New Years Eve in Frog City pg1

Artwork by ArtOfVenus

Kara and Evie spend a magical New Years’ Eve together in Frog City.

What could possibly go wrong with that??


The spectacular grand finale of the New Year’s fireworks seemed to go on and on, holding Evie and Kara’s rapt attention, rendering them uncharacteristically speechless. When the light show finally came to an end, Evie and Kara laughed and embraced.

“This evening in Frog City has been so magical!” Evie exclaimed, hugging her girlfriend tightly. “I don’t want it to end! Let’s go back to the clubs and dance some more.”

Kara hugged Evie back and gazed into her bright blue eyes. “I don’t want it to end either.” 

Then her expression darkened. “But our ‘Safe Visitor’ passes are only good for 48 hours. We don’t want to get trapped in Frog City after they expire.”

She watched Evie’s face fall. “Besides,” Kara continued, “those ‘safe zone’ clubs were kind of lame. Let’s go back to our room, and…”

“Excuse me, gorgeous lovely ladies,” a suave looking young frog-man interrupted. “I couldn’t help but hear you didn’t want the fun to end…and you’re right, those clubs in the zone are the lamest of the lame. Smoking hot girls like you deserve only the best…” 

He paused to make sure he had their interest piqued. The blonde in the black dress was eating up his flattery; he had her on the hook already. The one in red looked skeptical.

He pressed on anyway. “How would you like some VIP passes to the all-night rave at Frog Daddy’s?”

“Frog Daddy’s?!?” Evie exclaimed. “For reals? That’s the hottest, most exclusive club in Frog City! Where all the richest froggy kingpins go!” She squeezed Kara tight. “Oh, please, Kares, please can we go??”

Kara side-eyed the frog-man suspiciously. “That’s outside the safe zone, Eves…I dunno…we could find ourselves in some real trouble.” She turned toward him. “What’s your deal? What do we have to give you?”

The smooth-talking amphibian grinned. “Want? Oh nothing…the club just wants me to invite the hottest ladies around…though, if you want to thank me with a kiss…or more…”

“A kiss…and NO more,” Kara scoffed at him. “Ok, Eves, but if this goes wrong…”

“Yay!” Evie squealed, giving the frog-man a hug and a kiss. She was so excited, she didn’t even complain when he groped her rear during the hug. “Let’s go!!!”

Woo Hoo!  So begins another fun Kara and Evie collaboration with ArtofVenus !!

As these things do, it started with one cutesexy image…then became three…then several more…

Which is the main reason this ‘New Years’ Eve’ story is just getting started at the end of the month. I hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait.

If you’re a Patron of Venus, you can find the first 3 images on his Patreon already.

And be sure to check out more of ArtofVenus‘ awesome work on his page!

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