Live from Vegas!

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Our favorite KinkedIn intern is rewarded with a business trip to Las Vegas,
but ends up featured in the CEO’s keynote address.
VR Goggles version
Our favorite KinkedIn intern is rewarded with a business trip to Las Vegas,
but ends up featured in the CEO’s keynote address.
Sexy Blindfolded Submissive version
Our favorite KinkedIn intern is rewarded with a business trip to Las Vegas,
but ends up featured in the CEO’s keynote address.
Tumblr and dA safe version

The pretty blonde intern was practically bouncing with excitement in her first-class seat as she looked out the airplane window at the lights of the Las Vegas strip below. She couldn’t help but hum the lyrics to that song…”​welcome to fabulous Las Vegas​…”

Her internship at KinkedIn was one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of her life. The hours were long, and the demands of her managers and mentors were intense. The strict dress code and culture of absolute compliance with even the most unusual requests was non-negotiable for a lowly intern. She was learning many practical and impractical skills…she still wasn’t sure how they would help in the real world, but she was committed to try.

Finally, after all her hard work and total obedience, the intern was receiving some recognition and reward for her efforts. Her mentor, the CEO of the company, had sent her along on a business trip with the VP of Human Resources. There, she would help prepare and participate in a presentation that would be a part of a speech the CEO would be giving in a couple days.

All week long she had been bragging to her fellow interns about her trip and how she had been singled out for this reward, and how it would raise her profile and help her make a name for herself in the company. She really wasn’t trying to make her colleagues jealous, but if they decided to be jealous, well that was their problem, not hers. She was going places in this company!

She wondered what kind of fun and exciting things she would get to do on the trip. Sure, there would be some long and boring business meetings, and she would likely still have to serve all the whims of the VP she was traveling with. But hey, this was Las Vegas! She was sure they would make time for some crazy fun activities outside of the meetings!


Two days later, the CEO of KinkedIn was delivering the keynote address at the renowned Social Media Expo in New York City. During her presentation on the role of Kink in social media today, she was taking time to talk up her own business and it’s contribution to the industry.

“I know you’re all quite aware of KinkedIn’s prominent role in the social media market as the premier place to network for the kinky among us. Millions of members use our service every week to interact with like-minded individuals and find partners for both business ​and​ pleasure.”

“But many of you might not know about our extensive research and development division, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our state-of-the-art high-tech facility is on the cutting edge of innovative user-experience driven kink. I’m proud to announce that we are nearing the launch date of our very own virtual reality platform, with our proprietary VR goggles!”

“So right now, I am incredibly pleased to introduce you to one of the newest members of our staff–recently hired away from our competitor, SpankBook! Our brand new VP of New Technology, as the head of our Research and Development division, will be giving us a demonstration of some of our newest technology! And she’ll be joined by my very own intern!

“Now, over to our new R&D facility in Las Vegas!”

The enormous monitor that covered the entire wall behind the stage flared to life, and images of the intern and the Tech VP appeared behind the speaker, dwarfing her by at least triple her size.

The crowd gave a collective gasp at first, and there was a momentary silence as they absorbed the scene on the monitors. But then a roar of applause and hoots and whistles began, growing louder until it echoed deafeningly through the auditorium.

Company executives would later remark that the most amusing reactions came from the group of interns seated in the back of the auditorium, who seemed to be immensely appreciating the sight of their colleague enjoying her trip to fabulous Las Vegas.

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