Evie Down in the Hold

Evie is being held as a prisoner in the hold of a pirate ship…and the captain has determined it’s time to try a slightly different method of interrogation.

“Where are you taking me this time?” I asked with as much contempt as I could muster. 

“Cap’n said to prepare ye for ‘nother interrogat’n.  Time to find out why yer really on the ship.”

The huge crewman tugged on the chain attached to my collar, pulling me from my cell in the brig.  The manacles on my wrists and ankles clinked as I took quick steps to keep up.

“With everything you’ve already done to me, you think now I’m suddenly going to talk?”

“I don’ think th’ cap’n wants ye to talk.  Methinks th’ cap’n wants ye to submit.”

“An’ scream,” added the gnarly older crewman beside me.

“Oh yeah, ‘at too,” the first said. “We all love a screamer.”

“So, taking me back to the captain’s cabin?” I asked.  “Or back to the officers’ mess so they can take turns groping me some more?”  ‘And make me give another round of blowjobs under the mess table, before being bent over it?’  It was better if I didn’t mention that part to the crew.

“Nay, cap’n has sumpin’ diff’rent in mind fer ya.”  They led me to the center of the lower deck where cargo was stored and the mainmast ran down into the hull.  “An if’n ye don’ talk, it’ll be more’n jus’ th’ offercers gettin’ ye this time.”

The crewman by my side laughed.  “Me, I’m hopin’ fer y’ not t’ talk, lass.”  He gave my arm a tug to stop me beside the main mast.

“To yer knees, ranger.”

They didn’t wait for me to comply.  Together they forced me to my knees facing the mast.  They attached the chain between my wrists to a hook at eye level.   Then they attached the chain from my collar as well.  

‘Well, this is new.’   ”Let me guess, flogging against the mast, again?  How original.”

The bigger crewman laughed.  “Heh, if’n ye wants orig’nal, I gots orig’nal.  Cap’n said t’ get cree-ative wit’ ya.”

He grasped my hips and dragged me backward, away from the mast, until my arms were stretched before me.  I heard a rattle of chains and felt a tug at my ankle, and I looked back to see my hobble chain affixed to another hook in the floor behind me.  

He gave my rear a swat hard enough to make me yelp, and my body pitched forward.  Since the ankle chain held my feet, I had to pull on my wrists to hold myself from falling against the mast.  

Now the positioning of the hook in front of me made sense.  While I tried to balance on my knees, I swayed and stretched between the two hooks.  My entire backside was exposed and my rear was upturned in a most undignified and vulnerable manner.

“Now yer gettin’ th’ picture, ain’t ye blondie?” the big man sneered.  He stood beside me and grasped a fistful of my long hair.  Then he used it to yank my hair back and pull my face toward his crotch.  “Yer at th’ perfect height t’ be of use t’ me now.”

Another time and place I might have attempted to bite him there.  For once, my discretion prevailed and kept me from some rough retaliation.  I maintained a calm look but I was seething.

He continued gathering up my hair in his hands and pulling it straight.  When he had most of it in one hand he wrapped it around his fingers and began tying it into a knot.  

“What ya puttin’ that loop in ‘er hair fer?” the other said from behind me.  Emboldened by his partner rubbing my face on his crotch, he had placed both hands on my rear to grope it.

“It’s fer if th’ cap’n wants t’ hook sumpin’ in there.”  He slipped two fingers inside the loop and tugged my head back until I was looking up at him.  “Fer lev’rage, ya see.  Cree-ative, ey?”

I scowled up at him and began to use my persuasive gaze to suggest he have carnal relations with himself, but he shoved my head away before I got very far.

“Aye!  I gots sumpin’ I seen in a flesh bar in Chowheim,” the gnarly old crewman said excitedly.  I watched over my shoulder as he knotted loops into a rigging rope.  He wrapped the rope around my waist and cinched it down tightly, leaving the two loops just above my hips.


“Aye!  Nice!” the big man exclaimed.  He moved around behind me and grasped both handles, then lifted me right off the floor with them.  He kept pulling upward until my wrist and ankle chains were taut, and my rear was pressed against the front of his trousers.  He used the handles to rub me up and down against his rapidly hardening cock.

I stifled a moan as his erection cleaved between my cheeks and teased at me, and I fought the urge to push back against it.  My arousal had been secretly building since they had begun manhandling my body into position; having my hair pulled and the rope handles tied upon me added fuel to an already smoldering fire.

“Aye, that’ll do!  I’m lookin’ for’rd to usin’ ‘em later.  Aft’r th’ capn’s done wit’ ya.”  He set me back down on my knees and let go of the handles.  “Wot’ this, then?”  He suddenly exclaimed.

I turned my head to see what he was seeing:  a faint trace of moisture was soaking into the front of his trousers…and I knew it wasn’t his.  

“Aye, blondie’s already on th’ boil,” he laughed.  “Methinks th’ capn’s gonna ‘ave ‘er beggin’ t’ submit ‘n no time!”

I gritted my teeth and stared straight ahead at the mast, trying to calm myself.

“Where’s th’ thing th’ cap’n gave us t’ put ‘n front ‘er?”  he called to the older man.

“Aye, now me seein’ what ‘at be fer!” he replied.  He retrieved a small frame that caught the dim light of the hold.  

He knelt beside me and slid the frame in front of me.  Looking down, I saw that it was a mirror, and the angle at which he set it gave me a reflected view of my front side, from the collar at my neck all the way back to the narrow gap between my thighs.  

I sucked in my breath as I watched and felt his gnarled hands grasping at my breasts and nipples.  I closed my eyes and turned my head upward away from the view.

“Nuh-uh,” the big man said.  I felt his hand at the back of my head, pressing it back down.  “Ye keep them eyes open, blondie, ye keep lookin’ at yerself while we handle ya.”

As he said that, I glimpsed his other hand appearing between my legs even before I felt his fingers sliding up my thigh.  By now there was more than just a little moisture there, and his thick fingers quickly found their way between my slick folds of flesh.

I involuntarily moaned now, and my thighs clenched down on his hand.  “Keep them’ eyes on yerself, girl.”  He let go of my head just long enough to give my rear a firm swat.  “An’ keep them legs open, too.”  

This time I had to bite down on my lip to keep myself from crying out.  I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.  But I shuffled my knees back apart obediently, and then shamefully leaned myself down upon his fingers to feel them deeper inside me.

The older man had moved from groping at my breasts to pinching and twisting my nipples, which just made me wriggle upon the big man’s fingers even more.  My thighs began clutching together again involuntarily.

“Ye wan’ close yer legs? Fine, blondie,” the big man muttered in my ear.  “I knows how t’ keep yer on th’ boil for the cap’n.”  He spread his fingers, opening me up a little more.

“Fetch tha’ oth’r thing the cap’n gave us,” he commanded his partner.

“Awwww…” whined the older man.  He clearly wasn’t happy about letting go of my nipples.  He grudgingly got up and retrieved a carved wooden object, then held it in front of me.

The wood had been carved into the shape of a jolly roger…the glossy bulbous skull tapered down to a narrower jaw, and an even narrower neck.  Then the crossbones jutted out to the sides, the rounded ends of the bones polished smooth.  

I studied it for a moment, trying to figure it out…and my eyes flew wide open when I did. 

The crotchety old sailor grinned when he saw my expression change.  “Yo ho, ho, girlie.”

The big man stood behind me, then reached down around my hips with both hands so he could use his fingers to pull my thighs apart.  “Keep lookin’ in th’ mir’r, blondie.”

I watched and felt as the older man rubbed the crown of the figurine’s head against me, slowly applying more pressure until the bulbous head began to cleave within.  I gasped and moaned as it began to stretch me further and further, until it finally popped inside me, and I closed down upon the narrower jawline of the skull.

“Yer gonna wanna hold ‘er there, girlie,” the grizzled crewman said.  “If’n yer let it all th’ way in, this happ’ns.”  He gave it a nudge deeper, and the narrower neck gave a momentary relief.  But immediately the crossbones came into contact with me; one rubbed up against my clit, and the other rubbed against my ass.

“OHHHHH!” I gasped, unable to stifle my reaction.  Quickly I tried to spread my legs to push it back out, but the widening head resisted me.  I moaned again and squirmed my hips, trying to find some relief.  It was the wrong thing to do; the crossbones slid around in the same motion.

“Aye, wasn’t it ye what wanted yer legs closed, blondie?” the big man asked in a sneer.  He removed his wide belt from around his waist, and after giving my rear a swat with it, wrapped it around my upper thighs.  

While he gradually pulled my thighs together with the belt, I resisted the belt and the figurine.  Eventually his strength won out, and my thighs were snugged tightly together with the crossbones of the carving between them.  He tightened it another notch, and I groaned again.

“Methinks we’ll leave ye there t’ simmer a bit afore we call th’ cap’n..”  He gave a sinister chuckle.  The two stood back to admire their handiwork and watch me squirming to find some relief.  

Eventually I was able to put my Cryptae endurance training to work, and calm myself, keeping my eyes closed and focusing on happier things.  As soon as I became too still, however, one or the other would give my rear a swat or my nipples a tweak, with the admonition to keep my eyes open and keep watching in the mirror.

Looking down at my reflection, between my breasts and sore nipples, I could just see the tip of the crossbone protruding from between my legs.  Every time I saw it, I gave a shudder and had to begin my calming mantra all over again.  

Eventually the two tired of tormenting me–or else figured they shouldn’t keep their captain waiting any longer.  The older crewman was sent off to inform the captain that their prisoner was ready.  The bigger one decided to make the most of his remaining time.

He got down on one knee beside me so that he could toy with my breasts with one hand while wiggling the figurine with his other.  He continued until he was rewarded with a moan, then grasped the knot in my hair and turned my face to his.  I looked at him through lids heavy from fighting my arousal, while he grinned smugly.

“Yer liked th’ feel o’ me big cock agains’ ye, dint ya blondie?”  When I didn’t answer, he shook my head and repeated the question.  He punctuated it with another slap on my rear.

“Nnnnngh…no…barely felt a thing…”

“Methinks yer lyin.’  An’ yer wonnerin’ what it’ll be like inside ya.”

“Nahhh…I’m wondering if I’ll even notice.”

“Lemme tell ya.  I’ma use them handles t’ give ye ev’ry inch o’ it.”

“So, like all 3?”  I knew I was asking for trouble, but he just looked so smug

He smacked my rear hard enough that I pitched forward again. Off balance and struggling to lift myself back up, I writhed helplessly at the ends of my chains with him free to toy with my body.  

He took full advantage; his roaming hands made me thrash hard enough to make my chains rattle.  When he relented, I hung there limply in his grip until we were interrupted by the sharp clearing of a throat.  

The man scrambled to his feet, and helped me back up to my knees.  Then I heard him speak with the slightest tinge of fear in his voice.

“Aye, Cap’n!  ‘Ere she be, all ready fer ya!”  

To be continued in the further adventures of Evie, ranger of the Codex Cryptae

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