Evie: Disarming a Volatile Situation (1st Evie story)

artwork by http://www.callmeplisskin.co.uk/
story below image by me

Evie-Disarming a Volatile Situation: Pt 1 Ranger Ed. 3.1.pdf

Chapter 1: A volatile mix

“Oh Master! That’s so cold!” the young woman gasped. The pretty redhead with sea- green eyes was lying on her back on a table. She wriggled as her master used a paintbrush to apply two lines of a thick paste to her naked chest, and would have tried to shrink away if she weren’t strapped down spread-eagled to the table.

The two lines of paste, one on each breast, ran parallel to six other stripes of similar pastes already drying on her chest. The bluish color contrasted with the creamy skin of her bosom and the rosy-pink flesh of her pert nipples. Goosebumps rose on her arms and tummy, though they could have just as easily come from fear or excitement.

“Don’t worry, Brigid, it won’t be cold for long,” her master the wizard Karass assured. Indeed, the paste was already warming on her skin, faster than the others had. He took a breath and blew air gently over the top of it, causing it to tingle her skin as well as heat it.

“Do I have to be tied down for this?” she asked her master. As his apprentice, Brigid rarely questioned his decisions, but she didn’t see any need to be strapped down while he applied the paste. “I promise I will be still.”

“When I find the right mixture, we both will be glad you are restrained,” he replied, and turned back to his workbench without meeting her gaze. As such, he didn’t notice the look of alarm that crossed her face. Nor did he feel compelled to share his other reason: he enjoyed binding her and the sight of her naked bound form excited him. In other words, because he wanted to.

Karass added traces of more ingredients to his compound, and stirred it as he returned to Brigid’s side. As soon as Karass painted the next stripe, Brigid reacted. “OOH! Warm! Getting warmer…getting tingly…”

Karass blew air over the paste again, and Brigid gasped. He used the paintbrush to dab a little more on her aureolas, right below the nipples.

“Too hot! Too hot!” Brigid exclaimed, her voice rising in pitch.

Karass stood back, watching her, and stroking his beard. “Interesting…but still not the reaction I’m looking for…”

“What?” Brigid seemed very concerned now. “What are you looking for, Master?”

Karass responded in a calm, teaching voice. “Like most of my experiments, we have two goals: one, to build up your resistance to potions and toxins our enemies might use against us; and two, to determine the optimal strength of a potion to use against them.”

“Enemies, Master? I appreciate your training, but…”

“I have enemies, Brigid, those who would seek to thwart my plans. And those enemies could use your suffering to hurt me. We must prepare you, too.”

He paused as she contemplated his words, but her concerned look remained.

“You’re a very good apprentice, Brigid. Since your first day as my assistant, I knew you were worthy of becoming my apprentice, and could become a sorceress yourself someday. You’ve grown so strong, and you’ve endured every…treatment…I’ve given you.”

“Thank you, Master, but…”

“Don’t you remember what the boys called you before you came here? ‘Brigid the Frigid?’ They don’t call you that anymore, do they?”

“No, but is that because you’ve made me…’not frigid’…or because they are afraid of me?”

Karass looked Brigid in the eye. “Either reason is good. It is good for others to fear you. They will respect you when they know you can crush them. As we must, sometimes. Crush those who would stand in the way of our goals.”

Brigid knew better than to ask about Karass’ perceived enemies. She had long been aware of his quest for power and his insecurity about losing it.

Karass returned to his workbench and altered his blue compound again. “This may be the one,” he said to himself as he dipped his brush and painted two more stripes of paste on her breasts.

Brigid felt the rising heat in her flesh immediately. Her eyes flew open and her jaw dropped as she felt something very different. She shuddered, and began straining against the straps that held her to the table. Then she moaned loudly and tilted her head back, eyes closing, mouth still open in a noiseless cry.

To all appearances, Brigid was now a woman in the throes of passion, and her hips gyrated as she tried to address a sudden inner need. She opened her eyes and looked to Karass, pleading for his help. Even Karass was surprised at the words she spoke first:

“Oh god, please Master, please do me.”

Karass suppressed a smile. “Interesting,” was his only response.

“Please, I want you now, do me now, I have to have you…it’s been sooo long…

“It’s only been since just before lunch.” Karass didn’t bother suppressing the smile now.

“I know, I need it again! Please Master, please fuck me! Please, please!”

Karass struggled to compose himself. “I’m quite pleased with your response, Brigid. But that was just skin contact. I think we need to know more…what if it is aspirated? or tasted? or….

He turned and retrieved a small wheeled table with an odd contraption upon it. From one side an apparatus extended that ended in the unmistakable shape of a phallus. And as Brigid knew, it was formed to the exact dimensions of Karass’ own apparatus.

“No, please Master, not that!” Brigid pleaded as Karass coated the tip with a generous portion of the blue paste. “I want you, Master, not that.”

“Perhaps later, dear.” Karass positioned it between her spread legs and wound a tension spring that would cause the arm to extend and retract.

“No Master, no, please!” Brigid began begging loudly. “It’s going to make me scream!”

“Oh yes, thank you for reminding me!” He turned to a closet and retrieved a wide leather strip with a knob attached to it. Brigid’s frantic pleading was only partially muffled as he popped the knob into her mouth and wrapped the leather strip around her head.

Brigid strained at her restraints in panic as Karass slid the machine into place, and shuddered as a smudge of paste came in contact with her most vulnerable flesh. Karass released the catch on the tension spring, and watched as the paste helped the phallus glide right in.


Outside on the street, an elderly woman was waiting for her puppy to do his business when she heard muffled screams coming from within the wizard’s home. With an alarmed look, she scooped up her little dog and hurried off down the street, muttering “Oh Holy One, not again…”

Chapter 2: The Rogue Wizard

Vardengard, the northernmost large city of Varala, was home to the rogue wizard Karass, and was the location of my latest assignment from the secretive Codex Cryptae council. Karass himself was the subject of my assignment—or rather, some of his recent acquisitions were. My name is Evie, and on behalf of the Cryptae, I was there to ‘liberate’ some of those acquisitions.

Karass enjoyed a life of luxury and comfort as the personal wizard attending to the governor of the northern lands. He was well known for his lust for power and fortune, and his allegiance to the governor was dependent upon the governor regularly augmenting both.

The wizard was a collector of rare and curious items, many illegal, most stolen or purchased illicitly. Among his collection were some potent compounds and potions that no individual had any business possessing, much less an unstable and greedy wizard. The Cryptae council had chosen me to infiltrate his keep and remove some of the most dangerous and volatile items.

With my experience in alchemy and compounding elements I was the most likely candidate for the Cryptae to send on this mission. Since Karass was also known for his paranoia, it was unlikely these substances would be clearly labeled and sitting out, so my skill in cryptography and analysis would be needed as well.

My official cover assignment was to obtain the last known copy of a critical strategic map, one that Karass was known to have obtained as a collector’s item. The original map detailed the border lands between Vardengard and the ork-infested land of Glorg. Unlike cheap knockoffs, this map in particular had been created by the brilliant cartographer Lawrence Lucksworth.

And so I had set off for Vardengard with an official letter from the Strategic Forces committee of the Rithian Council, countersigned by Officers of the Crown of Varala. The letter detailed my authority as a Ranger of the Strategic Forces Division to travel through Varala to Vardengard, and to gain access to the public and private areas of Karass’ keep—for the express purpose of retrieving and safeguarding the Lucksworth map.

After several ‘relatively’ uneventful days of travel, I found myself at one of the gates to the innermost tiered level of the city, containing some of the most closely guarded buildings in the entire borderlands. Beyond the gate were the governor’s offices and residence, government buildings and banks, the Rithian embassy, and Karass’ keep.

Two guards were at the gate. They watched me approach with interest; clearly they had more on their minds than just keeping their post. Though women of Varala were known for their beauty, most dressed fairly modestly. Modest was not a term that described my personally designed and custom-fit uniform that I wore on official Strategic Forces business.

Most Rithian Rangers of the Infantry Divisions wore a snug but comfortable woven uniform under layers of metal armor. My uniform was better described as a form-fitting bodysuit accented with lightweight armor, but with plenty of opportunity to view my curvy-yet-toned figure. ‘Distracting’ was another way to describe it. Strategic Forces, indeed.

It would be easy to use my ‘Seductive Arts’ training to simply put these guys in a trance-like aroused state where they would let me pass on through. They’d also give me their weapons, their lunch and their monthly salaries if I asked. It was a lot of fun to mess with men’s heads like that.

But since I was here on official business and had the credentials to prove it, I decided to take the more mature route and play it straight. Boring, but more mature.

“Hello gentlemen!” I said cheerily. “My name’s Evangeline. My friends call me Evie. You can call me Evie if you’d like! I am here to see the wizard Karass, on official Rithian Council business.”

“Wizard Karass ain’t here, girlie,” said the lanky, pretty-boy one. “And you ain’t in Rith.”

“And no outsiders get inside the inner wall,” added the stockier, swarthy one.

Undeterred, I pressed on: “What I mean is, I am a Rithian Ranger, and I actually have permission, your Crown agreed to give me access…”

“You don’t look like no Ranger I never seen,” pretty boy interrupted. “Where’s your sword and armor?”

“I’m not a warrior Ranger. I’m a Strategic Forces Ranger. And…”

“You mean a spy.”

“Well, no…look, it is imperative that I obtain access to the wizard’s keep. I have this letter sanctioning my access…” I reached into my bag for the document and took a deep breath to calm my rising irritation at the guards. Being more mature wasn’t as easy or as fun when the other party can’t play along.

“Look at me, girlie.” said the pretty-boy one. “Do I look like I waste my time doing stuff like learning to read? I do my communicatin’ in person, you know?” He gave a leering and suggestive look. “Come back after my shift is over, and I’ll communicate with you all night long…”

It took considerable restraint on my part to not roll my eyes at him or let my frustration show. “Well, perhaps he has an assistant I could meet with then? An apprentice?”

“Heh,” chuckled the shorter one. “He don’t let her see visitors alone.”

“Look, I really need to get through. Can I go to the governor’s office? Or the Rithian embassy?” Now my irritation was climbing to a point I was losing composure. And people tended to get hurt when that happened.

“Girlie, you obviously don’t belong here,” said pretty-boy. “And ain’t no way you’re getting thru this gate without an escort. Unless you’d like me to escort you…” He reached out and put his hand on my waist, fingers splaying over my rear and beginning to squeeze.

As an instinctual reaction I grabbed his fingers and twisted them up and back toward him. The strain and pain made him howl and sink to his knees. While he was down there I kneed him in the nose. Not hard enough to seriously harm him, just enough to hear the satisfying pop of his nose breaking.

“Holy one, girlie!” cried out the swarthy one, drawing his sword.

I released the first one’s fingers, then held my arms out in front of me toward the other guard, offering my wrists in surrender. “NOW may I please see someone inside? The captain of your guards, perhaps?”

Read the remaining 6 chapters here:


The full story is 23 pages, 7,520 words, and includes 2 bonus chapters not published elsewhere.

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