Deep in the Stacks

artwork by
vignette below image by me

extra naughty version here:

With classes over for the day, I headed to the academy library to “study”—and read my favorite naughty novel, “Greener Pastures,” about a young baroness abducted by orks. 

I got WAY too excited to be reading in the crowded great hall, so I slipped away to the lower level and found a quiet corner deep in the stacks. I was soon lost in the role of the baroness, and touching myself to satisfy the growing heat inside. 

…The orks crouched around the campfire, finishing off their evening meal. I rested on the ground nearby, my back propped against a fallen tree, the chain from my collar wrapped tightly around a sturdy limb. 

The orange flames sent flickers of light dancing over my naked flesh and golden hair. My skin felt flushed, the fire’s warmth adding to the rising tingle of anticipation at what was to come when the orks were done.

One of the smaller orks had been glancing my way as he ate, his eyes roaming over me. He finished and made his way toward me, but he was stopped by a shove from the burly leader.  

“I told you she mine,” he growled, “and I always get her first.”

So lost in my fantasy, I failed to realize how exposed and vulnerable I was at the moment. Or that Chetwynd had followed me down into the stacks, lustful intent on his mind…

extra naughty version here:

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