A Peaceful Moment

a follow-up to ‘Single Lodgingand Aly’s Forest Encounter, try to read both first!!

artwork by callmeplisskin completed in one hour on-stream! I won an auction for a one-hour sketch for his ‘not bad for one hour‘ series. Frickin’ awesome for 1 hour…

In the early morning hours, Evie and Aly are sleeping in the tiny bed of the run-down inn…but Aly is having a vivid dream of being rescued by an idealized, angelic version of Evie…

Artwork by  CallMePlisskin story by katied

read here: A Peaceful Moment at katied.life

but consider reading these prequels first: Single Lodgingand Aly’s Forest Encounter

see more Evie art and so much more: https://www.patreon.com/callmeplissken/posts

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