Agent Katie visits The Manor

Art by Jonut21

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Art by Jonut21 Go check out his page!


Determined to track down the mysterious (and kinky) Greeblies, Agent Katie checks into The Manor to investigate the connection between the ‘Sinister Sisters & Assistants’ d/b/a ‘The Manor,’ and ‘Jonut 21, LLC.’


I didn’t set out to investigate Jonut21, and certainly not the Sinister Sisters of the Manor. 

But a good agent is a curious agent, and a good agent follows the clues that their curiosity uncovers. And my curiosity has never let me down before! Or almost never. Well, perhaps occasionally it got me into a little trouble. And a little bondage. Or discipline and submission. 

So win-win, really!

You know that saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat?’ Well, for me it’s more like ‘curiosity compromised the Katie.’

So anyway…after another particularly rigorous ‘kinky sexy fun time’ in the hands of the Greeblies, (and also a couple goblins and a horny toad), my curiosity demanded that I trace those little creatures back to their origins (and not at all because I thought maaaybe I might end up in their clutches again).

And though the kinky little creeps were insidious chaotic creatures of mischief, they also had to answer to somebody…but to whom? If I could identify who they worked for, I could totally avoid running into them accidentally on purpose.

Before hitting the field work, I did some computer-assisted digging. And no, that’s not a euphemism for surfing kinky websites (though I totally did that, too). Wouldn’t you know, there were random references to ‘Greeblies’ here and there. Indexing and cross-referencing the mentions brought up a rather strange related reference: “SS&A, d/b/a The Manor.”

‘The Manor.’ Where had I heard that before? Oh yes…it was a common thread in some unusual behavior among some of the female personalities of DA. Several well-known personalities such as @Chickfighter , @CalamityConcepts , @Lady-Distracto , and even the Colt Sisters had all disappeared for a couple days before their eventual return.

When asked where they’d been, they would reply ‘The Manor,’ often with a blush on their cheeks and a faraway look in their eyes. When pressured for details, answers varied from ‘none of your business,’ to ‘it’s personal,’ to ‘due to an NDA and advice of counsel, I can’t say more.’

This new information revved up my curiosity. I needed to learn more for myself. A little more digging revealed that ‘SS&A’ referred to ‘Sinister Sisters & Assistants, who were the proprietors of an exclusive boutique hotel listed as – wouldn’t you know it – ‘The Manor.’

That alone would have been plenty to go on, but one further nugget of information sealed my curiosity tighter than a thick leather collar with a locking buckle on a six foot lead. ‘SS&A’ was a subsidiary of ‘Jonut21 LLC.’ His status as a villain – albeit a quite pleasant, generous and handsome one – wrapped up all the other connections into a tight little constrictor knot.

(you’ll have to pardon all my bdsm metaphors, I always get a little wound up before field work).

Anywhoo, the website for ‘The Manor’ showed a perfectly normal looking little Victorian house converted into a cute boutique B&B (I’m fairly certain B&G was a typo on their site). There were various special packages offered, from spa treatments to wardrobe consultations to etiquette and deportment training, to an intriguing offering called ‘dinner and a show-off.’

I wasn’t sure what to choose, so I selected the ‘Surprise Me Combo’ and booked a two night stay in ‘The Red Room.’ It was a curious name for a B&B room, which usually had names like ‘the lilac room’ and such, but the listing said it featured ‘the most unique furniture you’ve ever seen!’ so I just had to check it out.

I cleared my appointments for the long holiday weekend, set up my email and voicemail to be auto-forwarded to Junior Agent Blair Morris, and headed out for some investigating! I was determined to be the bottom, I mean, get to the bottom of this mystery!


As expected, The Manor appeared to be a perfectly normal little Victorian B&B. It was neat, tidy, and well maintained – although a bit dated looking. Upon stepping inside, I got that curious sense of a place being much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside.

The Sisters were warm and welcoming, if a bit odd and eccentric looking. They definitely needed to get out in the sun a bit more! And they had such a curious way of speaking; their word choices always seemed a bit off, much like the typos on their website such as ‘B&G’ instead of ‘B&B.’

For example, they said, ‘let’s get you checked out,’ instead of ‘checked in.’ They ushered me into a parlor for registration, which they referred to as the ‘induction room.’ They also told me not to worry about my luggage, their ‘trans-porters’ would ‘manhandle’ it for me.

I didn’t get a good look at the porters; they were small and quick – they must have been the nieces or nephews of the proprietresses. The sisters assured me that their ‘little helpers’ would be right back with some ‘welcoming accessories.’ I assumed they meant ‘amenities.’  

“We’re so pleased you’ve come to investigateThe Manor, lovely Miss Katie.” The tall slender sister spoke in a precise, clipped tone. Despite her kind words, she looked disapprovingly at my typical outfit of tailored jacket and blouse over black skirt. “That is quite snug and revealing apparel you wear.”

“Uh…this? This is just my work uniform?” I tried in vain to cover my surprise at her choice of words. “Well, um…yes, I’ve been eager to ‘check out’ your lovely establishment. I uh…am looking forward to some rest and pampering this holiday weekend!”

“Oh yes, yes!” the other sister gushed. The shorter and more heavy-set sister circled closer around me, also seeming to be checking out my appearance. “We’re delighted you chose our most comprehensive package. Rest assured, we won’t hold anything back to make sure you get the full experience you deserve!”

Both sisters edged closer to me. I became a little uneasy as they started to move behind me, but I wasn’t really alarmed until I felt the taller sister’s surprisingly strong grip on my upper arms.

“Uh…wait…what’s…what are you doing?” I stammered. I had a bad feeling about this. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the two porters return – they were Greeblies, with eager grins on their faces – and carrying restraints!

“Relax, Miss Katie,” the slender sister ordered in a firm tone. “You said in your request that you wanted to ‘let go’ and give yourself over to The Manor, and you shall – we shall give you the VIP treatment, as it were.”

“Yes, yes!” the shorter sister enthused. “Just relax and let us take good care of you!”

~~~to be continued~~~

Huge thanks to my friend @jonut21 for this fun Agent Katie artwork.

I’m flattered that her stories can inspire his artwork, and I’m grateful for the gift!

Go check him out on his DA page for lots of fun scenes and more artwork with his minions!

Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!  #Gratitude2023 <–my mantra for the new year!  Thanks to all of you, 2023 is my BEST YEAR EVER!

If you’d like to join us in our Agents of S.P.A.N.K. discord server, send me a private message.

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