Etched in Memory

NOTE:  This is ‘part 2’ of a tale started by my good friend Wyland, strongly recommend you read PART 1 HERE first!

The pub remained quiet for a moment as the ranger and her two gnome friends fell face-first onto their table.  Then the place exploded with applause and laughter.  The bartender turned to a chalkboard and added three new hash-marks to the twenty-some that were already there.

A few moments later, three curious young locals stood and wandered over to their table, looks on their faces that indicated nefarious thoughts were overpowering whatever self-restraint they had in their feeble minds.  Each moved behind one of the slumped figures, prepared to grab or grope or whatever other ill-intentioned impulses they were following.

Suddenly a throwing knife sailed between two of them and embedded itself in the tabletop between the heads of the comatose cuties.

The three turned in the direction of its origin, to see a beautiful curvy blonde with another throwing knife in a lifted arm, poised to be launched.  Beside her was an equally beautiful yet somehow curvier blonde with a nocked arrow drawn and ready to let fly.

“The way you’re aiming that arrow,” the first blonde said to the other, loudly enough for the men to hear, “you’re going to miss his heart and hit him in the crotch.”

“Is there a reason you’re stating the obvious?” the second replied.

The three men, their courage coming more from their drinks than their nature, slowly backed away and sat down.  They chose to remain focused on studying the insides of their ale mugs.

The two blonde women made their way to their friends’ table.  “This was an utterly predictable outcome,”  sighed the archer as she slung her bow.

“And yet, would any of them have acted differently if we had warned them?” the other grinned.

“You get the gnomes, I’ll get Aly.”

“I got the gnomes last time.  And Tia snarls in her sleep.”

“Ok, but if Aly pukes down your back, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Upstairs, in a rented room of the inn, the blonde women looked down on the sleeping trio.  They had gently laid them side by side in the double bed so they could sleep off what was sure to be a very painful morning.

“They look so cute and peaceful like that, don’t they?” the archer asked.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That they needlessly put themselves in danger without backup, and yet, other than an epic hangover, they’ll not learn anything from it?” replied her blue-eyed companion.

“Not in so many words,” the green-eyed beauty replied.  “Seriously, why so many words?  Who the hell writes your dialogue?”

Her companion only stuck out her tongue by way of response.  Then the two of them got to work preparing a lesson the three sleeping cuties would not soon forget.  

They doubted it would do anything to change their ways, but at least they’d not soon forget.


The window was high on the wall, so it was very late morning before the rays of sun reached the faces of the sleeping trio.  

The flame-haired gnome stirred first, opening one eye painfully, only to notice her face pressed against a generous naked breast.  “Who..?”  she began.

Her green-haired friend, positioned toward her but with her face pressed into a matching generous breast, replied, “What..?”

The owner of said breasts, lying on her back, also stirred.  Looking past the shocks of green and red hair partially covering her naked chest, she looked about the unfamiliar room.  “Where..?”  If she wasn’t mistaken, she was completely naked–as were the two lean bodies pressed against hers.  “When did…”

The flame-haired gnome tried to sit up, but found that her arms were wrapped around the abdomen of the blonde ranger she was lying upon…and her wrists were bound on the opposite side of the girl’s body!  “How..?”

Squirming hands against her own chest told her that her friend’s hands were bound on her side of the ranger’s body…which meant her own hands were…

“Why, Prim, stop that!”  Tia cried.  “This is neither the time nor the place!”

“Frightfully sorry, Hot-Tits,” she replied sweetly.  “I had no idea whatsoever where my hands had gone to. Most unfortunate.”

Further wriggling led them to realize that not only were their hands bound around the ranger’s body, but Aly’s arms were similarly bound–holding her arms in place while she gave both gnomes a tight hug.  All three of their bodies were held tightly together by the others’ encircling limbs.

Even further squirming led them to discover their legs similarly entangled, with each’s ankles bound to at least two others!

“Prim!  Would you stop moving your hands like that!”

“So extremely sorry, Hot-Tits…I am merely trying to accomplish our escape.”

“Right.  That explains why it is taking three times as long as usual.”

“Well, it is most certainly not my fault if your delightful form is interfering with my hands’ ability to–”

“Ummm…”  Aly said.  “I’m not sure how or why we ended up like this…but we must have had some crazy kinky fun??  Hopefully?”  Her cheeks flushed brightly.  “But I do have one question…”

“What?” Tia grumped.

“Do tell, Starlet Slut!” Prim piped in.

Biting her lip, Aly asked, “Did you happen to leave a blank panel on that goblet?”

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