Weekly Update – 29-10-2018

  • – Monday: Weekly Update, AHMT #122 + patreon exclusive “naked”, “gag and spreader bar”  and “bitgag” version and 3x Alynnya versions + downloadable PDF, Banner Aly – “Spank 3 times if you believe” / Tinkerbell costume
  • – Tuesday: Ranger Champion pic: Prim and Tia
  • – Wednesday: Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire Issue 09 begins!
  • – Thursday: Ranger Champion pic: Leilani Hawkins
  • – Friday:  Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire Issue 08 downloadable PDF

After 5 weeks of streaming until ~4am on Sunday mornings, I’m finally going to take a little bit of break and focus on getting everything ready to cover upcoming paternity leave. My Little Witcher is going to arrive whenever she chooses so if I miss a post, please be patient. I’ll be drawing AoAS and Ciri comic in advance so core content will *hopefully* not be interrupted.


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Another full week of kinky goodness!

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