Evie: Right where she wants him, pt. 2 (Evie 2nd story, pt. 2)

artwork by http://www.callmeplisskin.co.uk/
story below image by me

Chapter 9: Right where she wants him

Goldwain’s private chambers were a sight to behold. I would find it amusing if it hadn’t been millions of pounds of taxpayers’ gold–including a pathetic few of my own–that had paid for the garish display of opulence.

Of particular interest to me were the paintings that adorned the walls, showing kinky scenes of women in the throes of ecstasy, or distress, or both. There was one of a blonde woman locked in an intimate embrace with a large ork. Another with a blonde woman being tormented by a gang of goblins. Another with a blonde on a leash lying seductively on a bed. I was sensing a pattern. And the blonde looked somehow familiar, I felt like I knew her somehow.

The guards had been fairly gentle and polite as they led me up the stairs, wrists still bound in front. Once in the councilman’s chambers, they led me over to two tall decorative posts set into the floor and anchored to the ceiling. The woodwork on the posts matched the four posts of Goldwain’s large bed nearby. At intervals from the top of the posts to the bottom, there were thick rings set into the wood.

The guards positioned me directly between the posts, with the bed behind me. My satchel and overcoat had been set off to one side, and I stood there in just my pink lingerie, white lace coverup, and pink heels. The shorter bag-searcher guard held both his hands firmly on my waist so I wasn’t tempted to resist. “Don’t move,” he warned, but I could hear wariness in his voice.

The taller guard eyed me carefully as he untied my wrists, and began tying them separately to two longer red ropes that hung from near the tops of the posts. I enjoyed the feeling of his hands on me once again; that they were binding me was even more arousing.

He seemed to have strong ropework skills. I watched as he laid several circles of rope neatly in rows around my wrist before he looped the end underneath the column of rope, back over the top, and knotted it off at the bottom away from my fingers. Then the knot was worked underneath the column to protect it from my teeth. Damn, he was really good at this. Perhaps he’d be interested in helping me practice escape techniques another day??

After repeating the process on the other wrist, he then pulled the other ends of the ropes through the highest rings until my arms were pulled upward and apart, taut, and I was balanced on just the toe portion of my pink heels. He then repeated the entire process on both ankles, pulling my legs further apart and making it even more difficult to balance on the toes of my shoes. I struggled to keep my feet from sliding on the polished floors.

Meanwhile, Goldwain busied himself arranging a display of his toys on shelves beside me. He made a point of holding each where I could see them before placing them neatly in his display. I could have predicted most of them: a flogger, a crop, various plugs and other insertables. There were a few more exotic surprises, however: a spiky wheel on a handle, small knobby balls on a string, some clamps, and some bottles with colored liquids.

In between setting out new objects, he would glance at me to gauge my reactions and give me mischievous looks. Though I still felt confident in my mission, I couldn’t ignore the fact that some of the items he was threatening me with could actually harm me. The sense of mild danger only heightened the arousal I felt at being so securely restrained.

Once the guards had me secured between the posts, they abruptly stood aside. I had to suppress a sigh when the handsome guard’s hands were no longer on me.

“Shall we stay and keep watch, Councilman?” the shorter one asked hopefully.

“No.” Goldwain replied. “I can handle her ‘interrogation’ myself. You may station yourself outside the door, but do not come in unless you hear me give today’s alarm word.’ He paused, and suddenly I heard him directly behind me, felt his hand at my waist. “No matter what other noises you might hear.”

“Very well, Councilman,” the captain’s voice came from near the door. Seconds later, I heard the door shut firmly behind them.

Goldwain slowly walked around before me, looking me up and down as if he was savoring the view, and letting the hand at my waist trace around me as he did. He didn’t say anything for a while, just letting his eyes roam over me, trying to build tension.

He was enjoying putting on a little show, and I did my best to give him the anxious looks he was expecting. I actually did feel uneasy, so some of my apparent distress was natural. As tightly as I was tied, it would take a few moments to escape, and he could do a lot to me in that time.

“Finally, Evie, we are alone,” he began. “And you are exactly in the position I planned to have you by this point, too. You look just as fetching strung up between those posts as I had hoped–perhaps even better.”

He stopped to inspect the restraints on one of my wrists. “And likely more tightly restrained than I would have done. On the one hand, the guards saved me the effort of tying you up, but on the other hand, they denied me the pleasure of doing it myself.”

I tried to make my voice sound as worried and small as he would expect. “What…what are you going to do to me?”

“Well the easy answer is, anything and everything I want. After all, you’re not in any position to resist.” I had expected him to smugly state the obvious. But his soliloquy was just ramping up.

“But the more complicated answer is that I promised earlier this evening to teach you the joys of serving a man like me. Teach you the pleasures of being dominated and controlled by a strong gentleman. And the freedom that comes from giving yourself to me, for me to possess you.”

‘Wait, what?’ I asked myself. ‘Was this guy for real? I mean, I’m all for getting tied up and dominated, maybe even being spanked and collared and taken roughly, but…joys of serving??’ I took a deep breath. ‘Dammit! I thought I might even finally get to release some of this built up sexual frustration!’ Then I realized Goldwain had paused, waiting for my reaction.

“So you’re not going to torture me? You’re not going to interrogate me to see if I’m a spy?”

“Oh, heavens, no, Evie. Certainly I will use those toys to torment you–and I do still need to punish you for failing your assignment in the carriage–but I don’t care about all that spy nonsense. If you are in the Codex Cryptae, then that means we’re on the same side anyway.”

“What if I was a spy, but not on the same side?” I wasn’t sure if he was aware Vyndra was one.

“Evie, I wouldn’t care if you were. This is all part of a grand game. Here you are, a beautiful woman, tied up tight in my bedroom, completely at my mercy. I could tell when we were dancing that you get turned on when I dominate you. And you were so enthusiastic in the carriage. I just can’t wait to enjoy the rest of your body. And see what other talents you have.”

‘Ugh..this is so disappointing!’ I thought. ‘Well, if he’s not going to torture me, let’s get this over with. He just admitted he didn’t care about seducing a foreign spy. Now for a full confession…’

But Goldwain continued, with his hand tracing across my tummy. “I am curious if you’ve gotten aroused simply by being tied up, Evie? And I wonder how much you would enjoy having an orgasm while tightly bound?”

‘Hang on!’ I told myself…’Let’s see where he’s going with this…’

Goldwain held his palm flat on my tummy while he walked around behind me, stepping through the ropes between me and the post. He stood close behind me, close enough for me to feel his breath on my shoulder. His hand began to slide downward, fingers probing at the top of my lingerie bottoms.

“I’d bet 20 gold I’ll find you dripping wet, Evie.” he whispered as he slipped underneath the top band. He continued sliding fingers along my smooth flesh until he found his suspicion to be true.

I didn’t try to conceal my reaction, and didn’t need to fake it. “Ohhh…yessss. Yes, you will, Sir.”

“Delightful,” he whispered. He began moving his fingers around slowly. “And do you believe I can make you climax while you are so tightly bound?”

“Ohhh…yessss. Yes, you can, Sir.” In fact, if he kept his fingers moving like that, he’d find out in just a moment…

“Of course I can,” he whispered. He placed his other hand on my hip and pulled me back against him. I could feel the hardness of his cock again through his thin trousers, pressing against my bottom. “And would you beg me to give you the gift of an orgasm, Evie?”

‘Oh, for Holy One’s sake,’ I thought. He was ruining the mood. Still, I was so close…”Yes, Sir. Please. Please give it to me,” I panted.

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The full story is 48 pages, 17,891 words, and includes 7 chapters not published elsewhere.

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