Island Vacation

artwork by callmeplisskin

by We Are All Mad Here and KatieD

The climax to the girls’ Island Vacation is full of, well…climaxes!

One of my closest friends, fellow writer We Are All Mad Here invited me to join in writing a fun little romp of a story about the girls going on an Island Vacation. The catch? The Island is inhabited by tribes of goblins who make their living carving ‘lust totems.’ Totems that are ‘activated’ by…well, you can see from the image above.

Of course the girls had absolutely NO idea the island was inhabited by goblins when they went there and began sunning themselves on the beach. No idea. None. Nope. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

And then to take the fun to another level, CallMePlissken was inspired to pair artwork with it as a gift to Mad and me!

There are some prequel stories and images on Plissken’s Patreon. There’s an Epilogue and a follow up story with Evie and Roger (no spoilers) too, that I’ll be publishing.

And psst! If you read all the way to the end, there’s a special treat for you there.



“Explain to me again why we are here?”

Aya of the Kitsunekuroi Clan folded her arms under her breasts and frowned at the expanse of pristine beach.  Elspeth Witchbow and Alynnya Slatefire exchanged glances and simultaneous eye-rolls.

“It’s called a holiday, you goose,” Elspeth nudged her friend.

“We have much to do,” Aya insisted, her frown deepening.

“We’ve lost Morgaine’s trail,” Elspeth said with an exasperated voice. “Aly has a holiday from her Ranger duties.  We’re all tired.  It’s time to relax.”

“Mostly…” Aly said, biting her lip.

“Yes,” Aya turned her dark gaze on the Rithian girl.  “Why did you pick here?  Goblin Isle?”

“Did you listen to her about the last time she came?” Elspeth shook her head.

“Yes, but…” Aya’s brow furrowed.

“Aya, dear, you really need to learn to relax,” Elspeth brushed a lock of hair out of her friend’s face and gave her friend a knowing look.

Aya sighed.  Her shoulders slumped.  

“Very well.”

“Great!” Aly chirped, then set her towel in on the beach.  “Let’s get a bit of sun.  I figure we’ve got less than an hour, all said.”

“Aly, what’s in that basket?”

“Oh… just stuff I wish I’d brought last time…”


Bob rushed into the tent, out of breath.  “Boss! Boss!”

Globwick, head shaman of the Kummingittit Tribe, looked up irritably from his desk.

“What is it, Bob?  And what have I said about knocking?” He was busy trying to decipher the maximum dose of his herbal supplement that he could take without having a heart attack.

“Ummm… you’re in a tent.”

“Go back out and try again.”

Bob tried not to roll his eyes.  He stepped back outside.  “Knock, knock,” he called out.

“Who is it?”

“By my Uncle Ortho’s left ballsack, you know it’s me.”

“Alright, come in.  What is it?” He said impatiently.

“They’re here.  On the beach.”

“The ones your cousins said were coming?  Well why the hell didn’t you say so earlier?  Is the raiding party ready?”

“Yeah.  They’ve been geared up and ready for hours.”

“Ok, send ‘em.”  Globwick turned back to his mirror to make sure his hair was straight and sucked in his gut.  ‘Hmmm… think the little blonde will remember me?’


Aya laid uncomfortably on the towel.  She kept staring back at the treeline.

“Will you relax?” Elspeth scolded.

“We’re supposed to just lie here and be captured?” she grumbled.  “What if they get harsh or… grabby?”

“Grabby?” Elspeth arched an eyebrow.  “Seriously? We’ve all dealt with goblins.  Grabby is a given.  I mean, c’mon.”

“It won’t be that bad, Aya,” Alynnya assured.  “It’s… oh wait.  I hear something.  Get in position, girls!”

The three lay back on their towels.  Aya’s posture was the least relaxed of the three.  And then the shadows of the goblins loomed over them.

“Get ‘em!” growled the lead goblin.

“Eek!” Alynnya cried out.

“Oh no!” Elspeth cried.  “Goblins!  Oh, with us practically naked and without weapons!  What shall we do?”

“Oh what will become of us?” Aly cried out as goblins tied her arms.

“Oh please don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything.” Elspeth added as she was subjected to the same.

“Oh yes, you’ll do everything,” the goblin leader growled.

“Seriously?” Aya grumbled as a pair of goblins started to bind her.

Elspeth and Alynnya glared at her.  Aya rolled her eyes.

“Oh. Eek. Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.  Oh goodness me. I am afraid for my virtue from you terrible goblins.”

Elspeth shook her head.  

“It’s a good thing goblins are dumber than shit,” she muttered.

“What was that?” the goblin leader snarled.

“I said it’s a terrible problem that we are caught by such virile and studly goblins who obviously have access to Lust Totems,” Elspeth said loudly.  “Oh what shall become of us?”

“You’ll find out, girly-girl!” the goblin leader leered.

The trio were stripped, assembled into a coffle and led through the jungle like leashed pets.

“This is so humiliating!” Aya grumbled.

“If you don’t relax, I swear I will take you over my knee!” Elspeth hissed.

“I’d love to see you try,” Aya retorted.

“Seriously?” Aly said.  “You two are going to do this now?”

“Hush!” the two both snapped back at the Rithian girl.

“Boss!” one of the goblins hefted Aly’s basket and moved to the leader.  “Take a look.”

“What the hell?” the goblin leader stared.  “Are these chains?  What the hell?”

He stared at Aly.  “Why did you bring chains to the beach?”

“We’re… uh… bounty… hunters?” Aly replied, smiling.

“Well, now you’re our bounty, blondie!” the leader sneered. “Thanks for the chains!  Hope you like ‘em ‘cause you’ll be wearin’ ‘em for some time!”

The goblin smirked and strutted forward, missing Aly’s triumphant smile.


Evie spied movement on the trail from the beach.  The band of goblins was returning with their captives.  She crouched at the top of the hill where she’d been watching the encampment below.  Aly’s holiday invitation sounded like fun, but Aly was so impulsive–Evie worried she’d get in over her head.  Especially if the goblins were expecting her this time.  

In fact, there were many more goblins down there than Evie had expected.  And there was an energy among them that she found curious.

There had been a flurry of activity about an hour ago, and a dozen goblins had excitedly rushed out of the camp headed toward the beach.  Since then, the rest seemed to be busy preparing something in the central hut.  The hut where the three women were being led now.

Evie was once again struck by Aya’s exotic beauty.  Aly was pretty; Elspeth was gorgeous and sexy in a way that Evie appreciated (and made her irrationally jealous).  But Aya held an allure for her that she couldn’t quite explain…she’d have to do some further ‘analysis’ of just why…

Evie grinned when she heard the sounds of the bickering women wafting up the hillside, mixed with exasperated-sounding goblins telling them to shut up.  ‘Yes,’ Evie thought, ‘everything was going to be just fine…’

Time to go join the party…

Evie stood up, silhouetted against the sky, and easy to see from the camp.  But none of the sentries below were paying any attention.  She waved her arms.  Nothing.  She threw a rock, striking a tree next to one.  He flinched and looked about, but returned his focus to the center of the camp.

‘For crying out loud,’ she muttered.  ‘What does a girl have to do to get captured around here??’  Of course, she could just stroll into the camp…but where was the fun in that?

Evie was about to shout an insult about their mothers when she noticed a snare trap lying under a nearby tree.  Excellent.  She stepped over and placed both feet inside the snare.  

Nothing happened. She kicked at the line on the ground.  Still nothing.  ‘Good lord,’ she laughed.  She reached down and yanked at the line.  Finally the rope snapped tight around her ankles and pulled her to the ground.  She let out a loud cry for good measure.  

“Oh help!  Help me please!” she shouted in the direction of the camp.  “I got lost in the goblin forest and now I’m caught in this exceptionally effective trap!”

Evie stayed still on the ground until she heard footsteps around her, and looked up to see three goblins staring down at her.  The largest, the obvious leader, motioned for his men to flank her.  She adopted a look of fear and looked around wildly.

“See?  I told you no one made better snares than me!” crowed one flanking her.  

“Seriously, Gareth?” retorted the one opposite him.  “We haven’t even gotten a rabbit out of one of your snares in a month.”  

Their leader stood with feet spread and his chest puffed out triumphantly.  “Well now we have something better.  A humie girl.  And a pretty one at that.”  he looked Evie up and down, a gleam in his eye.  “A nice plump one, too.”

“Hey!” Evie snarled.  “Watch who you’re calling plump!  I’m delightfully curvy, I’ll have you know.”  

She started to push herself up.  Evie was eager to get down to the camp and join the others.

“Don’t move, humie” the leader growled.  “We don’t want to have to hurt you.  Yet.  You don’t know how good your timing is, girlie.  I’ve just met ya and I’ve already got big plans for ya.”

“What…what plans…”  Evie tried to inflect a little fear into her voice.

“You’ll see.  I’m claiming you as mine.”  He took a coil of rope from his belt and fashioned a quick lasso out of one end.  He dropped it over Evie’s head and pulled it snug against her throat.  

‘Now this is more like it!’  Evie noticed the front of his trousers beginning to bulge out as if on their own.  ‘At least one of them has some balls,’ she thought.  She suppressed a grin.  She’d barely been on the island for a few hours and she’d already been claimed by an alpha.  An alpha goblin, but still…the prospects for a pleasurable holiday were suddenly looking better.  

“Eh, Roger…it was my trap what snared her.  I get to claim her.”

“Shut it, Gareth,” Roger growled.  I’m the captain.  To the captain goes th’ spoils…”  He gave the lasso a little tug.  “Up on your feet, spoils.  Slowly, now.”

‘Spoils??’  Evie pushed herself up to her knees.  “Ummm.  Sir? My feet are still tied…”

“Help her up, Giblert.”  The two sentries grasped Evie’s arms and dragged her to her feet, holding her steady.  

Roger was quite pleased with his new humie captive already.  He’d just claimed her and she was already showing deference to him!  He looked her up and down slowly, noting how her outfit hugged her body, and suddenly wanted to see what was underneath.  

“STRIP!  You won’t need that fancy uniform where you’re going.”  His stern order gave Evie a little thrill.

The goblins at Evie’s arms reached up to assist with pulling her bodysuit off, but the leader stopped them with a growl.  “No.  Let her do it.  I want to watch.”  He turned his focus back to Evie, who was looking at him with new curiosity.  “I said strip, girlie.”

“Y-yes, sir…”  She detached her pack and began peeling the skinsuit from her shoulders.  ‘Oh, this IS getting fun… ‘ 

Roger licked his lips as he watched the girl slowly revealing herself.  He was getting excited by how his new humie was following his commands.  The other goblins stood watching in awe.  

“I don’t understand…why…do I need to strip?”  Evie said, putting a waver in her voice.  She slid the skinsuit down from her waist and wriggled her hips out of it, bending forward a little as she did.  The eyes of the goblins behind her suddenly widened.  None of them answered.

She continued sliding the suit down her legs, below her knees.  “I think you’ll have to let my feet go or I can’t take it all off.”  

The leader gave the lasso a tug.  “Straighten up.”  He grinned again as she complied.  “Put your hands behind your back.  Gareth, give me some more rope.”

“Ummm…I don’t have any.  Giblert?”

“Nope, me neither.  Sorry Roger.” 

“Dammit!”  Stupid sentries.  They were embarrassing him in front of his new pet.

“Ummm…Sir…” Evie said in a soft voice.  “There’s some in my pack…”


Bob whistled in appreciation as the humie captives were brought into camp.  Three of them: two with golden hair and one with dark.  All curvaceous and beautiful.  His smile widened as he recognized the smallest of the three as that insatiable humie from last time.

“Fobber, you got ‘em?” he asked as the captives approached.

Fobber grinned and stepped forward as the bound humies were brought to a halt.  Bob found their behavior slightly-puzzling.  Most humie females were wailing and trying to escape, but these three were patiently standing, naked and bound.

“Right, best ‘give ‘em to ‘em,” Bob gestured to Fobber.

Fobber pulled a few capsules from a container.  “The finest herbs to make sure these girlie-girls are in the mood.  Potent stuff, these.  They can’t handle more than one ap…”

“Oooh!  Snacks!” the small humie grabbed all the capsules from Fobber’s hand, popped them in her mouth, chewed, and swallowed. 

The goblins all stared.

“What?” the small humie’s brow furrowed.  “I didn’t have breakfast.  I was starving!”

“Well shit,” Fobber grumbled, moving for the container.  

The dark-haired humie moved with impressive quickness, grabbing the container from his hands despite her bound wrists.  With improbable deftness, she dumped half the capsules into the waiting hands of the busty humie, then kept the rest for herself. The two then consumed the capsules.

“Tastes… salty,” the busty one mused.

“Not entirely unpleasant,” the dark-haired one nodded.

Bob blinked.  He turned to the party of guards and mutely gestured for the humies to be taken into the hut.


Roger looked at the humie girl incredulously but decided not to question his good fortune.  “Never mind, you idiots!  Why do I have to do everything myself?”  He opened up Evie’s pack to find a few coils of thin line.  He paused to look through what else was in her pack.  “What the…”

“Hey, those things are personal!”

“Hmmm.  Later, then,” he grinned.

He moved around behind Evie and she crossed her wrists behind her, resting them on her rear.  Roger gulped audibly.  Then he began looping the line around her wrists until he thought she was secured. 

Evie twisted her wrists once, twice, and the rope slid off one hand.  “I think you need to wrap it between them, too.” she said.

“Quit telling me my job, girlie!”  Frustrated, he gave her rear a smack.  

Evie yelped in surprise.  Roger liked the sound of that, so he did it again.  She yelped again. 

He re-wrapped Evie’s wrists, taking care to cinch them better this time.  Then he stepped back in front of Evie again.  His eyes were just around the level of her breasts, and he had to force himself to look her in the eye.  

Evie lifted her wrists up off her rear, and reached around, twisting at the waist, and flicked her fingers.  “I could probably still resist a little, sir, but I won’t.”  She moved her hands back and her breasts swayed.  She watched Roger’s eyes follow them back and forth.  She waited quietly.

Roger looked down at the additional coils of rope.  “Oh really!” he said boldly.  “We’ll just see about that!”

Moments later, Evie felt considerably and delightfully more helpless.  Ropes criss-crossed her body from shoulders to waist, above and around her breasts, and pinning her arms to her side.  

When Roger was done, he stepped back to survey his handiwork.  He noticed that his captive had her eyes closed, a smile on her face, and there appeared to be a blush spreading over her neck and chest.

“Ok, boys, get that snare and the rest of those clothes off her.  We need to get her down to the hut before they start in on the others.”

Gareth loosened the rope about Evie’s ankles and held it open as Giblert helped her step out of it.  He watched as Giblert slid off her boots and pulled off her remaining garments.  He was entranced by the sight of her delicate ankles and the most delicious looking toes.  He couldn’t wait for his turn in the hut, so that he could…

Just then, the snare snapped shut on his wrist and he was flung twenty feet to the side, crashing heavily into a tree.  He emitted a sorrowful groan and laid still.  

Evie giggled.  “Well, more for you two, I guess…”

Roger looked back at his lovely captive.  He gave the lasso a little tug.  “Ok, girlie, let’s get you back to camp.”

“Wait!” Evie called out.  “My pack…you can’t just leave it here.”

“You’re not going to need it where you’re going.”  Roger replied with a sneer.

“Did you forget what you saw in the bottom of the pack?”  Evie asked with a wink.  “Surely you want a chance to find out how those things work, don’t you?”

Roger stopped short and gazed at his captive.  This one puzzled him.  She wasn’t at all like other humie captives.  Regrettably, he’d have to give her to Globwick for the ceremony.  But afterward…he planned on keeping this one.

“Get her pack, Giblert.  Put her clothes in it, too…I might want her to dress up…I mean…just get them, ok?”

Roger turned and headed down the hill, tugging the leash to keep his prize moving behind him.  He smiled.  Was it possible to fall for a humie girl?


Aya tested the chains that kept her locked to the floor of the shabby goblin-hut.  She frowned, noting their effectiveness.  She turned her gaze over to Alynnya.  Like Aya, both Alynnya and Elspeth were similarly chained kneeling to the floor of the hut and stark naked.  

“These chains are quite sturdy,” Aya said.

“I would hope so!” Aly said happily.  “These are the finest Rithian steel.”

“I like the leather lining,” Elspeth noted, inspecting the manacles about her wrists. “They really don’t chafe at all.”

“We are naked and chained in a goblin camp at the mercy of goblins,” Aya said slowly, as though speaking to children.  “And we are bound by chains Alynnya brought with her!”

Elspeth made an exasperated sound.

“I swear, Aya.  Sometimes I don’t think you pay any attention to Aly’s stories.”

“Well…” Aly blushed.  “I was pretty smashed.  I probably told the story badly.”

“Oh no,” Elspeth shook her head. “You told it brilliantly!  Goblin Lust Totems while blowing a small cadre of goblin acolytes?”

“I don’t remember telling that part,” Aly turned brighter red.

“Oh, no worries,” Elspeth grinned at the smaller blonde.  “I’ll remind you.”

“So why are we here?” Aya huffed.

“Rithian Intelligence stated the goblins upped production for some odd reason,” Alynnya shrugged. “Rather than put innocent women at risk of being kidnapped by them, I thought we’d come… uh… check it out.”

“And test the totems for them,” Elspeth nodded.  

“But…” Aya shook her head.  “We…that will break us.”

Elspeth tilted her head over at Aya.

“You’re trained in that crazy temple training with superhuman stamina and crazy pressure points.  I’ve got fae blood. Aly… well, you’ve seen what Aly can handle.  Come on, Aya!  Where’s your spirit of adventure?”

“Chained to the floor of a goblin hut, apparently.”

Elspeth looked around the hut, then took note of a series of boxes.  One of the boxes was open with a number of figurines exposed. 

“Are those some of them? Huh. They look… different.”

“They’re not active yet,” Aly said authoritatively.  

“There’s an awful lot of them,” Elspeth mused.  “Four times what you mentioned.”

“Huh,” Aly chewed her lip.  “Well, that’s fine.”



“Did you mention this to anyone else?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… there’s another anchor set in the floor there…and why did you bring four sets of chains?”

“Oh yeah… uh… I have a friend who knows stuff from Rithian Intelligence.  I mentioned this trip to her but she was in the middle of something.”

As if on cue, two goblins entered with a bound blonde woman on a rope leash, as naked as them, but tightly bound with yards of rope.  They forced her to her knees in front of the fourth anchor and traded her leash for the steel collar and chain before removing her ropes.

As her wrists were locked in the cuffs, she began pleading with the goblin who had led her in:  “No, sir, please!  Please don’t leave me!  I don’t want to do this, I want to stay with you!”

“I’ll be back soon, girlie.  You’ll have your chance to serve me.”

The blonde sagged in her restraints, her head bowed in defeat, and soft crying sounds came from behind the veil of golden hair covering her face.  Until the goblins left the hut, anyway.  Then she suddenly straightened up with a broad grin on her face.

“Hi Aly!  Great vacation idea!”

“Evie!” Aly squealed.  “Glad you could make it!”

“I recognize you,” Elspeth looked over the beautiful blonde.  “I’ve seen you at the DD.”

“And I you, Elspeth Witchbow.  And greetings to you as well, Aya of the Kitsunekuroi Clan.”

The newcomer then added something in the language of Ienotochi.  Aya blushed at whatever the newcomer said, then her eyes widened.

“You know a civilized tongue!”  she paused and blushed again.  “And thank you…”

“I’ve been told my tongue has many good qualities,” Evie winked. “So we’ve seen one another and are now formally introduced.  How wonderful!  So those are them, eh?”

“Yeah,” Elspeth nodded.  “Been busy, haven’t they?  Aya’s a bit worried that it might be too much.”

“For all of you, perhaps,” Aya huffed. “My temple training will be more than sufficient.”

“Oh, that sounds like a wager,” Evie’s eyes twinkled.  “Do we see how many we can get through each?”

“Love it!” Elspeth grinned.


Globwick strode into the ritual hut, washing down the last of his performance herbs with a bit of ale.  He remembered the little blonde humie from last time and how energetic she was.

With a mental wince, he remembered how long it was before he could walk properly after.  That humie’s skills were amazing.

He shook his head and looked carefully, then blinked and turned to Bob.

“Four?  Your cousins in Rith said there would be only three?”

“Surprise!”  Bob grinned widely.  “Roger says he brilliantly stalked, outwitted, and defeated her.”

Globwick turned back. Three of them had golden hair.  One was the small, familiar, one from before.  A second had her hair cut differently and a slightly more athletic build.  The third – with the largest breasts – had her blond hair in a nice, grippable braid.  How convenient.  The fourth had dark hair cut shorter than the golden-haired humies.  The dark-haired one had a slightly golden cast to her skin, unlike the pale, golden-haired humies.

Globwick wondered if that was a thing.

The head shaman squinted at the bound women.


“The small one brought the chains with her,” Bob clarified before Globwick could finish his question.

“Are you serious?”

“Do you think I would make something like that up?  It gets better!  The last one had rope and… other stuff… in her pack.  We really hit the jackpot here!”

Globwick blinked then shook his head.  

“Okay, well, may as well get started.  We…”

“You really should divide those up equally,” the lithe blonde – the last one captured – interjected.  “More efficient that way.  Girls, why don’t we angle ourselves back-to-back?”

“That’s a great idea, Evie!” the braided blonde said.  “Keep it flowing right.”

The smaller blonde just bit her lip in anticipation.

Globwick stared incredulously at the four women.  They seemed almost… eager.  He turned to Bob.

“Are you sure these ones were captured?”

“They could have fought more, I guess,” Bob shrugged.  “Gotta be honest with ya, boss.  The boys got so excited that no one’s really been thinkin’ about it too clear.  I mean, word’s spread.  It’s like a holiday.”

Globwick was outraged for a moment.  An unapproved holiday?  Who did they think they were?  Then it dawned on him.

“They’re already queuing up outside, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, boss. Figured you’d want first go.”

“You’re a good lad, Bob. Let’s get this party started.”


“Whoa, Jake!  You gotta try the dark-haired one!  She can do things with her tongue that are unreal!”

“Yeah, yeah… sure.  I don’t think she can top that blue-eyed blonde.  She’s got scary-good skills.”

“Hell with both of you!  I’m liking the busty one.  Nice, multiple hand-holds.”

“You’re all welcome to them.  That little one’s still an unstoppable storm!”


Roger strutted into the hut with a broad smile.  Yeah, there she was.  The humie he’d personally captured.

Oh yeah, the other lads had been there, sure, but Roger oversaw her capture.  And now she was totally at his mercy.  Yup.  Totally.

“Roger!  About time you got here!”

Roger blinked as the lithe blonde looked up at him, her smile expectant and confident.  A small part of Roger’s admittedly-not-all-that-huge brain wondered for a moment if she really was a proper captive.  He cleared his throat to lower his voice. 

“Prepare yourself, humie!” Roger adjusted his belt and let his trousers drop.  “Time for you to learn your place.”

The humie raised an eyebrow at the sight, then nodded appreciatively.  “Not bad.  Not bad at all, Roger.  Right, let’s get started, shall we?”

‘Uh… yes?”  Roger’s brow furrowed.  

This wasn’t going exactly as he’d expected.  Most of the time, the humies cowered a bit.  The humie looked at his face and then her expression changed.  She bit her lip and offered a worried expression.

“If it pleases you of course, oh master who cunningly captured me,” she said in a voice of honey.

Roger blinked again.  That sounded more like it.

“Oh, you’ll please me, humie!” he pointed down to his rising excitement. “Get to work!”

“Roger, roger!” she replied cheerfully.

“Why did you…? Oh…ooooohhhhh yesssss!”


“Back for thirds, boss?”  Bob was having a smoke by the front of the hut.  

Globwick grinned.  

“As long as the herbs hold out, I’m getting in on the action.  You have that look, Bob.  What’s up?”

“We’ve got a request.”

“A what?”

“The prisoners.  The busty one and the dark-haired one started trading jibes.  They’re asking now to be repositioned closer and get creative about how they activate the totems.”

“How… creative?”

“They… uh… well, it involves moving ass-to-ass and… boss, I gotta say, I think we should allow it.”

“Make it happen, Bob. Make it happen right now!”


Globwick was not entirely sure when they lost control of the situation.  

Sure, technically, the humie girls were still prisoners.  Sure, they were still in chains, but they had really taken charge.  They were now using experimental, double-sided, rod-shaped totems as sex toys.  When they weren’t servicing one of the tribe, they were switching off pleasuring one another with lust totems as part of the activation ritual.

And, watching it was just really hot!

Globwick was thinking that perhaps they should start sending invitations to the neighboring tribes to come watch.  For a price, of course.

Hm… that wasn’t an entirely bad idea.

He looked for Bob.


Elspeth wiped a lock of hair out of her face.  She was covered in sweat (and other substances).  She looked at the others.  Alynnya was finishing off yet another totem – the last in her queue.  Evie and Aya were finishing off a moment of their own together. Elspeth felt a stab of jealousy seeing her best friend with the blue-eyed blonde.  There was a glamor, a grace, and an overwhelming aura of sex appeal from the other Rithian that Elspeth could not help but envy.

Frowning, Elspeth looked for an inert totem.  The nearby crates were completely empty.  Even the double-sided prototypes were all smiling in the activated pile.

She picked up a cup of water and drained it.  

Gotta stay hydrated, she reminded herself.  

Aly finished off with her customary shout, then sagged.  Elspeth passed Aly a cup of water.  

“Thanks,” Aly managed.  “Whoa, are we done already?”

“Looks like,” Elspeth said sadly.  “Say, I’ve been meaning to ask you: how in the world did you even hear about this place?”

“Oh,” Aly blushed.  “It was Orny and Smuff.”


“Oh, just a couple of goblins I… uh… know.  They… uh… brought it up in passing when we last… uh… met.”

“You’re friends with goblins named Orny and Smuff?”

“I don’t know that I’d call them friends, exactly.  We just… uh… cross paths a lot.  Anyway, we got to talking… well, they were doing most of the talking.  I was… uh… nevermind.  Anyway, they mentioned this place and I had leave coming, so…”

“Huh. And let me guess… you let the little goblins know you’d be bringing friends this time?” Elspeth mused.  “Well, my dear, we’re out of inert totems.  What shall we do?”

Aynnya bit her lip.  Elspeth grinned and moved close.



Globwick looked up from his ale.  He was wondering how many more supplements he had before he exhausted his supply.  The captives were now turning to one another for their pleasures.  The tribe members were utterly spent.

Not for the first time, Globwick wondered who exactly was in charge.

“What is it?” he asked blearily.

“The Happyending Tribe is here with their lot.  They’ve got some tokens what need enabling.  Their raiders didn’t have a lot of luck finding any humie girls.”

“They pay up?”

“Oh yeah, and then some.  Not a lot of totems, but their lads… they heard what we got.”

“That’s not a small tribe.”

“These four humies don’t seem even close to done, boss.”

“Right.  Collect the coin.  Let’s see where this goes.”


Alynnya bobbed up and down on the next totem of the lot.  Her mouth was full of goblin shaft.  Through the corner of her eye, she spied Elspeth.  The archer was priming her goblin visitor with a bit of work between the archer’s ample breasts.

“Thass’ ‘eating!” Alynnya exclaimed around her full mouth.

Elspeth only stuck out her tongue before she put it to better use.

Evie was watching too, and it triggered her competitive spirit.  She was currently leaning forward with her hands on her thighs while Roger was behind her, ‘helping her’ to work one of the totems to completion.  She looked down at her own breasts, covered with Roger’s first round of pleasure.  Not as large as Elspeth’s, but she had plenty to press together.

Well, anything melon-boobs could do, she could do, too.  “Hey Gareth!  Come here!”


One-by-one, the goblins of the Happyending Tribe worked their way through.  The shamans looked on in awe as their totems were enabled then they, themselves, were seen to by the insatiable human captives.  

One of the new goblin shamans stepped forward.  He brandished a larger token, with a vaguely dragon-esque aspect to it.

“Let us see if these humie captives can master this!  The dragon-goblin token!  Which of them is prepared?”

“Oh!  Me!”  the blue-eyed blonde said first.

“Hey!  No fair!” the busty blonde insisted.

“Na’ ‘air ‘a all” the small blonde reiterated, her mouth full and busy.

The dark-haired one only glared, having just finished her latest.  The blue eyed blonde smirked and then gave the goblin shaman a demure look.

“I am prepared, master.”

Taken slightly aback, the shaman held out the inert token hesitantly then took an involuntary step back as the blue-eyed, lithe, blonde humie set to work on setting the token in place and riding it.  She started to writhe and moan loudly.

The other three paused and looked to the shaman.  The dark haired one fixed him with a surprisingly-steely gaze.

“You have more of those.  Yes?”

“Uh… yes?”

“Good,” the dark-haired one said with satisfaction.  “Bring them.”


Globwick blinked his eyes as he drank his third cup of coffee.  He lost track of the hours.  Those four humies had been going non-stop for… should he be counting this in days?  The entire Happyending tribe had been spent by them.  The Glorycry tribe had followed and been crushed.  The Geespotistotallyreal tribe hadn’t lasted a couple of hours.  

He looked at the box of his herbal supplements.  He had four tablets left.  He wondered if his heart could take it.  He wondered when the next time would pass in which they’d have four such humies in the sacred hut.

Globwick scooped up the tablets.  Fuck it.  Tomorrow was another day.


“I have it!”

Bogford, the insufferable chief shaman of the Gettingiton Tribe, strutted into the tribe’s lands bearing something in his hands.

“You’ve got what?” Globwick demanded irritably.  

Globwick was out of herbal supplements and… tired.  Very, very tired.  And the humie captives were still going strong.

“I have the perfect item!” Bogford gloated.  “It will escalate our tribes to supremacy and break those pathetic humies!”

Globwick looked at what Bogford held in his fist.  It was an X-shaped fixture, each with totem heads that resembled the dragon-totems of the Happyending tribe, only more… uh… everything.

“There’s no way they can handle that,” Globwick insisted.  “They’ve been going strong for a couple of days now.  Besides, I don’t think humies can even handle things like that.”

“Let us be the judge of that!” several voices sounded from within the hut.

Bogford gloated.  

“I would see these arrogant humies brought low!”

Globwick had his doubts.


Bob son of Bob son of Bob shook his head in wonder.  The four humies were still going strong on the Gettinginton Tribe’s quadruple-totem. Not only that, the little blonde had finished off old Bogford personally, while the other three sorted out the chief shamans of the other tribes–while still riding the quad-dragon totem!

A part of Bob realized he was witnessing a moment in goblin history.  He felt he should pay attention to that bit of his mind… after his turn was done.

He thought about getting cousin Alfonso, the scribe.  And cousin Jethro the artist.  Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt for them to owe him favors.  Y’know… for recording history and all that…

… after his turn was done.


Globwick blinked his eyes blearily as Bob shook him awake.

“What is it now?” the shaman demanded.  

He’d been running on a cocktail of stimulating herbs for days now and it was starting to catch up with him.  He wasn’t the young goblin he once was, alas.

“It’s the Baitermaster Tribe!” Bob’s eyes were wide.  “They’re here!”

“Damn!” Globwick scrambled to his feet.

The Baitermasters strutted into the tribe’s camp.  Their leader, Harry, stalked over.

“Hear you’ve got some humies that are prime,” he grunted.  “Thinkin’ we’ll get some of that.”

“The line’s over there,” Globwick jerked his thumb.

“I don’t do queues,” Harry sneered.

Bob nodded and several of the greater warriors from each of the tribes stepped forward.  A fierce melee ensued.  The Baitermasters were notorious for their fiercely strong forearms and deadly grips, and were victorious.  Once the fighting was done, the Baitermasters used the forbidden goblin magics of victory to grow in size and stature.

Harry looked down his pointed nose at Globwick.

“We’ll be havin’ some humie now!”

With his choice three warriors, Harry strutted into the hut. The four humies had just finished off another series of goblins.

“Oh, it’s about time!” the large-breasted blonde said. “C’mon boys!”

“Damn!” Harry said.  “I don’t know where to start!”

“Look at these tits!” the large-breasted one said with a wink. “You’ll be wanting to rest that man-meat here, my lad!” 

“Tits? Oh, come on,” the lithe blonde worked her tongue along her red lips. “I know exactly where you can put that bad boy. Come over here!”

“Oh sure,” the dark haired one said scornfully.  “Go with the boring.  Come over here, boys.  Try a little eastern flavor.”

The last blonde, the smallest of the lot, just offered a lip-biting smile.

Harry grinned broadly and made his choice.


Globwick was dead asleep.  Bob couldn’t stay awake any longer.  The Baitermaster tribe was completely laid low, their members limp from exhaustion.  Even Roger had dozed off and let his prize pet’s leash slip from his grip.

Four figures crept out of the hut.  The dark haired one exited first and looked around.

“Everyone is asleep,” she whispered.

“I don’t think you need to whisper, Aya dear,” Evie said confidently as she slipped an arm around Aya’s slender waist..  “This lot is going to sleep it off a few more days.”

“I still want to know where you hid those lockpicks,” Elspeth pressed, with a side-glance at Evie’s possessive grip on Aya.

Evie gave the archer a wink.  “One day I may well show you, Elspeth dear.”

Elspeth grinned.  “Can’t wait.  Right, girls.  We have everything?”

“Just about,” Alynnya emerged from the hut with a small sack.  “A souvenir for each of us.  Plus a couple of the… uh… bigger ones.  Just for… um…”

She blushed.

“Aly, sweetie, you really are the best!” Elspeth said gleefully.  “Now where was our ship home?”

“North shore,” Alynnya and Evie said in unison.  

They looked at one another and giggled.  Aya frowned suspiciously.  

“What is so funny?”

“Nothing,” Aly said.  “You don’t have a problem with pirates, do you?”

“Pirates?” Aya asked.  “Why do you ask?”

“More accurately,” Evie interjected.  “Do you have a preference between lady pirates or the more masculine breed?”

“Why…?” This time Elspeth joined Aya with a puzzled and suspicious look.

“Think about it on the way there,” Evie said. “Better to be prepared to choose…”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet a pirate with body parts that were replaced with different parts,” Aly mused, then blushed.  “I mean… just sort of speculating.”

“Hush, Aly dear.  No need to get ahead of ourselves…”


Be sure to check out the epilogue and a teaser for another adventure between Roger and Evie! Island Vacation – Epilogue

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