Sparks and Spanks

artwork by callmeplisskin

Will uncovers a secret about Evie and uses it to his advantage

The soft glow sneaking around the dark window shades stirred me from a deep and satisfying slumber.  The luxurious bedding in which I was nestled had kept my body so warm that I slept peacefully, and the silky feel of fine sheets against naked skin caressed me the few times I moved. 

The body heat of the handsome man under the sheets with me certainly contributed to the warmth, and his hand resting on my hip cradled me in much the same way as the down-filled bedding.  His presence was the best reason of all to ignore the pre-dawn glow in the room.

The opportunity to sleep in fine bedding was a rare pleasure; the opportunity to sleep late was a luxury even more rare.  To sleep peacefully, unarmed, and with a man I both loved and trusted was more than my younger self would have dared dream.

To do so after a night of sex and passion that was both amorous and carnal, intimate and adventurous–well damn.  I might never leave this room.

The glow in the room was becoming too bright to ignore though, and I regretfully raised my eyelids to let it in.  When my eyes began to focus I saw Will propped on one elbow looking down at me. Any regrets about opening my eyes vanished.

“Happy Birthday,” he whispered.

My eyes flew wide open at that, and I failed to disguise my surprise.  What?!? How?!? No one knew my birthday; most years I didn’t even remember.  No one else knew or cared. So how…unless it was buried in records at the academy…someone would need the highest security clearance…

“Heh,” he quietly laughed as he watched the realization play out across my face.  No one was better at catching me in unguarded moments. “You’re not the only one good at digging up secrets, little miss scholar-spy.”  The twinkle in his eye told me just how proud of himself he was. “And it’s not often I get to see that kind of spark in you.”

“I’m impressed,” I whispered back.  “And flattered. No one’s mentioned my birthday since it was in single digits.”  

I reached up to caress his face, and only then did I see and feel the leather cuff still around my wrist, an instant reminder of the more adventurous part of the night before.  As I’d begun to fall asleep last night he had started to remove them, but I had shaken my head and whispered, “no, leave them.”

The memories of the night before gave me a surge of arousal and pangs of hunger for him.  I wanted more of him, and now.  I got up on my elbow and launched myself at him, wrapping one arm around his back and pulling my bare breasts against his chest.  Before he could speak I covered his mouth with mine and gave him a kiss laden with all the passion within me.

He kissed me back for several seconds before I felt his hand moving over my hip into the small of my back, pulling my waist as close to him as my breasts were.  I could feel proof of his own arousal growing between us.  

He placed his leg over mine, hooking his knee behind my thigh, pinning me close so that his hand was free to wander.  I felt it trace up my back, over my shoulder, and along the arm I had clutched around him. When his hand reached the point on my wrist where the cuff rested, he grasped it and moved it up over my head.  Then he pressed his chest against me to roll me onto my back, his weight pinning me down to the bed and his hand gripping my wrist.

“Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to be the aggressor here,” he said in a stern tone belied by the sparks in his eyes.  “I think it means that I need to be the one doing all the ‘work’ today. And boy, do I plan to ‘work’ you over…”

I giggled into his kiss like a silly girl at his silly wordplay.  For all the amazing moments of last night, this morning was turning out to be even better.

Suddenly, he pulled back so he could look into my eyes.  “Since you mentioned your age…you know, in my family we had a tradition where the birthday girl or boy would get one spank for every year old they were…and since I also discovered your actual age…”

“But I’m not in your family!” I protested half-heartedly.

“Are you saying you don’t want to be in my family?” he replied with one eyebrow lifted.

I paused.  “I didn’t say that.”

After a pause of his own, he laughed to break the awkwardness of the moment.  “Well, my parents would be disappointed if I didn’t carry on the tradition.” He raised himself up so that he could grab my other wrist and bring them together.  “Let’s go, Birthday Girl!”

I didn’t resist as he pulled me up to a sitting position on the bed and clipped the two leather cuffs together.  He crawled off the edge of the bed and got to his feet while I watched the graceful movements of his flawless physique.

He pulled me off the bed to stand next to him and kissed me again as our naked bodies pressed against each other from lips to toes.  Just as I was beginning to melt into him again, he firmly turned me and guided me to the edge of the bed. There he leaned me over its edge, my cuffed hands stretched out in front of me and my rear lifted defenselessly before him.

“Are you ready to count them off?” he asked as he placed his hand on my bare flesh.

“No, no, please!” I cried out melodramatically.  He didn’t have to see my face to know that my eyes were sparking with excitement or that I wore the broadest smile.

This was going to be the best birthday ever…

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