Evie: Right where she wants him (Evie 2nd story)

artwork by http://www.callmeplisskin.co.uk/
story below image by me

Chapter 1: An Illicit Tryst

“THWACK!” The wide flat tendrils of the flogger slapped across the lush bottom of the dark-haired woman and wrapped around her hip into her inner thigh. The sound was accompanied by a gasp, then a low moan from her gagged mouth–exactly as the last eighteen strokes of the flogger had. Red stripes from the tendrils crisscrossed her rear on both sides.

The dusky-bronze skinned woman stood between two posts in the bedroom of her male partner, with her wrists tied apart with red cord to the tops of the two posts, and her ankles tied apart to the bottoms. She did not, however, appear to be in distress–rather, she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. A sheen of perspiration made her naked skin shine in the candlelight, and her face showed determination as she braced for the next stroke–but her eyes were alive with passion.

Rithian High Councilman Percival Goldwain let his eyes rove over the rear view he had of the woman strung up in his bedroom. She was tall and muscular, but had generous curves that appealed to his fondness for voluptuous women. Her exotic beauty made her even more alluring to him, and her foreign accent and mannerisms made her much more interesting than the typical young Rithian women he entertained in his private chambers.

He surveyed her reddening behind as he swished the flogger in a circle, noting how the muscles of her legs and back tensed for the final stroke. A sinister smile crossed Percival’s face as he altered the trajectory of his swings and brought the flogger up directly between her legs.

Her squeal of surprise and the way she danced on her toes as she absorbed the blow made Percival’s smile broader, and his naked manhood noticeably stiffer. He dropped the flogger and positioned himself standing behind her, hands on her waist, and pressed himself against the folds between her legs. Her readiness for him meant there was no resistance to his probing, and he was able to thrust deep inside her on his first attempt.

Her low moan of pleasure urged him on, and he swiftly took care of his needs, gripping and groping her body as he did so–both for the purposes of leverage for his thrusts, and to satisfy his craving for her curvy flesh. Percival wasn’t known for being the most considerate lover despite his talent for kinkiness, so it didn’t take long for him to get his satisfaction. As soon as he finished, he withdrew and proceeded to untie her.

The woman, a native of the land of Sypharia, looked at him incredulously as he released her from the red cords. Was he really going to leave her unsatisfied? She had begun the evening by first pleasuring him with her mouth, had done everything he had demanded, happily endured everything he had done to her. He had quite obviously come inside her…but she had not come!

When he finally removed her gag, she looked at him with pleading eyes, asking, “Why is it we are done? Did not I satisfy you?”

“Oh yes, dear, you satisfied me quite completely, thank you,” Percival said, oblivious to her frustration. “I’d love to enjoy your wonderful body some more tonight, but I have a very, very important meeting in the morning.”

Since she seemed somewhat unimpressed, Percival continued: “I have a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of the Military about our national security. It seems the Orks have detected a weakness in our border defenses.” He puffed out his chest noticeably. “I have a plan to keep the Orks at bay.” His proud tone suggested he alone would be standing in the gap in defense of her and the entire nation.

The woman feigned admiration for his self-importance and powerful position, hiding her own disappointment at how the evening was ending. As she hurriedly dressed, she asked him several more questions about his important job and his important meeting, trying to feed his insatiable ego. If there was one thing he enjoyed more than sex with her, she had learned, it was talking about himself.

Percival, of course, loved showing off for this beauty who was so obviously in awe of him. Coming from such a primitive land, she had little perspective for his world, he thought, and so it was very easy to impress her and keep her hanging on his every word. It was almost a pity he had to usher her out the door so quickly. But after all, he did need sleep to be sharp for his very important meeting.

Chapter 2: A new assignment

“Evie! Come have a seat. I have an interesting assignment for you.”

I took a seat across the table from the woman with the blue-gray eyes and listened intently to every word she said. Cassandra was my mentor and handler, and was also the senior spymaster for the Codex Cryptae, a secret classification within the Rithian military. Cassandra had a way with words and a penchant for details, and every word was important. If one wasn’t paying attention, it would be easy to miss a nuance that could have critical significance later.

Cassandra began outlining my next assignment. Apparently, one of the senior members of the Governing Council of Rith had been compromised by a foreign spy. Worse, Percival Goldwain was also on the Borderlands Security committee, and had access to sensitive information. He needed to be removed from his position, but in Rithian society, one was presumed innocent until proven–or admitted–guilty. Because Percival was in a prominent and powerful position, my assignment was to obtain a confession. Evidence alone would not be enough.

Cassandra outlined an intervention strategy approved by the Codex Cryptae leadership. As a senior member of the Cryptae leadership and ranking officer on the Strategic Forces committee of the Rithian government, Cassandra rarely had difficulty getting her plans approved.

She described how Councilman Goldwain had a penchant for binding and tormenting pretty young women. I was to initiate an encounter with the councilman, intrigue him, and obtain an indecent proposal from him. Exposing his scandal would help bring him down.

“But wanting to tie up pretty girls is hardly a high crime,” I interjected. “Embarrassing, perhaps, but not criminal. If it was, we’d have to lock up every councilman, artist, writer, and role-playing gamer in the country. Including some dear friends of mine!”

Cassandra snickered. “Well that’s true, Evie. Truth be told, I’d be among the first against the wall,” she said with a sly wink. “But his blind enthusiasm for his fetish has led him to be indiscreet, and sharing his bed with a foreign spy is inexcusable. Especially because of his role in Rithian Security. The scandal of his fetish and being compromised by indiscretion will be enough to bring him down–IF you force a confession.”

I nodded. “Understood, ma’am. How do we expose the foreign spy element?”

“Good question, Evie, that is a first step in this operation. The woman is a Sypharian national, having come to Rith as a university student, and living in this area.” She handed me a couple documents: a map of a rough neighborhood, and a simple drawing of a face.

“A Sypharian! I can’t imagine a Sypharian woman letting a man bind her, and definitely not sleeping with him afterward! They only use men to procreate, and then kill them.”

“Evie, you should know better than most, that in our line of work we often have to perform tasks that are…unpleasant.” Cassandra turned her head to look more directly at me and leaned in. “This Sypharian’s natural tendencies mean that you are more capable of engaging her than any of your male peers, yes?”

I gave up the slightest wry grin. “Yes, ma’am, I suppose I am.”

“Good, make her disappear quickly so the councilman is unattached. Then there is a unique opportunity in two days. A grand diplomatic ball to celebrate Rith’s alliance with Varala. Ambassador Francis, who you collaborated with in Vardengard, will be there. He can facilitate an introduction to Councilman Goldwain. I know that you can dance very well, I’ve seen you. Do you have a dress appropriate for the occasion?”

My eyes brightened and I perked up. “Yes, ma’am, I have a beautiful cardinal-red formal dress that a..special friend…designed for me. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to wear it.”

Cassandra acted indifferent. “Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s very nice. Very well, then. Any more questions?” I sensed that Cassandra hated acting callous sometimes, and that she was trying to keep me focused. There were times she let her guard down a little with me, but never in the middle of a mission briefing.

“No, ma’am. I won’t let you down,” I said, slightly chagrined.

“I know you won’t, Evie. I don’t say this often, but you are my proudest accomplishment. The perfect outcome after years of mediocre performers. You will be my legacy here long after I’m gone, perhaps even my replacement someday.”

I knew better than to visibly react to Cassandra’s praise, but Holy One, did my mentor know how to give a pep talk! “Yes, ma’am. Thank you for your faith in me.”

Cassandra nodded in dismissal, and turned to a stack of other documents. I stood and left the room without another word between us.

Chapter 3: Making an impression

I actually knew the streets of the ‘rough’ neighborhood quite well, having grown up on crime infested streets much like them, and not far away from them. When I was still a pre-teen, I was considered part of the infestation. Before Cassandra and the Cryptae got me off the streets and gave me a purpose.

In this neighborhood, there were really only two options for locals at night: lock your doors and windows and hope the evening revelry didn’t crash through them, or join the revelry at the Devil’s Due, the sleaziest bar in all of Rith. I figured that a Sypharian woman living in a strange land would choose the latter, so I headed there after chatting with a few contacts.

The Devil’s Due was relatively calm for a Thursday night, but it was early, barely 11pm. A dozen or so regulars and another dozen travelers, and a skeleton crew of staff. But the talented gnome with the red hair was performing tonight, so the night was likely to devolve into chaos and debauchery at some point.

I scanned the room slowly, taking in every detail as I’ve been trained. First assessing threats: nothing more serious than the threat of a few drunks getting handsy. Then assessing opportunities: a few sources I recognized and might chat up for a bit. Those that owed me favors or money pretended not to notice me.

Then I spotted my target, sitting at a strategic spot where the bar turned 90 degrees. That way she had good visibility of both doors and could watch down the length of the bar. And all the patrons along the length of the bar could get a good look at her, too. Which most of them were currently doing.

I tried to make my gaze wander over the top of her as if I hadn’t noticed her. Impossible. Long raven colored hair, sultry wide eyes, and a sapphire blue dress with a neckline plunging well out of sight of the bar surface. An untrained eye would have never guessed she was at least ten years older than me. No wonder Councilman Goldwain was smitten with her. I think I was, too.

I headed to the center of the bar, and squeezed between two locals I knew. I turned to the more handsome one to my left. “Reginald, how are you doing?”

He took a half step back. “Evie. Hey. I don’t want no trouble. My wrist just healed from last time.”

“No trouble, Reggie, don’t worry. I need a favor from you.” I pressed a few coins in his hand. “Go take a couple drinks to the woman at the end of the bar.”

“She’s Sypharian. She don’t want no men. She’d want you.”

“I know,” I smiled sweetly. “I’m going to rescue her from you. Don’t forget to tense your gut before I punch you.”

He groaned. “No, not again, Evie!”

I sighed and gave him two more gold coins. “I’ll go easier this time, I promise. Just do it. Make it look good.” I softened my gaze, let my features flow into a seductive look. I always had to suppress a grin when I watched his resistance melt away.

He grunted in dismay, took a couple drinks from the bartender and turned to make his way down the bar looking glum. “Smile!” I hissed at him.

I ordered my own drink and watched out the corner of my eye as he approached the dark haired beauty. She looked coldly at him and shook her head ‘no.’

Fortunately, Reggie knew what I expected, and he pressed on. I waited another moment, then made my way toward them.

“‘I don’t think the lady is interested in buying what you’re selling, buddy.”

“Shove off, blondie. The lady and I are negotiating.” He reached his hand toward the woman’s face.

I shot my hand out and grabbed Reggie’s wrist (yes, the one I had broken before). I twisted it and raised it up toward his shoulder, and he yelped in real pain, standing up straight. As he leaned back, I fired my other fist into his belly. He grunted, and bent over forward.

I decided to go easy on Reggie, since he had cooperated so nicely. I put my palm on the crown of his head, and shoved him backward into an empty table. He shot me a “what the hell, Evie” look as he slinked away.

I turned back to the Sypharian woman with a smile. I picked up the two drinks Reggie had brought over and offered her one. “I don’t think he will mind if we enjoy these.”

“Especially since you bought them.” She winked at me.

Very observant, I thought to myself. As a spy should be. I would have to watch myself with her. “You noticed that, hmmm? Well, I like to make an impression when I meet a new…friend.” I winked back, then softened my features for her, too. She melted just the slightest. Tough one.

“Consider me impressed…friend.” She held out her hand. “Vyndra. I can’t say another woman has ever gone to such lengths for an introduction. I think you actually hurt your friend, there.”

“Oh, Reggie will be fine, he can’t stay mad at me,” I replied, shaking her hand. “I’m Evangeline. Evie. And it is a pleasure to meet you…not too many beautiful women venture into this place. Even fewer come out unscathed.”

“Then I am fortunate to have such a gorgeous friend to protect me.” She glanced subtly at my outfit. “You are a ranger, yes? That is an unusual uniform you wear. And very flattering, I might add.” She smiled, with one eyebrow raised, and made a point of looking me up and down again.

“Thank you. I am a ranger, yes, in the Strategic Forces.” “A spy?”

‘Why does everyone assume that??’ I wondered. “Not exactly. I mostly do research and analysis.” I made a point of looking her up and down as well. “And that is a beautiful dress. You are Sypharian, I believe?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I came here to university. I wish to learn commerce and culture and help modernize my land. And to hopefully meet…a partner.”

“And have you met a…partner yet?” I asked quietly, realizing the men around us were listening in intently. Pervs.

“None that intrigued me for more than a moment,” she replied. She smiled coyly, “But things are looking better now. May I buy you another drink?”

“Yes, please,” I replied, returning her smile. I watched as she signaled the bartender for two more drinks. As she took the glasses from the bartender, I noticed a few grains of powder fall from her fingernail into my glass. She apparently was not as far under my seductive influence as I thought. A worthy adversary. Finally!

I took the drink and raised it in salute, maintaining eye contact. I could tell she was watching my eyes for any sign I had noticed. As the glass passed my nose, I caught a whiff of roasted chestnut. ‘Kola nut extract,’ I thought, ‘from her homeland.’

I quickly considered the ramifications. Through conditioning, I’ve been desensitized to all nut-based poisons. This one will make me a little light-headed, but nothing I can’t handle. She will expect me to get very woozy within a minute as if I’m tipsy, then continue to act intoxicated until I pass out cold in 30-45 minutes. ‘I got this,’ I thought.

“To new friends,” I toasted, flickering my eyelids to make my eyes dance in the candlelight.

“To potential partners,” she replied softly, her eyes sparkling as well, as she clinked my glass.

As we both downed our drinks, I noticed most of the men around us also taking drinks in a shared toast. Apparently they approved of our burgeoning relationship.

“Woo! That’s strong!” I said, draining the last drops from my glass. I waited a moment, then let my eyes start to glaze and fluttered my eyelids. I adopted a silly grin. “Damn, you’re beautiful,” I gushed quietly toward Vyndra. And I wasn’t having to act about that part.

“Why don’t I get us a room upstairs, Evie.” Her soft voice contained a subtle undertone that reduced inhibitions in the recipient’s mind. A good trick. A trick I myself used often.

I took on a silly schoolgirl grin. “Sounds lovely, Vyndra.”

The bartender had apparently been listening in on our conversation, because he didn’t wait to be asked. Or to be paid. He placed a key on the bar in front of Vyndra. “Room sixty-nine,” he said. Then he paused…”I mean six. Room six,” he mumbled sheepishly.

Vyndra winked, and picked up the key. “If I’m lucky, we’ll make it room sixty-nine” she said to him.

I smiled at him too, then made a show of being wobbly as I stood. “She’s gonna get lucky!” I told the bartender in an overly loud whisper.

Vyndra slipped an arm around me, and we walked arm in arm the length of the bar toward the stairs. Every eye in the place followed our journey until we were out of sight, and we pretended not to hear the catcalls and raucous laughter as we disappeared.


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