New Years Eve in Frog City pg4

Artwork by ArtOfVenus

Kara and Evie spend a magical New Years’ Eve together in Frog City.

What could possibly go wrong with that??


Evie and Kara began to make their way over to the round elevated platform that served as a private stage, finishing their drinks along the way. Glancing side to side, they saw dozens of eyes tracking their progress across the floor. It seemed that once one of the VIPs took interest in them, the rest of the proud and competitive frogs did, too.

Evie tucked Kara close again and whispered, “nice and easy, sway your hips, let’s give them a show…maybe we can get a little bidding war going for lap dances or something.”

By the time they were approaching the stage, a couple frogs were already making their way to the chairs and booths that surrounded it. Kara and Evie steadied each other while stepping onto the stage – the champagne made climbing in stiletto heels a dicey move. 

The blue frog-man who had ‘requested’ their dance arrived and motioned for a smaller amphibian to vacate the prime chair closest to the stage. The young frog scampered away without complaint. Their benefactor settled into the chair and was joined by his green friend again. The two girls who had been with them were nowhere to be seen.

Evie and Kara swayed sensually upon the stage while they waited for their audience to settle in around them. ‘Ready?’ Evie mouthed to Kara with a wink, and Kara nodded. The two embraced and then began more seductively moving to the beat of the next song.

The energy in the crowd around them picked up, which urged the girls on even more. Their dancing became more intimate and erotic, matching each others’ moves and letting their bodies entwine. The crowd loved it and cheered them on.

Kara moved behind Evie and embraced her from behind, placing her palms on Evie’s hips. Evie leaned her head back onto Kara’s shoulder and closed her eyes, savoring the feel of Kara’s hands upon her body. She began swaying in time with Kara’s hips, letting her girlfriend take the lead.

In the premium seats right before them, they saw the green and blue VIPs pull a couple bunny-girl waitresses into their laps. After the frogs whispered into the girls’ ears, the waitresses slid down to the floor between the frogs’ knees and began pleasuring them.

“Let’s each play to the crowd separately,” Evie whispered. Kara nodded, and gave Evie a chaste kiss before the two split up. The crowd applauded the kiss, but groaned when the two stepped apart – until each began vamping and posing in different directions.

The girls engaged with their audience well, making eye contact with individuals and dancing as if for them alone. Evie got a cheer when she leaned forward to show a gratuitous view of her ample cleavage, but Kara got an even bigger cheer when she shook her rear in the direction of an enthusiastic young frog.

Movement from their benefactor caught Kara’s eye. She glanced over just in time to see the blue frog grasp the waitress who had been pleasuring him and begin to stuff her in his mouth! Kara tried to hide her shock, but couldn’t stifle a shocked gasp.

“Uh, Eves…” she said, tugging on Evie’s dress. “I, uh…I think we better get out of here.” 

“Mmmm?” Evie murmured. She was swaying with her eyes closed, her hands up behind her head, letting her body undulate to the music. “Noooo…this is so much fun…”

“I just saw a girl get eaten!” Kara hissed. “And those other girls are gone, too!” 

Evie opened her eyes in time to see a waitress’ legs disappearing into the blue frog’s mouth…and the green frog beside him was lifting his girl off the ground, too.  “Oh shit!” Evie gasped. “What if they ignore Safe Visitor passes? We’re getting short on time, too!”

The girls clutched onto each other as they hurriedly stepped down from the stage. They started to make their way to the door when the club’s manager stepped into their path. Behind him, they saw the bouncer move to eclipse the door.

“Going somewhere, ladies?” the manager asked in a smooth smarmy tone.

“We, uh…our passes…we need to get back…” Evie breathed. “Lovely club, though…”

“We really appreciate your hospitality,” Kara added. “Thank you for the invite, and…”

“Ladies, I’m sorry to see you go, but there is the matter of your bar tab…” he gave a wicked sneer. “That was some extremely expensive champagne you were drinking.”

“Bar tab?” Evie exclaimed. “But…I mean…what kind of club makes girls pay for drinks??”

“The kind that’s a trap.” Kara muttered. “How much do we owe?”

The manager tapped at a tablet.  “Fifteen thousand, two hundred twelve credits.”

“What?” Evie screeched. “Was it made from extra-virgin grapes or something?”

“It’s ok,” Kara said calmly. “The waitress has our twenty thousand credits from the blue frog,” she told the manager. “The waitress can keep the rest as a tip.”

“Ohhhhh, sorrrrry girls,” the manager snickered, showing he clearly was not. “But those credits aren’t yours…you didn’t complete your dance. I’m afraid we’ll have to come up with an…alternate method…of compensation…”


Hope you’re enjoying another fun Kara and Evie collaboration with @ArtofVenus !!

Unfortunately this image has to be cropped for DA, but you’ll be able to see the full view if you follow the link to my wordpress site here:

And yeah, yeah, I know it’s well past NYE, but if you’d had a January like my January, you’d understand.

So as these things do, this project started with one cutesexy image…then became three…then several more…

Which is the main reason this ‘New Years’ Eve’ story is just getting started at the end of the month. I hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait.

If you’re a Patron of Venus, you can find the first few images on his Patreon already.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

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