Evie: A Wintry Ambush p33

Artwork by ArtOfVenus, vignette below!

page 33 and vignette at the WordPress link

Evie scouts the northern woods for a troublesome ogre. But there are other creatures besides ogres lurking in the forest!


I was so lost in my frustrations and distracted by the creepy old gray snotling guy messing with my teeth that I was completely caught off guard when the leader dropped his trousers.

“I dunno if I’s kin waits ‘til we git back t’me camp,” he grumbled. “Needs summa humie girl now.”

Wide eyed, I stared up at him as he stood over me in his best attempt at a dominant stance, grinning, stroking his cock over me, looking very proud of himself.  

Like the dominant conqueror over his humie prize.  

“Youse needs t’worship me big cock!”


This is page 33 of a full Evie story in collaboration with ArtOfVenus.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Evie soon!


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