Space Pirate Experience pt2

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

I signed up for the ‘Pirate Abduction Experience’ excursion on my Space Cruise – but I naively assumed the pirates would be human!  I also naively assumed they’d return me to my cabin when the ‘excursion’ was over.


Be sure to check out part 1 here:


My little green pirate captor and the crewman taking the pictures were having so much fun, I guess their enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Soon I was giggling and grinning and vamping for the camera, too, not even caring that I was naked in all the shots.

We took a few pictures with my hands up in surrender while the boglin pointed his little gun. Then some more with me on my knees and him behind me holding my arms behind my back. And several others with his hands gripping me possessively.

The entire time he stared at me greedily, commenting again and again how much he liked me and how lucky he was to get a human girl like me.  “Oooooweee!” he kept saying. The whole while, the excursion crew member kept taking picture after picture.

After a while, I began to get a little impatient. “So…what is next on this pirate excursion?”

“I stick pretty girl in box and take to market to sell!” the little pirate answered cheerily.


The crewman laughed nervously. “Uh, let’s stick to our lines, no ad-libbing!” he told the pirate. “You take the hostage to a holding area while the captain negotiates, remember?”

The pirate scoffed and waved dismissively. “No negotiate! We take all we want!”

“There you go, that’s better,” the crewman replied in a patronizing tone. “Stay in character! You want your hostage prisoner to be excited by how ruthless you are!”

He glanced back at me. “Actors, right? But seriously, no spoilers…we want the surprises to feel real for you! But you will get to see a real pirate spaceship soon!”

“Ok but what was that about a box and a market?”

“Hahaha!” the crewman laughed. “Just part of the roleplay… I didn’t want to spoil it, but there’s a brig on the pirate ship…and a gift shop at the end of the excursion…for souvenirs. Hence…’box’ and ‘market.’ You can see the confusion…”

“Oh, fun!” I replied. “That makes sense.” My suspicions melted away again.‘Just relax and enjoy the adventure…’ I reminded myself. I grinned and got back into character. “Oh no!” I said, in mock fear. “You’re going to take me as a captive back to your ship?”

“Yes!” my captor replied happily. “I take pretty girl back to ship! You mine now!”

“And,” added the crewman, “If you go with him quietly he promises you’ll not be harmed.”

“I see…but should I be tied up since I’m your prisoner?” I asked my captor.

He looked at me curiously. “Why? You gonna give trouble?”

“Maaaaaybeee,” I teased him with a wink and a grin, and a sparkle in my eyes.

“Okee.” He produced some plastic strips from a pocket and moved behind me. “Hanns back!” he commanded.

I complied immediately, crossing my wrists in the small of my back. “Yes, Sir!” I said emphatically. I gave a little gasp and sigh as the plastic cuffs ratcheted down tight.

“Okee let’s go, pretty girl!” he commanded. The crewman opened the door and the little pirate marched me down the hall. “Keep moving!” he said, prodding me with his gun.

Of course, thanks to our height difference, he ended up prodding me right in my butt cheek. I squealed happily and replied “Yes, Sir!” again.

Along the way, I saw faces peeking out of other passenger cabins, most of them  looking surprised to see a bound naked woman being paraded down the hall. A few looked intrigued, while many, many more ogled me blatantly.

“Poor girl,” I heard some whisper. “Be strong!” called someone else. “Lucky girl,” said one woman. “Lucky pirate,” muttered her husband, earning him a swat from his wife.

“I don’t see my friend,” I said to the crewman. “Lacey, she’s supposed to be on the excursion with me? Red haired girl?”

“Ah yes, the redhead” said the crewman, while the pirate cut in with an ‘oh, yeahhhh.’ 

I giggled. Lacey did know how to draw male attention.

“She’ll be right next to you on the way to the pirate ship,” the crewman assured me.


Several decks down, we arrived in what looked like a loading dock area. The cruise ship’s crew and boglin pirates were busy loading rectangular boxes onto hovering carts. 

“Hurry up, she’s the last one!” one of the other pirates called out. “What took so long?”

“Sexy pictures!” replied my captor, then he laughed and pointed to my wrists, still held behind me by the plastic cuffs. “And lookie!  She give trouble!” 

“We trade sexy pictures?” called out another pirate.

“Yes!” my captor agreed. He told the crewman escorting us. “You send me pictures!”

Just then I noticed another woman sitting in one of the open boxes. As I watched, she laid back and the lid was closed over her. Pirates latched the box and loaded it on a cart.

“Um, what’s with the boxes?” I asked warily. I vaguely remembered the pirate saying something about sticking me in one. And then something about shopping in a market…

“It’s called a ‘Life Craft.’ Like a cross between a life raft and a spacecraft,” the crewman replied. “It’s how you get to the pirate ship, since you don’t have space suits like they do.

“Oh…we couldn’t just take a shuttle? Or borrow space suits?” I frowned at his shrug of indifference. “Well, where are they taking the boxes with us hostages, then?”

“Slave storage!” Croaked my boglin captor.

“No, no…” the crewman cut in. “He means the brig on the pirate ship. It’s part of the sexy roleplay, all the hostages are held in cells while the captains negotiate.”

“Oooh, that sounds sexy!” I cooed. “Taken by pirates and kept behind bars!”

“There’s the spirit!” The crewman cheered. He pointed to a box being loaded onto a cart. “And there’s your friend Lacey, in there – you’ll be right next to her, as promised!”

My boglin captor cut the plastic cuffs from my wrists. “Ok! Onna knees pretty girl! Now!”

“Yes Sir!” I exclaimed as I sank to my knees. “Right away, Sir!”

He strode a couple dozen feet away, over to the last open box across the cargo area. “Ok! Inna box now pretty girl!” He pointed inside. “Crawl here!”

“Crawl? Uh, can’t I just…”

“Yes! You crawl now, pretty girl! You mine!” he insisted.

“Yes, Sir!” I called back to him, and began moving toward him on my hands and knees. I heard the jeers and laughter of his fellow pirates and human cruise employees alike. From behind me, I heard the clicking camera of the crewman who escorted us.

I reached the box and peered over the rim. The box seemed to be filled with a padded cushion with a cutout in the shape of a human female form. I’d be nestled snugly once I climbed in.‘At least I won’t get bumped around during transit,’ I thought.

“Inna box!” my captor said more insistently. “We gots ta go!”

“Yes Sir!” I said again, crawling over the edge and getting myself settled in the box. 

As soon as I was seated inside the padded walls, my captor put one hand on my forehead and pushed me back to a prone position on my back. Immediately the lid closed down over me…and everything became warm, peaceful – and pitch black!


The remaining pirates watched as the last box, with the curvy blonde, was loaded onto a cart. The crewman with the camera wirelessly beamed all the pictures he took to the wrist-tablet of the pirate in the red suit, who grinned and handed him a stack of credits.

The leader of the pirate boarding party shook hands with the cruise ship’s captain. “A good haul, captain, and some fine specimens in the bunch. And not one of them resisted or asked too many questions. Your crew is getting better at selling the fantasy.”

“They see and hear what they want to,” the captain agreed, shaking the pirate’s hand vigorously. “Pleasure doing business with you, captain,” he replied. See you again next week for the return voyage. The cruise is sold out…so the excursion should be, too!”

The last of the pirates followed the last box onto the spacious shuttle waiting to take them to the pirates’ ship. The boglin in the red suit walked behind his prize captive’s box happily and watched as it was placed beside the box containing her redheaded friend.

“Careful that one!” he yelled as the boxes bumped together. He pulled one of the loaders aside and handed him several more credits. “Don’t take that one to cargo hold…take it to my cabin.”

The loader grinned and leaned in closer. “I’ll do it for free if I can come by later.”

The pirate in the red suit looked at him curiously, then laughed.



This little story started out as a recent #QBTuesday post here:  

        Space Cruise Interrupted – QB Tuesday #08

But I got so many fun comments and conversations from it, I realized it deserved a little story of it’s own…so here is part 2!

This artwork is by my friend and collaborator AlucardsSpirit 

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!


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