A Win-Win Bet

artwork by callmeplisskin

Evie wins a bet with Alynnya and enjoys claiming her prize…

Evie and Will watched as Alynnya disrobed in the small open area in the middle of the room.  Many eyes had looked up as soon as the pretty blonde stood and moved to the center of the room.  A murmur arose when patrons began noticing that she wore a ball gag and collar. And every eye in the place was fixed upon her as she began removing her clothes.

“Evie, are you really going to make her go through with this?” Will whispered, taking advantage of the opportunity to lean in close to his beautiful partner and inhale the scent of her golden hair.

“Of course!  A bet is a bet, and she lost.”

“But it was hardly a fair bet; you already intuited her answers, and used your suggestive gaze to distract her. That’s cheating.”

“A Cryptae Ranger uses every tool and weapon in their arsenal. Don’t you think she would do the same if the tables were turned?”  Evie tore her eyes away from Alynnya’s nearly naked form long enough to gaze into Will’s. “You never hesitate to use your persuasive powers on me.”

“That’s not the same and you know it, Evie.  Aly’s bold and capable, but her skills are no match for yours.”  The expression on Evie’s face was a mix of excitement and mischief.  ‘Poor Aly,’ Will thought.  ‘You never stood a chance…or did you already know that, and just didn’t care?’

Alynnya now stood in the center of the room in only her bra and panties, trying in vain to cover more of her bare flesh.  She looked about the room nervously and was met with the lusty stares of two dozen patrons. The catcalls and murmurs were growing louder in anticipation.

“Are you ready to settle up our bet, you little minx?” Evie called out to her.

Alynnya nodded and then lowered her eyes.  As soon as she lowered her chin, a string of drool escaped around the gag and fell to her chest.  She groaned in embarrassment.

Evie stood, but before approaching Alynnya she turned and leaned down to Will. She gave him a deep, wet and passionate kiss which that elicited a few more catcalls from the crowd. 

“Trust me,” Evie whispered while glancing back and forth between his dark eyes.  “She looks nervous now, but she is going to enjoy this.” She held out her hand, and Will handed her a pair of his handcuffs. 

Evie took them and gave Will one more quick kiss before whispering:  “Almost as much as I would enjoy it if you had me up there half naked and in cuffs.”


Will sat at the table quietly, sipping from his mug, watching the interaction of the two beautiful women before him.  Evie had cuffed Alynnya’s wrists in front and attached them to the chandelier overhead. Now she was slowly circling Alynnya, tracing her fingers over Alynnya’s quivering skin while giving her a look that said she was preparing to devour the restrained girl.  Alynnya was looking back up at Evie with nervous excitement, and with desire betrayed by the deepening blush on her cheeks.

The intimate bond between the two was such that Will wondered if they had forgotten they were in the middle of a rowdy bar.  Evie’s intense stare into Alynnya’s eyes was broken only when Evie would give Will a seductive teasing glance over her shoulder.  Otherwise she remained focused and intent upon toying with her prize with confident control. 

The crowd around them, meanwhile, appeared mesmerized by the action in the center of the room.  For a bawdy rowdy rabble, they were remarkably well behaved–other than the flurry of rude and lewd comments and invitations they shouted toward the lovely blondes’ impromptu stage show.

Seeing all the men–and a few women–staring lustfully at his gorgeous partner and her eager friend, Will felt a surge of pride.  Evie–well, truthfully, Alynnya too–was his to command.  He and he alone would be taking her–or both of them–back to his room tonight.  And while Evie and Alynnya might be performing before a large crowd, the look on both their faces when they glanced at him told him that he might as well be the only observer in the room.

That surge of pride, however, didn’t mean that he was willing to let Evie get away with her little subterfuge.  No, he thought, it was time to remind her who was really in charge tonight.  ‘And Aly had hardly put up any resistance upon losing, either…hmmm…’

“Shenanigans!” Will called out loudly, his deep voice overcoming the roar of the crowd.  The room instantly became silent, and every eye in the place turned toward him. Evie and Alynnya froze in place momentarily before slowly turning to face him.  Evie had a quizzical look on her face but failed to suppress the beginnings of a wry smile.

Will held her gaze intently as he spoke up again.  “I call shenanigans! I have proof that this lovely woman here cheated on the bet.”  He got to his feet and moved to the center of the room. Evie’s smile broadened before she tried unsuccessfully to adopt a look of pained innocence. 

Will took Evie’s wrists in his strong hands and put his second pair of handcuffs on her.  “This cheater’s consequence is to suffer the same fate she had planned for her friend.” Effortlessly he raised her wrists above her head and attached them to the chandelier on the opposite side of Alynnya.  Then he carefully removed Evie’s blue dress, leaving her in pastel pink lingerie that mirrored Alynnya’s pastel blue. 

The crowd began their cheering again as Will turned the two women face to face, and with a hand in the small of the back of each, he prodded them forward until they were pressed together at the waist and breasts.  The crowd noise exploded at that sight.

Both women looked up at Will, who looked down on them with pride and perhaps a little smug taunting.  He leaned his face down between theirs, and spoke just loudly enough to be heard above the din: “You’ve both been naughty conspiring like this, and you both will have some consequences to face back in the room.”  They both moaned in protest, but the sparkle in their eyes was unmistakable.

Will then stepped back and took Alynnya down from chandelier.  It was her turn to give him a quizzical look as he removed her gag, and then her handcuffs.  He gave her the handcuffs and invited her to put them around Evie’s ankles. Alynnya didn’t hesitate. 

Will dipped the gag in his mug of ale to rinse it, and then held it up to Evie’s mouth.  Evie shot him a defiant glare, but when he raised one eyebrow she immediately opened her mouth to accept it.

“Now then,” he called out to the crowd.  “It’s time for the true winner of the bet to claim her prize.”  He took a small step back and gave Alynnya a theatrical bow and sweep of his hand indicating that Evie was all hers.  Now it was Alynnya’s turn to have a mischievous look on her face.

As Will took his seat and raised his mug again, Evie gave him a smoldering look that told him in no uncertain terms:  ‘you’re in for one intense night when we get back to the room…’

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