SASS – Sunday Artist Spotlight Series #2 – Lisbeth by Saurian-Shade

Artwork by Saurian-Shade 

How about some SASS for your Sunday morning?

(Yeah, you know me…always bringing the SASS!)

Sunday Artist Spotlight Series #2 – @Saurian-Shade


Today is the second in a new series where I’ll feature an image from one of my artist friends.

Today’s spotlight is on @Saurian-Shade and this lovely portrait he did of my OC Lisbeth.

I met Saurian through our mutual friend @ArtofVenus and a Pathfinder game we were both involved in.

Together we came up with Lisbeth the thief and the ancient dragon Lord Zhain.


Saurian specializes in dragons, dinosaurs, and beautiful buxom women – and he brings them together in sexy and dramatic ways.

Saurian has a great DA Page, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at
Go check out his work and give him some positive reinforcement!


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