Alynnya’s moment to herself

artwork by
vignette below image by me

This quick vignette and image was the first “Aly and Orks” collaboration between Plissken and myself. It kicked off a series of vignettes about our heroine Alynnya, and her fascination with a saucy novel she found titled “Greener Pastures.”

“Our heroine is enjoying some well-earned respite after several days on patrol.  The sun is shining and the breeze is cool, and there is no one around for miles—even Fenrir is off chasing cows or whatever it is he does for fun.  

    Aly has found herself a comfortable spot and dug out her well-worn copy of “Greener Pastures,” a saucy novel she discovered during her time at Ranger Academy about a Baron’s debutante daughter kidnapped by a raiding party of Orks.   

    Despite (or perhaps because of?) her captors’ regular and rigorous use of her nubile body, the young woman soon learns she prefers their exciting nomadic life over the stuffy and formal world she came from—and she ultimately chooses to stay with them!

    Alynnya has read the book many times over the years, but Chapter 4 in particular really stokes her fires…”

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