Island Vacation

artwork by callmeplisskin

ALY, AYA, ELSPETH and EVIE have a rather ‘climactic’ ending to their vacation on Goblin Isle.

Full image and story here:

‘Messy version’ of the artwork here:

A tale of sexy shenanigans with Alynnya, Evie, Elspeth, and Aya, by We’re All Mad Here and KatieD

Here’s an excerpt:


Aya laid uncomfortably on the towel.  She kept staring back at the treeline.

“Will you relax?” Elspeth scolded.

“We’re supposed to just lie here and be captured?” she grumbled.  “What if they get harsh or… grabby?”

“Grabby?” Elspeth arched an eyebrow.  “Seriously? We’ve all dealt with goblins.  Grabby is a given.  I mean, c’mon.”

“It won’t be that bad, Aya,” Alynnya assured.  “It’s… oh wait.  I hear something.  Get in position, girls!”

The three lay back on their towels.  Aya’s posture was the least relaxed of the three.  And then the shadows of the goblins loomed over them.

“Get ‘em!” growled the lead goblin.

“Eek!” Alynnya cried out.

“Oh no!” Elspeth cried.  “Goblins!  Oh, with us practically naked and without weapons!  What shall we do?”

“Oh what will become of us?” Aly cried out as goblins tied her arms.

“Oh please don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything.” Elspeth added as she was subjected to the same.

“Oh yes, you’ll do everything,” the goblin leader growled.

“Seriously?” Aya grumbled as a pair of goblins started to bind her.

Elspeth and Alynnya glared at her.  Aya rolled her eyes.

“Oh. Eek. Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.  Oh goodness me. I am afraid for my virtue from you terrible goblins.”

Elspeth shook her head.  

“It’s a good thing goblins are dumber than shit,” she muttered.

“What was that?” the goblin leader snarled.

“I said it’s a terrible problem that we are caught by such virile and studly goblins who obviously have access to Lust Totems,” Elspeth said loudly.  “Oh what shall become of us?”

“You’ll find out, girly-girl!” the goblin leader leered.

The trio were stripped, assembled into a coffle and led through the jungle like leashed pets.

“This is so humiliating!” Aya grumbled.

“If you don’t relax, I swear I will take you over my knee!” Elspeth hissed.

“I’d love to see you try,” Aya retorted.

“Seriously?” Aly said.  “You two are going to do this now?”

“Hush!” the two both snapped back at the Rithian girl.

“Boss!” one of the goblins hefted Aly’s basket and moved to the leader.  “Take a look.”

“What the hell?” the goblin leader stared.  “Are these chains?  What the hell?”

He stared at Aly.  “Why did you bring chains to the beach?”

“We’re… uh… bounty… hunters?” Aly replied, smiling.

“Well, now you’re our bounty, blondie!” the leader sneered. “Thanks for the chains!  Hope you like ‘em ‘cause you’ll be wearin’ ‘em for some time!”

The goblin smirked and strutted forward, missing Aly’s triumphant smile.


Full image and story on my site:

‘Messy version’ of the artwork here:

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