artwork by callmeplisskin

Wy has his own WordPress site: primtales.com and DeviantArt gallery.

One of the most prolific writers among my friends, “Wy” writes fantastic dialogue between his beloved main characters, and brings a consistency to their voice and mannerisms that carries over perfectly from tale to tale.

His characters are a pair of sexy female gnomes with a continually developing relationship: the irrepressible Prim is a talented bard with a signature vertical ‘flame’ of red hair (and an exquisite ass) who is continually getting them in trouble. Tia is a warrior with green hair (and, according to Prim, ‘Hot Tits,’) who usually is tasked with getting them out of any trouble that Prim can’t talk them out of.

Wy and I have collaborated on a saucy adventure of CallMePlissken’s Aly vs. Goblins:aly-goblins-deluxeDownload

Back in January Wyland scribed a little tale about his characters Prim and Tia ambushing my Evie and having a little fun/taking a few liberties with her in A Friendly Meeting Tale.

Evie’s response in Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play includes more descriptions of the events of Part 1, then details Evie’s attempt at giving Prim and Tia their comeuppance. Of course no one can ever really ‘get ahead’ with Prim…

Wy has his own WordPress site: primtales.com and DeviantArt gallery.

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