Bride of the Mummy King

artwork by callmeplisskin

A spooky story of Evie by KatieD is here:

This is story #2 of our Naughty Nights and Kinky Tales story and art collaboration


I still couldn’t see what was making the noise behind me, but I had a pretty good idea.  I just didn’t know HOW.  How could they have raised the king from the dead, even accidentally?  And Holy Ones, what did he think of what I was offering him at the moment??

A loud ‘Hrrh??’ from behind me answered that.  I heard him shuffling closer behind me across the stone floor.  A massive hand landed on my left hip.  And then what must have been a cloth-covered thumb began rubbing between my legs!

I gasped in spite of my best efforts to be calm.  What the hell was this monster behind me, what else was he going to do to me, and most importantly, why did it have to feel so damn good??

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