Evie: A Wintry Ambush p24

Artwork by ArtOfVenus, vignette below!

page 24 and vignette at the WordPress link

Evie’s beginning to see their point…

Evie scouts the northern woods for a troublesome ogre. But there are other creatures besides ogres lurking in the forest!


THWACK!  Something struck the back of my head. “Don’t try nuthin’ humie!” the leader snarled. 

“OWWW!”  I cried, putting my hand on my head and looking for the source.  A spear point poked into my cheek, dissuading me from making any other sudden moves.

“Git ‘at gear off’n ‘er,” the leader commanded his squad.  “An’ watch ‘er close, hold ‘er down!”

I felt the top of the net loosen slightly, yet it remained taut from my rear to my ankles.  Tiny hands moved through and under the net, unbuckling my armor and sliding it off.  One by one, my pauldron, gauntlets and bracers were removed and stowed into the snotling’s packs.

My scarf was pulled away and my long gloves were slid from my arms.  I didn’t resist, not with the spearpoint at my cheek, but all their tugging and pulling on me still rolled me back and forth in the snow.  Soon my blouse and bustier were soaked through and I shivered in the cold.

“Git ‘er arms together an’ bounded tight,” the leader commanded.  “Youse just knows she’s itchin’ t’ fight ya.”  He leaned down and looked me in the eye.  “Ain’t that right, Ranger?”  

Aw, crap.  There wasn’t much point in denying I was a Ranger after he’d seen all my gear.  

He was right, I wanted to fight, but the odds were clearly not in my favor.  I winced as my wrists were crossed in the small of my back, lashed together and cinched tight.  I was theirs, for now.


This is page 24 of a full Evie story in collaboration with ArtOfVenus.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Evie soon!


One thought on “Evie: A Wintry Ambush p24

  1. And now comes the scheming and plotting by the “helpless” Ranger. This is when they are the deadliest … when you think you have them. Muahahaha!


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