Christmas Party Pre-lewd

artwork by callmeplisskin

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Millie and Aly surprise Evie with some mistletoe–and rope–before the Christmas party

A former friend surprised me a while back on my birthday by writing a sweet holiday story involving my Evie and callmeplisskin‘s Aly. To top it off, he commissioned our favorite artist to create an image to go along with it.

I, of course, am never one to leave well enough alone, so I scribed a corresponding segment from Evie’s point of view. My section follows his below.

Christmas Party Pre-lewd

It was Christmas Day, a time for loved ones to get together in celebration. Enjoying Delicious food, the exchanging of gifts and an excuse to be merry. 

The winter chill filled the air, with people huddling together to stay warm as the sun began to set. The fallen snow having already transformed the normally lush Varallan landscape to a carpet of pure white. 

As far as taverns went, the Devil’s Due was usually a bit unkempt, but for tonight it was beautifully decorated with sparkling ornaments and decorations, a large christmas tree in the corner. The large fire provided warmth to the inhabitants inside as did the continual flow of beverages.

Tonight was the big party, the main bartender after the parting of some coins had given his blessing to hold the occasion. Waitresses were on hand to assist the hosts with setting everything up and plowing drinks to those that had already arrived. 

Upstairs, a few of the attendees had rented rooms for the night, a sign that things could get a bit ‘messy’ but it also provided somewhere for them to change into their costumes. 

In one of the rooms, Evie sat lounged with her feet up on the bed, comfortably sipping from her glass of wine as she waited for Millie to return from the bathroom. Evie was already half dressed in her angel costume, minus her wings, having shed her strapped sandals. 

The young apprentice had come to her earlier in the day, seemingly anxious about the big party and what to wear. It was no secret that Millie really enjoyed dressing up but the young woman clearly wanted tonight to be special. 

“Thank you for coming up to help me, Evie!” Millie shouted through the bathroom door, fumbling with the zip on her costume. This was the first of three costumes that she had picked out. 

“No problem, Sweetie!” Evie shouted back, feeling quite honoured to have been chosen to help.

Of course, Millie could have just shown her the outfits but it seemed to be an excuse for the younger woman to indulge in a bit of dress up. Something that Evie was more than happy to let her do.

The young apprentice had really come out of her shell since the early days when they had first met. She seemed more confident, more willing to try out new things and their friendship had bloomed as a result. 

Evie was someone that Millie looked up to, seeing a strong woman that could control an entire room with just an expression. There was also some affection that went the other way. Evie took on the role of almost being her protector and looking out for Millie when she needed it.

Back inside the bathroom, Millie took a moment to study herself in the mirror. The first outfit she had chosen was not really a contender compared with the other two. It was really nothing more than a bit of a gag costume, hoping to make her friend laugh.

Already, she felt that she couldn’t compare with Evie’s costume which looked absolutely stunning. The dress was low cut, showing off her impressive figure and well, she simply looked angelic. 

Hopefully she didn’t notice me staring at her too much, Millie thought, a twinge of guilt running through her. She did really need to find a better way of controlling herself in those situations feeling far too giddy for her liking.

Millie sighed deeply, “Let’s see what reaction this outfit gets,” she said, stroking her fingers down her headband and through her hair. 

“Okay, I am coming out!” announced Millie, loud enough for Evie to hear. She slowly peered her head around the door, feeling tense about stepping out. “Please promise you won’t laugh?”  

“I prom-” said Evie, as Millie stepped into full view. Letting out a snort as she was unable to stop herself from laughing. 

Millie was wearing a brown christmas pudding dress, white stockings and a headband decorated with holly and leaves. Unfortunately the costume was just all kinds of wrong and not in the least bit sexy. The awkward look on Millie’s face as she held the hem of her skirt not helping either. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh.” Evie said, feeling embarrassed as she managed to stifle her laughter. 

“It’s fine, it was just a silly idea.” Said Millie, giggling as well.

Evie actually found herself struggling for words. “I’m just not sure that could be anyone’s kind of costume to be honest.”

Millie simply shrugged, “Well, hopefully you will like the other two better,” the younger woman giving Evie a wink before hastily retreating to the bathroom.  

Back inside, she quickly shed her costume, before deciding on the next one to try. She liked these options a whole lot better. One was a snow-woman costume while the other was a Christmas elf. After a slight pause she settled on the first one, wanting to save the other until very last. 

Mindful that she did not want to keep her friend waiting, Millie hastily put on her snow-woman costume, wearing a white dress with large black buttons on the front. Round her neck was a red silk scarf, made for her by Laressa, a gift that she cherished greatly. She also wore long black boots and the outfit was finished off with a top hat that had a red ribbon trim.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she made the final adjustments to her costume, straightening it out and tilted the hat slightly.The costume seemed to inspire confidence in her, making her feel attractive and a little bit sexy. 

It wasn’t often she entertained those types of thoughts but it was like the costume allowed her to come out of her shell that little bit more. So much so, she was unable to resist jokingly blowing kisses at her own reflection. 

“I hope you like this,” Millie said to herself, smoothing down the skirt one final time. “Round two!” she announced.

Less timidly than before, Millie joined Evie back in the main room. Walking out feeling far more confident than when she had previously left. Evie tilted her head and nodded in approval at what she saw noting the change in her demeanour.

“What do you think?” Millie asked, as she noticed Evie put her finger to her own lips as if in thought.

“I think you look great,” Evie said, “There is just one thing I would change.” 

Evie stood up, almost making Millie shrink inside as she walked up close to stand in front of her. Slowly, Evie raised up her right hand, as if she was about to stroke it through Millie’s dark raven hair. 

So many thoughts raced through Millie’s mind, as she froze. All Evie had to do was stroke her cheek and she would lose all control of her functions. Evie smiled, such a beautiful smile, perhaps sensing the young woman’s apprehension. 

Not wanting to torment her younger friend too much, Evie delicately flicked off the top-hat which caught Millie completely by surprise. 

“I’m not really feeling the hat.” Evie said, shaking her head, “Why not try putting on the hairband from the other costume? I think you would look perfect.” Her smile widening as she spoke. 

“Aww, you really are too kind,” Millie replied, unable to resist giving Evie a tight hug as their bodies pressed together. “Thank you.” she whispered into her ear. 

“You’re welcome.” Evie chuckled, a bit winded by the force of the hug. 

Slowly, Millie let go of her friend, staring into Evie’s eyes as the two held hands. She seemed to almost melt, being lost in Evie’s eyes for that brief moment as she looked into those electric blue orbs. Blinking rapidly as she snapped out of Evie’s alluring gaze, her cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.

The moment caused her to stutter, “Okay, but I just have one more costume.” Quickly letting go of Evie’s hands and waving her finger anxiously. “Do you mind if I show you that one?” the young woman was really tensing up. 

Evie laughed, “Of course, it’s fine.” she smiled, casually sitting back on the end of the bed and flicking back her golden hair as she crossed her legs. 

Panic quickly overcame Millie and she darted back into the bathroom, feeling a hot flush at what she had just seen. She washed her face with some cold water, trying to steel her nerves and calm down. 

Taking deep breaths, she slowly began to disrobe out of her snow-woman costume but losing all track of time. 

In the other room, Evie started to grow concerned. “Are you okay in there?” She asked.

“Umm, yep. I’m fine!” Millie stammered. “I’m just getting changed, I will be out in a moment.”

Brushing her fingers through her hair, she took one final deep breath before settling on her plan of action. Removing the rest of her costume she placed the dress on a hanger, sitting down and struggling out of her long boots. 

Her final outfit was thankfully quite easy to get into, feeling quite similar to her normal outfit. It was a cute little green dress with striped stockings and black heeled shoes, marking her out as a pretty little elf. Sure she knew Alynnya was already coming as an elf but that was part of the plan. 

Slipping into the dress and the stockings, she topped it off with the headband from before. She really felt delighted as she ginned at herself in the mirror, her earlier nervousness being replaced by one of excitement. There were big plans for tonight and soon Evie in the other room would find that out too. 

Settling herself down, she put on a straight face. “Okay, here I come!” She announced. 

Millie came out of the bathroom, standing before Evie and clasping her hands demurely in front of her. “So what do you think?” she asked.

Evie leaned back, being quite taken with what she saw. This costume, the dress in particular seemed to fit Millie’s personality really well. 

“I think you look beautiful,” she said calmly. “I have to say, you would look beautiful in either of the last two. 

“Aww, thank you, I couldn’t have done this without you,” said Millie, “You really are my little helper.” Millie smiling and emphasising the last two words. 

There was a sudden knock at the door, raising Evie’s alarm bells as she realised something was amiss. 

“Oh, who could that be?” said Millie, feigning being overly surprised. 

The young woman went to the door and opened it. “Oh hi Aly,” she said, greeting her with a hug. 

Alynnya came inside, dressed in her little helper elf costume which looked very fetching on her. Both ladies stayed together as they went and stood before Evie, hiding something behind their backs with their faces full of mischief.

“I suppose we had better tell you this,” Millie said, raising her shoulder submissively and tilting her head. “We may have had other reasons for bringing you up here.”

“A little birdy told us it was your birthday not too long back.” Aly said, her face pouting as if she was sad. 

“That’s very naughty of you keeping that a secret.” continued Millie, giving Evie a wink.  

Together, the two gave Evie a playful shove with Evie landing on the bed. Evie looked at the two women, astounded that she had been out-thought. Moreso, as the two of them looked up at the ceiling with big grins. 

“Mistletoe!” she gasped. “How did I not see that before?” Her mouth opening wide as she fully comprehended their deviousness. 

“Oh, who put that up there?” Said Millie, putting her palm over her mouth imitating shock and then giggling.

Both women now decided to reveal what they had concealed behind them. Millie was holding rope while Alynnya held out some cuffs and a few other toys in her hands.

Alynnya shrugged cheekily, “Well Evie, you know the rules.”

Millie and Alynnya then jumped onto the bed, with Evie putting up a show of a struggle but not too much as they tied her up with the rope and cuffed her hands behind her back. 

Credit to them, they had outsmarted her this time but she would get them back. For now the real party was already getting started.



Evie beamed with happiness as she looked at the two ‘little helpers’ standing mischievously before her.  She loved these two younger friends for their impulsive and joyful spirits.  And she could tell from their impish smiles (that matched their adorable elf costumes) that they had some plan up their sleeves.  Or hidden behind their backs.

She had a feeling Millie might have been up to something, but she dismissed it as being just part of Millie’s shy yet enthusiastic nature.  And then, Evie had become quite distracted by Millie’s costume changes.  The snow-woman costume had been delightful, but the elf costume…there was a reason Evie had crossed her legs yet again, and she hoped Millie hadn’t noticed.

It had taken all of Evie’s willpower to not simply grab Millie, pin her to the bed, and indulge all the impulses Evie had been feeling for Millie.  Evie knew she needed to resist…Millie had been coming out of her shell of late, but their ‘friendship’ hadn’t evolved that far yet, and she didn’t want to overwhelm Millie by unleashing her desires upon the sweet girl the way she wanted to.

And now, with the two of them just standing there with playful looks on their faces?  Evie needed to suppress her desires again.  Even Aly’s Ranger training wouldn’t stop Evie’s Cryptae training from getting the two of them gagged and tied before they could escape.  Evie already had some ropes and toys hidden in her bag.

Evie could spend the entire night toying with their delightful young bodies…she felt another flush of hot desire between her legs, and crossed them again.

So when Aly mentioned Evie’s birthday and Millie called her ‘naughty,’ Evie was slightly distracted thinking about the two of them smooshing in a giant cake.  She didn’t see the wink the girls exchanged, and suddenly the two of them were upon her, pinning her to the bed on her back…and that’s when she saw the mistletoe above her.  

Evie grinned a wide happy grin.  She didn’t know if the girls were planning some mistletoe kissing or some birthday spanking.  Either sounded perfect.  

So when the girls began pinning and binding her, Evie playfully resisted and struggled and writhed around, pretending to fight them off.  Once they had her cuffed, and a few ropes around her, Evie began to feel the familiar sensations of being truly restrained…say what you will about Aly being captured a lot, but she did know how to tie really well…and Millie had apparently been paying attention, too!

After just moments, Evie really was helpless and vulnerable in their hands.  Given time, she could escape, of course…but as aroused and happy as she felt–escape was the absolute last thing on her mind…


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