Single Lodging

artwork by
vignette below image by me

At the end of our third day traveling together, Alynnya and I came to a tiny village with a run-down inn.  The thought of sleeping in beds instead of on the ground outweighed any distaste about the quality of the place.

The thought of a hot bath was also appealing. The journey so far had been hot and dry. My skin was caked with grime from the dusty road, mud from chasing our quarry through a bog, and with the entrails of whatever that tentacle-creature was that grabbed Aly.

“I’m sorry, ladies, I only have one room left with a single bed,” the innkeeper said with a suspicious leer.

“That’s okay, we’ll make it work!” piped up Aly.  Then, blushing, she looked up at me.  “I mean, if that’s ok with you, Evie.”  She took an adorable nibble at her lip.

‘Aly, you little minx,’ I thought to myself.  I grinned and winked down at her. I looked back to the innkeeper.  “Yes, that will do.  But you have hot water for baths, right?”

“Ooohhh.  So sorry, ladies.”  His leer looked all the more suspicious now.  “That room only has a shower.  And the barrel only holds enough hot water for one shower.”

I looked back at Aly and winked again.  

“That’s okay, we’ll make it work.”

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