie and keep a clear path for the spinning weapon. 

Evie flicked her eyes back and forth between them, assessing the close range weapons of one and the longer range of the other.  She knew either would strike as soon as she focused on one. She paused, waiting. Her piercing blue eyes stared them down, willing them to make the first move.

The henchman with the mace lost his nerve, and charged first.  Evie leapt from her position on the tree toward him to close the gap.  In mid-air she kicked out with her left foot and caught the henchman under his chin, snapping his head back.  At the same time, she twisted and brought the bow to bear upon the other. 

His partner’s premature move caught the henchman with the bola unprepared, and he desperately tried to launch it at Evie.  Her arrow caught him just inside his throwing shoulder, and the spinning bola caught on his hand. There was a dull ‘thud’ as one of the heavy balls slammed squarely into his forehead, and he crumpled to the ground just after his partner did.

Evie landed gracefully between the two, and after quick glances to confirm they were both down and out, she turned her attention back to the leader.

“Run, or die where you stand,” Evie commanded, her glare telling him she clearly meant it.

“Can’t run.” the leader replied calmly.  ”Arrow’s stuck deep in the wood.”

“You can pull your hand off the other end of the arrow.” Evie said with a wry grin.  “Sure it might hurt, but you’re still getting away easy considering what you had planned for my friend.”

The leader continued to glare at Evie, but he slowly slid his hand along the shaft of the arrow and over the fletching until it came free with a plopping sound and a grunt from the man.  I watched as he wrapped his hand with a cloth..after tucking away his cock and fastening his trousers.

“This ain’t over, Rangers,” the leader sneered.  “We’ll meet again, and I’ll see you both in chains behind my wagon.”  He puffed up his chest and turned to go with his head held high. “Next time, I’ll take you both down in a fair fight.”

“It’s your life, you can choose to end it how you wish,” Evie replied in a matter-of-fact tone.  ”By my arrow or her sword makes no difference to me.”

As soon as the leader disappeared into the trees, Evie slung her bow over her shoulder and strode over to untie me.  She stooped to free one ankle first, then kept her eyes locked on me while she reached for the knots at my wrist. “Are you ok, Aly?  Did they hurt you?”

I shook my head yes, then no, to answer her.  I flashed her a quick smile. “I’m going to be fine now, thanks to you.”

When she released my wrists, I slumped forward, and Evie caught me as I melted into her arms.  I leaned against her, feeling the strong muscles beneath her soft skin. Her dress smelled like a forest in spring and her hair smelled like fresh lilacs. I wrapped my arms around her waist and snuggled closer against her; I felt safe and protected in her embrace.

“Oh, Evie, thank you so!  How can I ever repay you?”

“You can start by giving me back some covers,” she said softly.

“Mmm-hmmm…sure…wait..what??”  I said. I looked up into her electric blue eyes, and saw her beautiful face framed by her hair splayed out over the pillow beside mine.  I blinked twice, and while looking about I slowly realized we were still in the tiny room of the run-down inn. I looked back into her eyes, now sparkling with amusement.

“If you’re going to insist we sleep naked in a twin bed, Aly, then you need to share the blanket so we can stay warm together.”

“Oops!” I said sheepishly, and draped the blanket over the smooth skin of Evie’s shoulder.

“That sounded like an intense dream you were having,” Evie whispered as she stroked my hair with a soothing touch.  “Are you ok?”

“I’ll tell you all about it in the morning,” I said as I snuggled closer and tucked my head against her chest. 

Evie matched my contented sigh with one of her own, and we both drifted back into a peaceful sleep.

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