Pirate Poker

Here’s a little fan-fiction based on characters by CallMePlisskin and all characters and locations belong to him. 

Story based upon a work-in-progress artwork by CallMePlisskin. If it is posted, I will link to it.


Just down the street from ‘The Hidden Hand,’ the scoundrel Crazy Stepan’s fetish club, is a sketchy looking tavern and boarding house.  Not many know that a secret entrance in the back alley leads to a series of private rooms where secret business dealings are done. 

Captain Catherine and I were standing outside that entrance now.  She kicked at the door and a little slit opened up.  I could see a guard’s eyes widen while he first stared at my statuesque captain, then looked down at me, with my ball gag and collar visible above my long cloak.

“Password?” he croaked.  

“Two women who actually want  t’ come inside yer shithole clubhouse,” Catherine growled.  The slit closed and a deadbolt opened.  The door creaked and the guard ushered us inside.  “Room 4,” Catherine said as she passed.  

“Down t’ th’ left,” he said, avoiding her gaze but staring at me as I followed along on her leash.

We were on our way to a secret high-stakes poker game between Catherine and some other captains.  Catherine had prepared me for what to expect while we got dressed on her ship earlier, and explained my role to me.


“Pirates cheat at poker,” she had started with.  “Th’ winner is th’ one who cheats th’ best without gettin’ caught.  Yer job is t’ distract th’ other captains while I’m cheatin’ ‘em.  And keep distractin’ ‘em when they try to play their hands.  And there ain’t no distraction like th’ distraction of a pretty little blonde thing.”

She went on to describe the other captains, to prepare me.  “Yer’ll have Lucius, a right bastard with a high opinion o’ himself.  Horny as a goat on a two month sail.  He won’ be able to take his eyes off’n yer.  Shake yer ass an’ bend yer cleavage toward ‘im.  Easy pickin’s.”

“Then yer’ll have Clockwork.  He’ll be gropin’ yer ev’ry chance he gets.  But I know yer’ll be able to handle that.  Jus’ be careful yer don’t sit down on ‘is hook hand–gots a steel ball on th’ end.”

“Finally yer’ll have Blouster.  Big portly slob, probably be half drunk a’fore we start.  He’ll pull yer into his lap, but rub yer ass on his pecker a couple times, an’ he’ll cum in ‘is shorts.”

While she strapped my arms into a leather armbinder, I nodded and listened to her describe how the evening would go–and how I would need to do my best to keep these men entertained while Catherine robbed them blind.  

“I’m countin’ on yer, me pet.  I ain’t never lost to Lucius, an’ I don’ intend to start t’nite.  He might start gettin’ some bad ideas if’n he thinks I owe ‘im.  But that won’ happen, will it, me pet?”

“No, my Captain,” I murmured while she tightened the straps.  “I won’t let it happen, Mistress.”

“It’s bound t’ get a li’l unpleasant havin’ them men pawin’ and gawkin’ at yer,” she continued.  “But it ain’t like it’s somethin’ yer not used to.  I’ll keep yer safe an’ we’ll buy yer more sexy outfits with yer share o’ our winnin’s.  Mebbe somethin’ with a lil’ more fabric than this one.”  

She smiled as she appraised my ‘outfit,’ which was little more than a few strips of translucent silk held together by metal rings.  My breasts were barely contained by the top, and threatened to slip out with every movement I made. 

“Yes, Mistress,” was the last thing I said before she strapped the ball gag tight and clipped her leash onto my collar.  She covered me in a cloak and off we went, down the gangplank, and into the seedy town of Port Kadaar–where I’d already had my share of sordid experiences.


Back inside the sketchy tavern, the guard showed us to room #4.  We entered the dimly lit room, and I jumped when I heard the heavy door lock behind us from the outside.  Catherine didn’t seem too concerned, though…she was staring down the lone occupant of the room, a rakish rogue of a man leaning back with his feet on the table and a hat slouched over an eye patch.

“Lucius,” she said evenly.  “Where’s the other two?  Not like ‘em t’ be late when there’s free drink an’ fast cards t’ enjoy.”

“Other two?”  the handsome captain returned.  “Cate, this evening’s game is just between you an’ me.”  He looked past Catherine to check me out.  “Course, if’n I’d known we were bringin’ pets, I’d have brought one of me own.”

Catherine stepped closer to him, hands on her hips and blocking his view of me.  “What you playin’ at, Lucius?  Yer better not be plannin’ on screwin’ with me none.”  The glare she levelled at him would have withered lesser men.

“Well, now, Cate,” he said slowly, tauntingly.  “That all depends on how ya play yer cards.”


Lucius leaned to one side so he could see around my captain and look me over.  “So this is the pet I’ve heard so much about.  Step forward, love, let’s have a look at ya.”

“She only takes orders from me,” Catherine said.  She tugged gently on my leash to pull me forward and positioned me in front of her.  Then she opened up my cloak and slowly slid it off my shoulders.  I could see Lucius’ eyes light up as I was revealed.  

I blushed as Captain Lucius stared at me hungrily.  It felt good to have a handsome man look at me that way.  I got plenty of attention from Captain Catherine’s crew every day…but none of them were attractive or interesting to me like Lucius.  I caught myself checking him over, too.

I hoped Catherine didn’t notice how intrigued I was by him.  She seemed distracted and on edge.  I’d never known any man to make Captain Catherine seem ill at ease.  I began to wonder if they had some history.

“Wheeeew…” Lucius whistled through his teeth.  “The rumors didn’t do ‘er justice.  Cate, she’s delicious.  Quite the tasty little morsel.  I’d love to nibble on her bits an’…”

“Charmin’ an’ classy as always, Lucius,” Catherine interrupted in a disdainful voice.

“Don’ suppose you’d be makin’ ‘er part o’ yer ante, would ya, Cate?  Let me make a play for ‘er, willya?”

“Mmmmph?” I gasped, looking anxiously to my captain.  Did she bring me here to use me as a bargaining chip?  I thought I was just supposed to distract him!

“No.”  Catherine was adamant.  “Alynnya’s not up fer wager.”  

I sighed in relief.  My Mistress had promised to protect me, and I didn’t want to be lost in a bet.  

Still…I had to admit there would be a little thrill to have my fate left to chance…and having to please Captain Lucius might not be all bad.  Even his eye patch made him seem more mysterious.  I found myself blushing again, and felt a little stirring in my tummy at the thought.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” Lucius grinned.  “Yer pet don’t seem to be fully against it…”


“Lucius, ya bilge snake.  Yer cheatin’ is gettin’ out’a hand.”  Catherine stared daggers at him.

“Cate, you wound me.  I’m simply the better player…ya knew that when ya started.”

My Mistress seemed agitated in a way I’d never seen before.  Captain Lucius was definitely getting under her skin.  There was some reason she just couldn’t accept losing to him.

I’d been doing my best to distract Lucius.  I would bend forward to look down at the cards so my chest would hang down before him.  A couple times my breasts almost slipped out of my flimsy sheer top!  Other times I would stretch and bend away so that my rear was upturned to him.

And yet, as much as I was trying to distract him, he was distracting me.  The way he looked at me, with obvious lust, made me feel squirmy.  I could almost read his mind–he was imagining enjoying me in different ways from moment to moment.  I was imagining it, too.  I clenched my thighs tight together when I realized I was imagining wrapping them around him.

I was worried that my captain had noticed…and that I was actually distracting her, too.  Captain Lucius’ blatant lust and my blushing discomfort could be part of why she seemed agitated.

“Seems I’ve got all yer gold, Cate.  Ya ready to call it a night and admit yer defeat to me?  Gotta say, it’s never been so easy t’ beat ya, and the night’s so young.  Ya sure ya don’ wanna ante up anythin’ else t’ try an’ win yer money back?”  He nodded his head in my direction, as if his meaning wasn’t obvious enough.  The way he looked at me gave me that squirmy feeling again.

Catherine seethed.  Her hands clenched and un-clenched.  She stared at Lucius and glanced down at her piles of gold sitting in front of him.  I could tell she really didn’t want to admit defeat to him.  And I couldn’t bear to see her distressed or to lose all her money, either.

Worse, I felt responsible, like I’d failed to distract Lucius enough, like I’d failed her.  I needed to redeem myself, and help beat him.  I was also getting upset at the way Lucius was taunting her.

“C’mon Cate…it’s not like you to give up so easily,” Lucius sneered.  He nudged some of the gold toward the middle.  “One hand…all th’ gold on th’ table ‘gainst one night with yer pet.”

“Mmmmph.” I said to her, trying to get her attention before she could answer.  “Hleeze, ‘oo et, ‘ishtress.  Het ‘err ’unny h’ack.”  

Catherine looked up at me in surprise, and I pleaded with her with my eyes.  I wanted her to beat Lucius and put him in his place.  I was willing to offer myself to help her make it happen.  

“What’s it gonna be, Cate?”  Lucius looked smugly at her.  Smug and…so damn confident.

“Fine, one hand, Lucius,” Catherine said through gritted teeth.  “But take that ace out o’ yer hat.  An’ I get t’ deal.”


Moments later, Captain Lucius’ grin had, impossibly, widened.  Captain Catherine’s face had turned a shade darker.  Lucius was holding out his hand for my leash.  And my Mistress didn’t want to hand it over.

I wasn’t sure what to think.  Catherine had thought me so valuable that she could use me to win all her gold back–and had lost.  Lucius had wanted me badly enough to risk losing all that gold–and had won.  I was the prize…and my Mistress’ rival was about to claim me as his.

I wasn’t worried about having to please Captain Lucius–my captain had allowed others to enjoy me before, and I knew I could handle Lucius.  I was just worried I had let my Mistress down.

“I’ll be enjoyin’ yer pet all night, Cate.  I’m eager t’ get my hands on her, so go on, gimme ‘er leash.  I wanna enjoy my winnings.”  He winked at me and showed his smarmy smug smile.  “Course, you’re welcome t’ stay an’ watch, Cate.”

“NO!” Captain Catherine barked, slamming her fist on the table, surprising us all and toppling the stacks of gold.  “Ya cheated, an’ ya can’t ‘ave ‘er.”

Lucius just maintained his smug grin.  “I know what yer thinkin’, Cate, but I wanna ‘ear ya say it.”

Catherine sighed.  “Fine.  Double or nothin’, Lucius.”

“Ya sure about that, Cate?”  Lucius said.  He voiced it like a taunt, not a question.

“Double or nothin’, Lucius,” she repeated firmly.

“As you wish, Cate,” he replied.  “But it’s my turn to deal.”

I looked back and forth between them, uncomprehending.  My Mistress was making some deal to keep me, but I didn’t understand what.  I just knew that these two bold and powerful captains were having a showdown…with me as the stakes.  


Lucius slapped his cards down on the table forcefully.  Catherine dropped her cards, and then dropped her head in a signal of defeat.

I looked down at the cards, then back at my Mistress.  “Uhh…’oes ‘is ‘mhean ‘ee ‘hets ‘mhee?”

Captain Catherine looked up at me with a frown, while Captain Lucius smirked.  “It means he gets both of us.”

“Uhhht??” I exclaimed. 

“She did say ‘double or nothing,’ love,” Lucius told me with a laugh.  “Yer both in th’ double.”  He plucked the handle of my leash from Catherine’s hand.

I gawked back and forth between them, unbelieving.  It was one thing for me to have to submit to Lucius.  But my Mistress?  She would have to submit, too?  I couldn’t imagine such a thing.  

Catherine was staring down at the cards, desperately thinking of another play.  But it was too late.  Lucius had already won everything he came for.  He was done playing.  Cards, anyway…

Lucius spoke up:  “Luckily, Cate, I planned fer this.  You’ll find s’m cuffs in me rucksack o’er there, Cate.  Put ‘em on.”  He paused, watching her face.  “After ya put on th’ collar.”

“Nnnnnh!” I cried.  This wasn’t right!  He couldn’t put a collar on my captain!  I turned to face Captain Lucius, moving closer, placing myself between my Mistress and him.

“Nnnnh!  ‘Ake ‘ee!  ‘Ake ‘ee, ‘oht hrrr!!”

Lucius reached out and put a possessive hand around my hip, pulling me to him.  He wrapped the chain of my leash around his fist a few times.  “Oh, I’ll take ya, love, no doubts ‘bout that.  But I’ll be gettin’ my time with Cate, too.  Cate knows how t’ make me ‘appy–when she wants to.  Ain’t that right, Cate?” 

“Yer a right bastard, Lucius,” Catherine growled.  

“Mebbe, Cate.  They say m’ family is full o’ lucky bastards.”

Catherine picked the collar out of Lucius’ pack and looked at it with distaste.  Then she sighed and buckled it around her neck.  At first I thought it was perhaps a kindness that he allowed her the dignity of putting it on herself instead of being humbled by him fastening it in place.  

Then again, maybe he was just being cautious, staying out of her reach while her hands and feet were unrestrained.  She was still incensed and far from ready to submit to him, and smug Lucius didn’t seem inclined to show her any kindness.  And he didn’t seem stupid.

He pulled me closer still, tugging on my leash and sliding me onto his lap.  One hand wrapped around my waist while the other tucked my thighs up onto his legs.  Then he reached to my chin to draw my face to his, while staring tauntingly at Catherine the whole time.

Captain Catherine snarled at him while she put a steel cuff on her wrist.  “Let’s git this o’er with, Lucius.  It’s me yer wants, leave me pet be.”

Lucius got a pained look.  “No, no, Cate…there’s no need fer gettin’ this over quick…I’ve won ya ‘til dawn, ‘member?”  He leered at the statuesque beauty, perhaps remembering times when she wasn’t so angry with him.  

“Ya know what I miss, Cate?  Them nights when ya used t’ dance.  Not, y’know, go dancin’.  I mean when ya’d dance…fer me.”

“Yer can’t be serious, Lucius,” Catherine said, pausing with the second cuff in her hand, letting out an exasperated sigh.

“Why not, Cate?  Unless ya want me t’ humiliate yer pet here, instead…”  He traced his hand down my neck to my chest, slipping fingers inside the fabric of my top.  “Just one dance…”

“Fine,” she snarled.

Lucius nodded toward a support post in the center of the room.  “Hands in front…around th’ pole.  Ya remember what t’ do on a pole, don’t ya Cate?”  

Catherine’s glare looked like she could barely refrain from launching herself at Lucius, but she obeyed him.  She reached around the post and clasped the other cuff in place.  Then she grasped the post, leaned back, and slowly, reluctantly began to sway her hips in place.


I had to admit, Captain Catherine was a very smooth and sensual dancer.  I never would have guessed it.  I sat on Lucius’ lap watching, mesmerized, while he absentmindedly toyed with my bare breasts.  His eyes were fixed on Catherine as well.

Lucius’ attention to Catherine wasn’t the only way I could tell he was enjoying himself.  I could feel his hardening cock twitching and pressing against the back of my thighs.  I squirmed when it grew enough to be nudging between them.

“Aye, y’noticed that, did ya, love?” He asked me with a devilish grin.  I nodded.  “Don’t suppose you’d like t’ do anythin’ about it, would ya?”

I paused for a moment, looking from the scoundrel’s handsome face to Catherine’s sullen glare, and back at him again.  I nodded again.

Captain Lucius reached behind my head and unbuckled my gag.  He dropped it on the table while I stretched my aching jaw.  “Thank you, Sir,” I said with a cautious smile.

He helped me slide off his lap and stand before him.  Then he leaned back in the chair and spread his knees apart.  “I’m guessin’ I don’ need t’ tell a girl like yer what t’ do next, do I?”

I sank to my knees between his.  “No, Captain,” I replied.  I twisted to one side to remind him I was still strapped into the armbinder.  “But I think I’ll need some help with your trousers, sir.”

“My pleasure, love,” he replied, unbuckling his belt and freeing himself from his snug pants.  “Tonight is all about my pleasure.  Ain’t that right, Cate?”

He was probably lucky Catherine was still cuffed to the pole at that moment.  And even more so when he grasped my hair in one strong hand, pulling my mouth further onto his impressive cock.


Most men would have enjoyed my special skills to the fullest and come in my mouth.  I wouldn’t have minded; not only was it something I accepted enthusiastically, but Lucius was quite well endowed and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  I was even making all the happy little ‘hmmms’ and ‘mmms’ that I made when I lost myself in a ‘job’ well done.

Lucius, however, wasn’t most men.  Just when his breathing was quickening and he’d given a couple ‘unff’ sounds, and I thought he might be getting close, he suddenly guided my head back off of him.  He pulled me to my feet with a firm grip on the ring of my collar.  

“Yer got lots o’ skill there, love.  Methinks I wanna see what else yer body’s got t’ offer.”

“Yes, Captain,” I said dutifully.  I glanced at Catherine and saw her glare.  I looked away quickly.

He brought his knees together and leaned forward to put his other hand on my rear.  With his two handholds on me, he lifted and pulled me up onto his lap again, but this time facing him and straddling his thighs with my own.

He let go of my collar and tugged my panties aside while lifting my rear with his other hand.  I used my tip-toes to help lift myself up and over him before he guided me back down onto his cock.  I was so aroused by that time, he slid right in without a bit of resistance.

Lucius’ abrupt gasp and low grunt told me how he felt about gliding deep inside me.

I sighed and moaned repeatedly while he lifted me up and lowered me down on him, again and again.  Once again, I marveled at how handsome and virile he was, especially compared to the disgusting men on Catherine’s crew I’d become accustomed to.  He’d won me in the game, but at that moment I was feeling like I was getting some reward, too.

“Keep dancin’ Cate,” he called out across the room.  Let’s see if you an’ yer pet can find th’ same rhythm.”

‘He really is playing with fire,’  I thought.  So smug…so confident…and so damn good….


After Captain Lucius had brought me to an incredible orgasm, and enjoyed one of his own, he’d switched things up a bit.  I was now bent over the poker table, laying on my tummy and breast on the pile of cards and coins–because, I suppose, I was just part of the winnings.  My ankles were spread and bound to the legs of the table, but my arms were still in the binder behind me.

Lucius had repositioned Captain Catherine, too.  He’d seated her in the chair she’d been in before, across the table from Lucius and directly in front of me.  Her wrists were now cuffed behind the back of the chair.  Ropes criss-crossed her chest, pinning her to the chair, and somehow making her breasts look all the more alluring.  And she now wore my red ball gag.

Lucius was behind me, hands on my hips, holding me firmly and pulling me back to meet his vigorous thrusts.  His cock had felt wonderful when I was riding up and down upon it; now, it felt powerful, filling me fuller and deeper than I’d enjoyed in a very long time.

“Come now, love, ya haven’t forgotten yer lines already, ‘ave ya?” Lucius asked me.  “Be sure you look right at Cate when ya say ‘em.”

I didn’t need to be reminded; the lines were words I wanted to say anyway…I just dreaded saying them in front of my Mistress.

“Oh, yes, Captain Lucius!”  I cried out obediently.  “Thank you, Captain Lucius, for fucking me.  Please fuck me harder, Captain Lucius!”  Just saying the words made things so much hotter.

I just couldn’t look Catherine in the eye while I was doing it.  I bit my lip and scrunched my eyes tight, trying to enjoy the feeling of Lucius’ long thrusts, trying to forget the shared shame of my Mistress’ humiliation.

“Don’t worry none, Cate,” Lucius added with a wink.  “Yer’ll get yer turn.  Ain’t even midnight yet.  An’ the bet was ‘for the night.’  I’m enjoying both o’ yer ‘til dawn breaks through that window.”

~~~the end~~~

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