Tiny Roomie (art by La-Loud)

Artwork by La-Loud

@La-Loud had a fun little idea where her character was shrunken by ‘The Collector.’

As happens when your roomie is suddenly less than a foot tall, she needed protecting and TLC – as well as looking for a ‘cure’ on the internet!

And I always take good care of my genuine friends!

I couldn’t just stick her on a shelf and ignore her until I needed something from her!  😉


‘The Collector’ story concept came from original artwork by our mutual friend @AlucardsSpirit


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @La-Loud and includes her OC.

I want to show her my # Gratitude for her support!

#Gratitude2023 <– my mantra for the year!

If you enjoyed, go give her a look on her DA page and show her some love!

Watch for a follow-up soon.

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