Aurora Rush: Gentlemanly Grey

Aurora Rush cover artwork by CallMePlissken

Aurora Rush is wined, dined, and romanced by a rather dashing and gentlemanly alien

Full image and excerpt at This Aurora Rush cover was the work of my friend CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following and is a favorite of Alynnya Slatefire and her friends. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 33: Gentlemanly Grey

“Ahh, my delectable Miss Aurora, I know you are awake…please open your eyes and behold me.  It is time to prepare you for our date.”

I didn’t hear the voice so much as felt it in my mind, compelling me to emerge from the darkness of a deep sleep.  Without opening my eyes, I assessed my situation as I’d been trained to do.  

  • Lying on my back, check.  
  • Strapped down to a hard surface, check.  
  • Completely naked, check.

In other words, a typical mid-mission assessment. 


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