Easter Hunting, Alucard Style

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

Agent Bunny, in her cute Easter outfit, is off on an egg hunt.

Of course, Agent Bunny should have learned by now that glowy things around Alucard’s office are usually gateways to other dimensions.

(I mean, you guys all picked up on that, right?)

It was, of course a clever trap laid by Glob’s nemesis, Krim (the other dashingly handsome and studly space toad).

Just as Agent Bunny was ready to claim her egg treasure, Krim was ready to claim a different sort of treasure.

(I mean, seriously…the rainbow is like a targeting laser or something…)

Will Glob arrive in time and intervene? Or will Krim get to ‘taste the rainbow’??


Image created by Alucard’s Spirit. Go check out his page!

Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!  #Gratitude2023 <–my mantra for the new year!

If you’d like to join us in our Agents of S.P.A.N.K. discord server, send me a private message.


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