Hello Natalie. I see you are the new listing agent for this house. I’m sure you’re aware by now that I’m not actually a prospective buyer. I had to tie you up to make sure you’d listen to what I have to say.

You see, I use this property as a holding cell for new slaves I kidnap and transport to my main training facility. So since you are the agent trying to sell this house, obviously I can’t let that happen.

Your job will be to keep this house on the market indefinitely. You will find a way to not sell it to anyone who wants it. And to make sure of this I’ll be keeping you here with me for the next few days where I’ll be taking photos and videos of you in exposed positions.

If you want your naked body to remain off the Internet, you’ll do as I say. And if you attempt to call the police, let’s just say there is always room for one more at my training facility. Your predecessor is there now learning to be my slave since she couldn’t keep this house empty. Are you ready for our fun weekend to begin?

Special thanks to @girls-inbondage for the photo and story idea! Submit yours today!

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