Who Wishes to Go First?

Artwork by La-Loud

Katie and Loud realized something sinister was going on when a Sentinel appeared.

This was about more than being framed for some petty crime.

“Who wishes to go first?” is all the mechanical voice said.

“First? First for what?” Loud asked. She tried to keep a tremor out of her voice.

“That is for me to know and you to find out.”

“Oh great, a Sentinel with a sense of humor,” Katie said wryly.

“I do not know what is humorous. Who wishes to go first?”

Loud slowly got to her feet. “I…I guess I will…”


This one came out of some fun comments on last Tuesday’s #QBTuesday post.

Imperiled Pair - QB Tuesday #06 by katied-life

DaisyPierce2000 and I were bantering in comments and said that Loud and I should have ‘volunteered at a womens’ prison,’ (go see the comment, it’s better than me explaining it).

La-Loud saw the comment and was inspired, and next thing you know, here we are looking good in orange!

That led to this:

Careful what you wish for  (art by La-Loud) by katied-life

Thank you DaisyPierce2000 for the idea, and please go see more of La-Loud ‘s work on her page!


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator La-Loud  and includes her OC.

If you enjoyed, go give her a look on her DA page!

And watch for another #QBTuesday image next week.

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