Evie: A Wintry Ambush p50

Artwork by ArtOfVenus, vignette below!

UNCENSORED page 50 and vignette at the WordPress link

Evie scouts the northern woods for a troublesome ogre. But there are other creatures besides ogres lurking in the forest!


I couldn’t turn away, and I couldn’t stop him.  I couldn’t prevent him from launching spurt after spurt of his nasty hot cum into my mouth.

Where was all it coming from?  How could so much spunk come from such a little guy with such a tiny cock and balls??  He must have been saving it up for a while.

“Yeh, da’s right, girlie, take it all…no spillin’ nows…”

Worse, I was still feeling overwhelmed by all the aggressive hands roughly groping and probing everywhere while I was too restrained to resist.  I scissored my bare thighs and twisted my bound wrists and ankles, trying so hard to contain the rush of pleasure I was feeling inside. 

But there was no containing it any longer, it was too much.  Being taken prisoner, being stripped naked and bound and vulnerable, then having them touching me and taunting me, and finally having their leader using me for his own satisfaction while the others played with me?  

That escalation led to one inevitable climax. I tried so hard to suppress and hide it, to keep the snotlings from noticing, hoping they wouldn’t be able to tell when a human woman came.

“Boss…boss!” shouted a voice further down my body.  “Th’ humie’s all gushy-like down ‘ere!”


This is page 50 of a full Evie story in collaboration with ArtOfVenus.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Evie soon!


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