Evie Adventure 3: Prologue

Artwork and visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin

Evie embarks on a new adventure that will take her far from Rith

Directly following the events in Evie Adventure #2, Right Where She Wants Him, Evie embarks on a new adventure that will take her far from Rith. In Right Where She Wants Him, Evie intercepted a sultry foreign spy, exposed a corrupt senior government official, and ‘met’ a handsome guard. But those events may pale in comparison to the peril and intrigue she experiences when she sets off on her own.

There are no images specific to the story, at least not yet…so I thought I’d kick off the prologue with a very sexy quick-sketch commission CallMePlisskin did about a year ago.


“Well, spy, are you ready to tell me what I want to hear?  Have you had enough?”  

The voice of my interrogator came from directly behind me, almost right into my ear.  To my dismay, I flinched at the sudden sound.  Blindfolded as I was, I hadn’t realized he was so close.

“Nngggghh…” was all I could reply.  I was weary from exertion and my breath was coming in ragged gasps.  Staying focused and enduring the pain made forming coherent sounds a struggle.  The hard black ball gag in my mouth wasn’t making formation of words any easier.

I moved my head toward the voice, feeling my forehead slide across the damp sheet below it.  The combination of my tears, the sweat from my forehead, and the drool from the ball gag had soaked through the linens of the bed.

Moving my head was about all I could manage, because my wrists were tied together and stretched directly over my head, and my ankles were pulled apart to the far corners.  The tension of the ropes anchored to the bed frame below held me face down on the mattress.

It was just as well I couldn’t move; there was very little of my naked body that did not feel hot and stinging at the moment.  I could feel the surface heat across my back, criss-crossed with red stripes from the tendrils of a cat-of-nine-tails.  Across my bare rear, much thinner red welts were rising after repeated strikes from a bamboo cane.  And between my legs it felt like tongues of fire lapping at my flesh from the viscous potion that had been liberally spread there.

When I did move my head, the press of my breasts on the bed sheet tugged at the clamps on my nipples.  Every flinch from every strike across my back and rear had done the same.

“I couldn’t hear that, you Cryptae whore.  Have you had enough?”

“Huck heww,” I rasped with as much hatred as I could summon into my voice.  One thing I knew for certain was I could take much, much more.  Hell no, I hadn’t had enough.

“I am so pleased to hear that,” the voice said in a satisfied tone.  “That means I’m free to kick this up a notch.”  

I felt the bed shift as my interrogator moved away from me.  Again, my nipples felt a painful tug as the mattress moved beneath me.

I felt one ankle being unfastened, then the other.  I contemplated a surprise attack with my freed legs, but I knew my wrists were very secure and the blindfold was a huge disadvantage.  So I did not resist as the interrogator yanked one leg across the bed, flipping me onto my back.  

The marks on my back stung as my weight landed on them—but at least my breasts were facing upward and the clamps were no longer pinned beneath me.

My ankles were re-secured, spread wide again.  I winced as my stinging buttocks took on more leverage of my body weight.  Then I felt the bed shifting again.  He was now on the bed, between my outstretched legs.  The mattress under my bottom lowered as he came closer.  At least that took the pressure off the inflamed flesh of my rear.

I felt his hand laid between my legs.  He knew the potion he had slathered there was still making my skin hypersensitive and a gentle touch was enough to set me on fire.  I sucked in breath around the ball in my mouth and braced for more.

I didn’t have to wait long.  A well-lubricated finger slid effortlessly inside me, aided by my own predictable arousal.  Then a second.  One thing I’d noticed about this interrogator was that he had very long fingers.  And those sayings about proportional relationships of anatomy—in the past, I’d found them to be generally true.  

I gasped again as he slowly rotated his two fingers inside me until they were upside down.  He curled them upward until his fingertips came in contact with my warm flesh above.  Then he began drawing them back toward himself, as if motioning for me to ‘come here.’  And when he hit that sensitive patch inside me, that’s exactly what I began to do.  

Until he stopped!

“Nuhh!  Nuhh!  Nuhh!” I cried out.  

I felt his weight shift on the bed, and then his hand was tugging at the strap of my gag.  I let out a long groan as he pulled the ball from my mouth and my aching jaw could finally close.

“Well, Evie?  What’s it going to be?” He asked mockingly.  “Are you going to tell me what I want to hear?”

I couldn’t keep the whining exasperation out of my voice.  “YES, you cheater.  That was cruel, but you win.  You’re lucky you’re handsome.  And sexy.  Or I’d have kicked your ass by now.”

“You would have tried.” He countered.  He tugged the blindfold upward and over my forehead.  The first thing I saw were his impossibly dark eyes hovering over me.  Dark and deep, and so easy to get lost in.  

“But you still haven’t said the words,” he continued with a smirk.

“Ugggghhh!” I mock-screamed, partly in frustration to have come so close to coming…but mostly in frustration to have lost the game.  My hands turned into tight fists above me.  

“Fine, Will.”  I emphasized his name as a sharp sound.  “I am sorry I called you Willie, and I won’t do it again.”

He grinned triumphantly, so I added, “today, anyway.”  That earned me a cocked eyebrow.  And a deep kiss.

“How about I finish what I started,” he said as he reached to untie my wrists.

“No, wait,” I said softly, still staring into his eyes.  “Don’t untie me.  Do it to me again, like this.”  

He looked at me quizzically for a moment, then a broad grin spread across his face.  “You continue to amaze me, Evie,” he said softly.  

I leaned upward to kiss him again, ignoring the complaints from my nipples as the movement tugged at the clamps.  His lips met mine with a warm, sensual embrace.  After a long moment, I leaned back, and gazed into his eyes with flares of desire in mine.

“You’re not so bad yourself…Will.”  I held his gaze as he positioned himself over me, keeping our eyes locked even as he lowered his body and slid deep inside me, and as a satisfied sigh escaped my lips.

‘Yes, proportional,’ I thought to myself for the second time that night.


Will and I enjoyed each other’s bodies twice more in the early hours of Saturday, taking advantage of our time alone and the comforts of Percival Goldwain’s oversized bed.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had climaxed five times in less than a day.  

Ok, I could, but that’s a story for another day.

Our first frenzied coupling satisfied some of my long-frustrated physical needs.  Then we spent a few hours doing our jobs, examining the disgraced councilman’s private apartment and cataloguing evidence.

The entire time, however, we caught each other stealing furtive glances and unabashed stares.  The moment our responsibilities were complete, we found ourselves back in each others’ arms in Goldwain’s bed.  Later, after some taunting and teasing while we recovered from our second round, we reprised our real-life roles as Protective Services guard and captured Cryptae spy.  

If Will had any qualms about tying me up tightly, or using the flogger and cane (and other toys) on me, he didn’t show it.  After a few cautious strokes and swats to test my tolerance levels, he threw himself into his role with enthusiasm.  And while he performed magnificently—or maybe because he did—I would have some sore spots for a while.  Pleasant reminders, I thought.

He was sleeping peacefully while I woke, showered, and dressed.  I had to borrow a dress from Goldwain’s guest wardrobe, since I had arrived in nothing but lingerie and an overcoat.  I glanced at him now and then as I got dressed.  He really was handsome.  And tall and strong, intelligent and well spoken, and a talented and generous lover.  The kind of guy I could get attached to, if I ever allowed myself such a luxury.

During our pillow-talk I was impressed to learn he was much more than just a guard.  He had risen to the rank of lieutenant within the Rithian Knights before accepting a lateral position in Protective Services, ensuring the safety of the most senior government officials.  

Somewhat cynically, I mused that he would be a valuable asset thanks to his government connections.  Or so I told myself, to deflect the realization I wanted an excuse to see him again.

While packing up some of the evidence I had collected, my eye was again drawn to the saucy paintings on the wall.  Once again, I was struck by the feeling the petite blonde woman in the paintings looked very familiar.  She almost reminded me of…nah.  Couldn’t be.

My wandering mind was brought back to the present by a sleepy voice behind me.  “Good morning, gorgeous,” Will said.  “You aren’t trying to escape, are you?”

I turned and gave him a warm smile.  “You aren’t planning to derelict your duties all day, are you?”  I walked to the bed, leaned over, and gave him a lingering kiss.

“Touche,” he replied.  “My captain isn’t going to wait much longer before he comes looking for me.”  He paused, looking thoughtful.  “I don’t suppose you’ll be staying in the city a little longer?”  His inquisitive look didn’t do much to hide the hopeful tone of his question.  

Truth be told, I wasn’t eager to leave him either.  “I don’t think so,” I replied with genuine regret.  “Vyndra was selling secrets to more than just her home country.  I assume my commanding officer will want me to go track down the other buyers.”

“I’m sure you can take care of yourself, Evie, like you took care of that Sypharian spy.  But I hope you’re careful.  I’d like it if we crossed paths again someday.”

“I’d like that too, Will.  This has been a very pleasant interlude, but it’s time to go do the badass thing again.”

“The badass with the great ass, you mean?”  He grinned, taking a last long look at me.

I kissed him on the forehead and pushed myself up and away.  “And don’t you forget it.”


Chapter 1 of Evie Adventure #3 coming soon!

One thought on “Evie Adventure 3: Prologue

  1. Very nice! Love Evie’s distraction as she tries to work, the excuses and rationalizations running through her mind. And how she recognizes them as such, as notions to fulfill her fantasies. Great character work!


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