Not as Expected

artwork by callmeplisskin

A birthday gift from We Are All Mad Here

Evie’s routine surveillance mission turns into an interrogation by unknown assailants

One of my closest friends, fellow writer We Are All Mad Here surprised me a while back on my birthday with a saucy and decadent story of Evie ‘enduring’ a little kidnapping and ‘interrogation’…by his characters Elspeth and Aya…then he partnered with CallMePlissken to pair artwork with it!

I, of course, am never one to leave well enough alone, so I scribed a little ‘afterglow’ epilogue from Evie’s point of view. My section follows his below.

Not as Expected

A mission brief of Evangeline, transcribed with Codex Cryptae permission by We’re All Mad Here (epilogue by KatieD)

Evangeline (aka “Evie”), agent of the Codex Cryptae of Rith, huffed a bit and blew an errant lock of blonde hair from her face.

A surveillance job. Ugh.

Evie knew that surveillance jobs were a necessary part of an agent’s duties, but she had harbored a hope that she’d be considered a ​bit​ too skilled for such a lowly task.

She wasn’t even sure ​why​ she was surveilling this particular warehouse. The whole “need to know” argument is a hard one to counter. No one in logistics seemed to have any additional information, which was annoying and a little bit troubling.

Dressed as a “lady of the night”, Evie rested against a wall in the shadows of an alley between buildings. There were few folk in the warehouse district this time of night, but should any appear, it was best to be prepared with a feasible disguise.

The dress, if she could call it that, was a low-cut thing that was tight across her chest with a corset that boosted up her breasts to emphasize her cleavage. Her skirt was slit on one side all the way up to her hip, allowing her to expose a generous portion of leg.

And afforded mobility for running or kicking, should there be a need.

A girl’s gotta think ahead, after all.

She adjusted the top and grimaced a bit at the disguise then smirked at an errant thought.

Elspeth would bust this blouse. That would be entertaining to watch. Maybe I can work out something. Get her in a wardrobe malfunction with Dirk again. And Aya watching. Hm…

Evie let a part of her mind ponder her next scheme as she continued to watch her target. Ever the professional, she kept herself aware of her surroundings, but it was so quiet and empty around it was hard to keep her focus razor sharp.

That’s probably how her attacker got so close. The cloth pressed to her face caught her completely by surprise. Then darkness.


Evie awoke to darkness. This time it was the darkness of a blindfold across her eyes. It was one of those thick leather ones with padding around the eyes. Just like the one she had in her top drawer for the special nights with Will…

She clamped down on that thought as she felt her cheeks burn scarlet.

She tested her movement. Her wrists and ankles were secured by what felt like leather-lined cuffs, secured firmly but not so severely as to cut off circulation. Her limbs were stretched taut, affording her no give in movement. She was going to have a hard time wriggling out of these.

Tools would have helped, but Evie imagined those were gone with her clothes. Figured, really.

“Well now,” a voice said softly. “This one’s a blusher.”

“Didn’t think this one was a streetwalker,” a second voice mused softly.

The voices were low and husky. Evie couldn’t tell if they were men or women. She licked her ungagged lips.

“Who… who are you people?” Evie put ​just​ the right amount of quaver into her voice. “I… I don’t have any money. Please don’t hurt me!”

A finger traced idly along her body, starting from the edge of her breast and down to her hip.

“Hurt you?” the first voice held a note of dark amusement. “No, darlin’, hurtin’ you’s not in the plan.”

“We can get an excellent price for this one,” the second voice said.

A part of Evie’s mind analyzed what she could from the voices. The first one was deliberately shifting to a more “working class” tone. The second one spoke with a more precise tone that came of one who learned the common tongue as a second language.

Then there was ​what​ they were saying. Slavers.

Evie felt herself shiver, and not entirely from the finger tracing her naked skin. She had no doubt she could escape from slavers. Eventually they would make a mistake. No one could hold a Cryptae agent for long.

But there was Evie’s mission. Sure, it was a lousy watch-job, but Evie was not one to allow for failure in ​anything​! And then there were the humiliations the slavers would doubtless put her through before she found an avenue for escape.

“Well now,” the first voice chuckled. “Looks like this one’s pretty much ready.”

Evie bit back a comment as the fingers tested how wet she was getting.

Yeah, okay. Fine. The slaver humiliations could be lots of fun, but not while I’m on duty!

“​How​ ready?” the precise one asked.

“Let’s find out, shall we?”

Evie’s brows scrunched. “What are you… OH!”

The intruder that slid between her stretched legs filled her and set to work immediately. Evie instinctively knew the feel of an activated Goblin Lust Totem.

“Oh this one is familiar,” the first voice laughed, tweaking Evie’s nipple.

As the Lust Totem set to work on Evie, she struggled with her thoughts. There was something about her captors… something familiar… something…

“What’s this?” a new, deeper voice boomed.

“Sorry sir!” the first one said. “Just preparing the latest acquisition.”

“I see,” the newcomer’s voice came closer. “Well, that’s a nice introduction, I suppose. Enjoy yourself, slut. We know how to deal with spies.”

“Spies sir?” the first one sounded almost incredulous. Almost. Suspicions started to form in Evie’s mind.

“Codex Cryptae. This one isn’t for sale. No, we’re going to break this one in properly, after she answers questions.”

The first orgasm rocked Evie in her bonds. Shit​!


Evie was suspended in an exacting and unforgiving hog-tie. A part of her was starting to worry that she was in over her head.

That part was currently struggling in vain to get her attention over the parts of her that were turned on a bit too much by the situation.

The Lust Totems helped. Along with the other bits.

Evie was certain she’d be able to get a handle on the situation. If only her captors let her have a moment to ​think.​ They were nefariously-good at denying her that opportunity, though. She really didn’t remember being transferred into her current bondage arrangement, but she remembered the strong, sure, hands that secured her effortlessly and with disturbing efficiency.

Evie knew the escape lessons that every Cryptae agent was taught. Whomever had worked on her bondage knew the tricks a Cryptae agent would use to escape and closed those loopholes with exacting efficiency.

And then there was what her captors did to keep her distracted.

She was starting to think that the initial two captors were female. They were a little ​too​ good at working on Evie’s body, teasing her to the very edge of orgasm and forcing her to beg for release.

Or try.

The ring gag made it really hard to beg properly. And the blindfold prevented her from turning on the gaze that would be guaranteed to melt the hearts of anyone with a smidgeon of a soul.

And that’s when Evie learned that at least one of her captors was male.

While one, or possibly two, of her captors mercilessly teased her helpless breasts and nipples, another worked fingers between her legs in a manner that Evie had only experienced a few times, and from a very small set of highly skilled women.

She’d probably have been able to analyze the situation better were it not for the man’s introduction to the scene.

The ring gag which kept Evie’s jaw worked to its limits, seemed barely adequate for the male captor as he used her mouth for his pleasure. Evie couldn’t even remember what her captors told her. Threats, promises, or questions were in a haze as fingers teased, taunted, and tormented.

Meanwhile, a shaft of manhood worthy of Will worked into Evie’s helpless mouth. Whispers from her captors, accompanied by more careful stimulation, “encouraged” Evie to practice her oral skills on the male captor.

Frankly, not having an alternative, she figured she had nothing to lose. Will would – hopefully – understand. He’d likely appreciate the practice she was getting, though he’d almost-certainly make her pay for it.

Just the thought of that made her even wetter. And that observation was not lost on her captors.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like this spy is willing to talk,” the male captor growled.

Wait!​ Evie thought. ​You haven’t given me an o​ pportunity​ to talk, you bastard!

“She needs to be tamed, sir,” the first speaker said.

Evie was now ​certain​ this one was female. A suspicion nagged at the edges of her lust-drunk mind.

“Indeed she does,” the man mused. “There’s only one thing for it, then.”

Evie felt herself turned. She thrashed ineffectually in her restraints. The man leaned next to her ear.

“I could take any hole I wish, but I won’t. No, I think…”

A finger traced along her naked flesh. A memory of a previous night with Will flooded into Evie’s brain.

“… I think you’ll have to ​beg​ me before you get anything. Do you want to ​beg​, Cryptae agent?”

Evie strained to keep her wits about her. What was going on?

“I think she needs a taste of the Bellasoran Behemoth,” the first speaker mused.

“I think pressure points,” the precise speaker murmured.

Fingers expertly worked Evie’s helpless body.

“I think I want to hear her answer,” the man said.

A click formed in her mind.

“Esssh ‘ash’er! Eees ‘uck ‘e!” she begged.

“You heard her,” the man’s voice sounded triumphant.

Even then, he didn’t enter her immediately. He continued to build on the fires that were simmering. The others seemed to have retreated and Evie felt herself the focus of the man’s efforts. His hands. His lips. His tongue. And then…

The resulting orgasm made Evie black out. When she came too, the gag was out of her mouth. Cool water was raised to her lips.

“Best drink,” a voice said sardonically. “Keep hydrated.” “Thanks Els,” she gasped.

There was a pause, then a chuckle. The blindfold was pulled away to reveal Elspeth, Aya, and Will all sipping water.

“When did you figure it out?” Elspeth gave the bound woman a wry look. “Oh, a long time ago,” Evie said dismissively.

“Liar,” Elspeth held the cup to Evie’s lips and let her drain it.

Aya refilled the cup and gave Evie a stern look.

“Dishonesty will be punished,” she said scoldingly. Evie sighed and met Will’s eyes.

“Fine. I suspected with the attempts to disguise your voices. I ​knew​ when Will’s hands were on me. ​Those​ hands I will ​always​ know!”

“Not ​just​ his hands, eh?” Elspeth chuckled.

Aya jabbed her friend while Evie realized she was blushing a bit under Will’s unwavering gaze.

“Happy birthday, Evie,” Will grinned. “A little sorry about the deception. I pulled in a favor to get you on the fake surveillance job but I figured the rest would make up for it.”

“You know me so well,” Evie gave him a smouldering look as she settled into her bonds. “So… that ‘Bellasoran Behemoth’. That wasn’t just talk, was it?”


Late the next morning, Evie slowly opened her eyes to see Will resting one one elbow, watching her sleep.

“That is a little creepy, you know,” she murmured.

“And yet, you love knowing I can’t keep my eyes off you.”

“True.” Evie yawned. “How did I get back here? I don’t remember much after that last scene.”

“What do you remember about the last scene?” Will asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I remember being on my hands and knees…sucking you…while Aya was licking me from below…and Elspeth was licking her…while Els rode the Bellasoran Behemoth.”

Will chuckled. “Yeah, that’s how I remember it, too. And to answer your question, I carried you back here. I had to flash my badge three times to convince people I wasn’t some bad guy kidnapping a gorgeous blonde out of my league.”

Evie giggled. “Nope, just a handsome good guy kidnapping a gorgeous blonde totally in his league.”

“I’m not sure you should assume I’m the good guy.” Will tossed a ball gag at Evie. “Better put that on. My neighbors can be nosy.”

“What? Ohhh…you never gave me my birthday spanking yesterday, did you? Well, traditions must be honored, I suppose.”

“Hmmm…well maybe we should start a new tradition. You know, while we were preparing your surprise yesterday, Elspeth told me a secret she learned about you…”

Evie’s eyes flared in alarm that was only half-feigned. “No…she wouldn’t…”


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