Heroic! – New Battle Comic by Dxc2005

Artwork by DxC2005

My talented friend Dxc2005  has published another thrilling fantasy battle in his latest work “Heroic,” and I’m grateful to him for including my OC Deena in it!

It is now out for sale on Gumroad: 

Heroic (gumroad.com)

You will get epic battle scenes of gorgeous and fierce female warriors fighting for the pride of their clashing empires. These barefoot and topless commanders and soldiers lay it on all the line in a brutal clash of wills to see if the Yellow or Purple armies will prevail.

“Heroic” is a thrilling saga complete with 65 stunning images of bloodied beauties dotting multi-body pileups splashed across numerous canvases of carnage. In addition you will recognize several popular DA personalities such as JessiBowen, DaisyPierce2000, Cecyme, and my new OC, Deena (one of the captains of the Yellow Empire)! 

Onward, good soldiers! 


For the glory of the Yellow Empire!


Featured frame above includes my Deena, Sabrina, and JessiBowen.

This artwork is by my friend and collaborator DxC2005

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!


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