Messes Maid– Mistress is not amused

artwork by
vignette below image by me

“The Mistress of the house is displeased with her pair of “french” maids.
Will they receive the paddle, the feather, the flogger?”

“Dammit, Gwen, you always do this!  Every time Mistress throws a party for her friends, you mess up.”

“Mara, I’m sorry sister, I really tried to be careful!”

“Why are you so clumsy?  Once again, you mess up, then Mistress gets angry, and we both get punished in front of the guests.  Again!”

“That smug fellow bumped my arm!”

“Oh, sure.  And last time you said the lady knocked the glass over.  Before that you said the butler handed you a slippery bottle.  And before that, someone tripped you.  You talk like everyone’s setting you up to fail.”

“You don’t suppose…”


Behind the ladies, two of the guests were admiring the view.

“The entertainment is almost as fine as the wine,” the smarmy snob remarked, taking a pretentious sip of his wine and leering at Gwen’s lovely rear.  He knew that soft golden skin wouldn’t remain un-marked for long.

“Well, yes…” the short-haired fashionista said while savoring her view of Mara’s more generous curves.  “The canapes are bland, but the tarts look appealing.”

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