Behold my latest invention, called the “slave table” (until a much better name is thought of). One of my first slaves will be demonstrating in the photo today because she failed to finish my laundry on time which resulted in me being forced to wear my second favorite shirt instead of my favorite. So now she’s wearing her least favorite outfit for the next 3 days.

I digress, let’s talk about the slave table. The idea is your slave in secured with chains inside a metal frame that is fairly thick. Once she is fully secured you attach 2 panels of transparent plexiglass to both open ends of the frame. This locks your slave into place.

Once she has become part of the inside of the table, you attach the 4 legs to either side of the frame. It’s design was reversible so you could showcase your slaves front, or back side (dealers choice) and still have a full tabletop to place all your food, beverages, toys, other slaves, etc…

The only caveat is because most slaves are thicker than 4 inches, each plexiglass panel attaches a few more inches out. This helps with airflow so your slave can keep on being a table for as long as you wish and they are nice and snug so their tits and/or ass is squeezed in between 2 plexiglass panes for your viewing pleasure.

Limited quantity available. Order now!

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