Epilogue-Island Vacation

artwork by callmeplisskin

The climax to the girls’ Island Vacation is full of, well…climaxes!

This Epilogue immediately follows the events of Island Vacation, so I’ll leave the same introduction to the stories here. But be sure to read the Island Vacation story first!!

Island Vacation

One of my closest friends, fellow writer We Are All Mad Here invited me to join in writing a fun little romp of a story about the girls going on an Island Vacation. The catch? The Island is inhabited by tribes of goblins who make their living carving ‘lust totems.’ Totems that are ‘activated’ by…well, you can see from the image above.

Of course the girls had absolutely NO idea the island was inhabited by goblins when they went there and began sunning themselves on the beach. No idea. None. Nope. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

And then to take the fun to another level, CallMePlissken was inspired to pair artwork with it as a gift to Mad and me!

There are some prequel stories and images on Plissken’s Patreon. This epilogue tells a little more of Evie and Roger–and yes, they will see each other again…



SLAPP!  The sound of a roughened palm striking supple flesh echoed in the night air, as did the sharp yelp of the woman having her bottom spanked. 

Roger loved everything about his new humie pet.  He loved the curve of her upturned rear balanced over his right knee.  He loved the feeling of her naked breasts pressed against his left knee.  He loved the cascade of her golden-blonde hair down the side of his leg.  He loved the look of the heavy steel collar on her slender neck, and the little tinkling sound the pendant around her neck made when it hit the collar.

He especially loved it when she called him ‘master.’  And the fact that every time he slid fingers between her legs, she was just a little wetter than she had been the time before.

“Ohhhhh…please, master, please just touch me more…” the girl moaned as he teased his fingers deeper inside her.

On impulse, Roger grabbed yet another rope and wrapped it tightly around her upper thighs, pinning her legs even more together than the ropes around her knees and ankles were doing.  Best to keep all that warm wetness sealed up inside her to keep her on edge, he thought.  

After all, this was supposed to be an interrogation, not kinky fun times.  Not yet anyway.

“Nooooo…” she pleaded, and wriggled in his lap.  She strained her arms against the ropes that held her forearms tied parallel across her back, and those that encircled her upper arms and breasts.  The heavy chain attached to her collar tugged against its anchor in the ground.

Roger knew the chain and collar alone would have kept her from getting away.  The ropes were mainly added because he liked the way they looked criss-crossing and constraining her flesh.

SLAPP!  The sound of Roger’s palm on her upturned rear echoed again, followed again by the delightful sound of her yelp, and another reddening handprint on her curvy bottom.

In his grandest dreams, Roger would not have hoped to have such a gorgeous humie girl to call his own.  Even though Roger–with a little help from his sentries–was the one who brilliantly captured her, he felt lucky that his older brother Globwick had let him keep her.  

Once Globwick, the chief shaman of their tribe, had successfully claimed the more petite blonde for himself, he was less concerned about what happened to the others.  The one with the short dark hair was given to Harry, the chief of the Baitermaster tribe, in an effort to appease him (and make him go away).  The exceptionally busty blonde was given to the chiefs of the four lesser tribes, to be shared among them as they saw fit (or fought over).

And in his most extremely wild fantasies, Roger never would have dreamed he’d be the master of a former Rithian Ranger!  That fact was the reason for her current ‘interrogation.’

SLAPP!  Once again his hand came down on her lovely rear, causing ripples in the reddened flesh.  “Tell me everythin’ th’ Rangers know of our island!”

“Nothing, master!” she cried in response.  “We were only here for a vacation!  We didn’t know these were goblin lands!”

SLAPP!  “I don’ believe you, ranger!  You tell me everything!”

“Please, master, I never heard of lust totems before!”

“Roger!  Roger!”  The intrusion of Gareth’s voice distracted him from responding to his captive’s obvious lies.

“Go away, I’m busy!”  Roger shouted.

“Roger, wake up!  They’re all gone!”

Roger watched in dismay as the vision of his captive girl faded before his eyes, replaced by Gareth’s worried look.  “Who’s gone?” he growled angrily.  He looked around at the empty main hut, and his heart sank.

The hut wasn’t actually empty; there were exhausted sleeping goblins laying everywhere.  But the four humies were gone.  In alarm, Roger looked down at the leader chain that had slipped from his hand while he slept, and sadly followed it to where it ended in an empty steel collar.

“Noooo!”  He cried, and leapt to his feet.  Someone had taken his pet!

He bolted out the door and sprinted to Globwick’s tent.  There he woke Globwick, who was passed out face down on his cot, and no sign of Globwick’s pet, either.  Furious, they both ran back toward the main hut, convinced that the other tribes had stolen their captives away.

Back at the hut, though, they were met with the other chiefs, looking just as angry.  “What’s ther meanin’ of this, Globwick?  Where the humie I was promised?  This an act of war!”

“Hey!” called out Gareth, pointing toward the trail leading northward into the jungle.  “Four set of humie footprints…they went this way!”  A dozen goblins took off up the path leading through the hills to the north side of the island. 

Roger, still exhausted and confused, jogged along behind the pack.  His prize humie was gone, as were all his plans for her.  He tried to recall the best parts of his fading dream before it, too, was lost to him.  What an odd dream…what was that nonsense about her being a ranger?


An hour ahead of them on the north trail, the four girls were nearing the sheltered cove on the north side where ships waited for them.  “Not too far now,” Aly called back to the others.

“Well, did you gain any usable intelligence, or were you too busy attending to your new ‘master,’ Evie?”  Elspeth said with a barely disguised sneer.

“Oh, please,” Evie shot back.  “It was fun doing a little roleplay with the little guy, even if I was the only one playing.”  She glanced away, so Elspeth wouldn’t see her slight grin and the twinkle in her eye.  “Pretending he owned me gave things a little extra kick, you know?  Being chained up with dozens of horny goblins, but imagining being claimed by just one of them…kind of hot.”

“Yeah, I know.” Aly said quietly, to no one in particular.

“You are then a very good actress,” Aya said.  “I was convinced you had submitted to him.”

Elspeth snorted.  “So anyway, did you two rangers learn anything that would help keep the goblins in check, and keep other women safe from being kidnapped to make more totems?”

“Elspeth, you would have done well to listen to the bragging and chatter of our captors,” Aya told her.  “Perhaps you would have learned of the fate they had planned for you.  Our Rithian friends were to be kept by the tribe’s elders.  I was to be given to the one with the…muscular arms…”  Aya paused and swallowed as she recalled the Baitermaster shaman.  “And you were to be passed around among the other tribes like a platter of meat at a banquet.”

“What?”  Elspeth exclaimed.  “That would be…”

“Like a Friday night for you?”  Evie cut in.

“Or any given night for you,” the archer shot back.  “Is that all you learned the entire time?”

“Well, actually,” Evie said, becoming more serious.  “I overheard what they do with the activated totems.  In three weeks they will be taken to a black marketeer who hides out in the mountains above the Port of Chowheim.  Usually they take a single wagon from the port with only a few guards.  They were laughing at how they would need an entire caravan for this shipment.”  

The girls all shared a giggle at their shared accomplishment.

“I know of a crossroads in forested terrain in the foothills that will be perfect for an ambush.  I will request that a squad of rangers accompany me there to intercept the shipment.”  Evie’s eyes sparkled with excitement.  “Aly, I am certain you’ll volunteer for that mission.  Perhaps, Aya of Kitsunekuroi Clan, and you, Elspeth Witchbow, would join us–if you are brave enough?”

“You know well that Elspeth and I cannot participate in a battle on behalf of Rith,” Aya intoned.

“But perhaps we could provide close support,” Elspeth joined in with a grin.

“Excellent!”  Evie said.  “But secrecy is of the utmost importance.  If the goblins learn of our ambush plans, the dense forest means we would have no warning if we are headed into a trap.”

“Oh yes…that would be horrible.”  Aly mused.  “Say, Evie, why did you duck into that tent before we left the goblin camp?”

“To retrieve my pack.  Roger had taken my clothes and gear back to his tent.  I suppose he was pretty serious about keeping me, the poor little guy.  I hate to think how disappointed he is going to be that we’re gone.”  She shook her head sadly.

“It sounds as if he is not the only one to be disappointed,” Elspeth sneered again.  Evie responded by sticking out her tongue at her.

“I am curious though,” Aya said thoughtfully.  “If you intercept the shipment of lust-totems, will the goblins not have to make more?  And if so, are you not again putting women in danger?”

“That is an excellent observation, Aya,” Evie replied.  “I suppose we would have to intercede here again on Goblin Isle.”  The four exchanged glances.  “If it should come to that.”

After a pause, Aly spoke up excitedly.  “Oh look!  I see ships’ masts sticking up over that hill ahead.  We’re almost there!”


That evening, back in his tent, Roger settled on his cot dejectedly.  By the time the goblins had reached the north shore, all they could see were ships’ masts sinking below the horizon.  He had already been feeling frustrated that his pet was taken from him.  To think that now she was on a pirate ship headed to parts unknown meant he might never see her again.

Worse yet, it was soon evident that the only tracks on the north trail were of the four humie girls.  No other goblins, no pirates, no raiders.  It appeared that they had left of their own accord, that they were not taken away after all.  His humie pet, who had professed her submission to him, seemed to have left him willingly…how could that be??  Even her backpack was gone!

The more he thought about her, the more his doubts crept in.  He thought about his dream, in which she was a Rithian Ranger and he was interrogating her.  And about what willing and eager captives she and her friends were.  Something didn’t make sense to even his tiny brain.

He sighed and hung his head.  As he did, he spied something under his cot.

It was one of those bizarre sex toys he had discovered in the bottom of her pack while retrieving her rope.  It must have fallen out of her pack when she grabbed it!  And beside it was a crumpled piece of paper.  

He smoothed out the paper and gasped as he recognized what was drawn upon it.  It was a hand-drawn map of the hills above Chowheim–the exact path the next shipment of lust-totems would travel for delivery in a few weeks.  At a crossroads in the forested hills there was a notation in the humie language.

Roger didn’t need to know how to read the humie words to know what they meant.  They were plans for an ambush!  He had been right all along!  The humie girl and her friends were all rangers, and they had come here to disrupt their rituals!

He didn’t take time to listen to the little voice in his head telling him that none of that made sense.  Roger was far too blinded by his desire to have his humie pet back in his hands.  And many other desires that were swirling around in his head.  The delightful sounds of her yelps and moans echoed in his ears.

Roger stared down at the map in his right hand, and the grotesquely shaped sex toy in his left.  “Oh, you naughty, naughty pet,” he said aloud.  “Jus’ you wait.  ‘En I catch up t’ ya, I’m gonna give ya a spankin’ ya won’t never forget…”


Watch for the story of what happens when Roger arranges a ‘surprise rendezvous’ with Evie and her friends!

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