Evie: Down in the Hold

A new Evie short story by KatieD

artwork by callmeplissken

A new Evie story by KatieD

This is an excerpt; the entire story is here:

Evie is being held as a prisoner in the hold of a pirate ship…and the captain has determined it’s time to try a slightly different method of interrogation.

“Where are you taking me this time?” I asked with as much contempt as I could muster. 

“Cap’n said to prepare ye for ‘nother interrogat’n.  Time to find out why yer really on the ship.”

The huge crewman tugged on the chain attached to my collar, pulling me from my cell in the brig.  The manacles on my wrists and ankles clinked as I took quick steps to keep up.

“With everything you’ve already done to me, you think now I’m suddenly going to talk?”

“I don’ think th’ cap’n wants ye to talk.  Methinks th’ cap’n wants ye to submit.”

“An’ scream,” added the gnarly older crewman beside me.

“Oh yeah, ‘at too,” the first said. “We all love a screamer.”


Enjoy the entire story here: